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Christina Aguilera’s in threesome scandal?

November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

All the details on Christina’s saucy night, who is Charlize’s new squeeze? And who’s planning a massive wedding AND a baby? Jenna Shevel spills the beans…

That Christina Aguilera isn’t called X-Tina for nothing. X for like X rated for those who don’t know! Celebville is abuzz with the news that the saucy singer propositioned another celeb for a raunchy threesome! This is what went down!

Christina and her toy boy boyfriend Matter Rutler were out razzling at a launch party in La La land when Christina decided she wanted to get down with none other than High School Musical actress and former love of super gorgeous Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens! A source dished that Christina was a hot mess, drunk and in a wrinkled outfit! “There were vodka bottles strewn all over her table, and she seemed to be glued to them. Eventually Matt looked like he had taken on the role of babysitter.” But then things got hot when Christina put the moves on Vanessa. “She spent a lot of time on the dance floor gyrating next to Vanessa, who looked like she was having fun with the situation in a good-natured way. And the more Christina drank, the more her kinky side seemed to come out. It really seemed like she was playing the role of seductress – with Vanessa as her target!” Oy poor gal! “Out of the blue [Christina] stumbled over to Vanessa and begged her to come back home with her and Matt!
Vanessa was taken aback but smiled and politely declined the offer.” Oy like who does that kinda shiz! She issoooooo weird!

Charlz new oke…
Things have been super quiet on the Charlize Theron front. The Benoni babe has been keeping a low profile since she became a mom! But not anymore! Seems old Charlz has a hot romance- a secret one! Well not anymore! Charlize and super hot True Blood star Alex Skarsgard are vibing! So much so that Alex even jetted off to Namibia to see his lady! Charlz has been in the country shooting the Mad Max flick and he came to visit! The pair were spotted out for dinner and sources say that the two seemed really into each other and were talking closely and looked very cosy! Mmmm hot couple!

Smackdown Simpsons
This is not surprising- it’s getting nasty with the Simpson clan! So the last 2 weeks I have dished on the divorce drama between Tina and Joe Simpson! He came out the closet after she found out he had a super young secret lover and shiz is getting nasty! Well the gals, Jessica and Ashlee are taking sides and is tearing the family apart! Jess is Team-Tina and a source dished “Jessica is devastated that Tina has been dealt such a blow. She can’t believe what Joe has done to her after all these years and has been offering her mom all the support she can.” Well she sure needs it! But little sister Ashlee is all about Team-Joe “But Ashlee is pinning the blame on her mom for not giving Joe enough attention during their marriage. She believes Tina was absent too often and that caused Joe to look elsewhere.” Holy shiz.
This is uglier than I thought! They might not agree on who’s at fault, but they should really bond together for both of their parents right now and for each other! This is so sad! Aaah I miss the Simpsons from the Newlyweds days, life was just simple back then!

Wedding bells the movie
So it’s a year since Kim Kardashian’s fake marriage ended and word on the street that once it’s officially over, she and Kanye West are making it official! Sources close to Kimye has dished that as soon as Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries is offish, Kanye is putting a ring on it for realz. She already has a klunking diamond from him and now wears his intials on a ring! The wedding has already been planned by Kris Jenner, ovbs- and everything is set to go! Why the rush you say? Well Kim is dying to be a mom and she wants to get moving on making little Kanyes and Kims! Brace yourselves people! Oh AND word on the street is that Kourtney and her baby daddy Scott Dissick are also planning to marry soon- in a big reality T.V wedding again planned by mom-ager and fame whore Kris Jenner. Well I suppose they need a new plot for the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

Celebutot celebrations
Speaking of babies, a fab celeb couple are becoming parentals! Kristen Bell and her funny man boyfriend of years Dax Shepard are expecting! Yay! The pair, who have openly said they will not marry until gay marriage in legal all over America (come on Obama, we love a celeb weddding), are thrilled to be expecting their first celebutot! Kristen is due early next year and no word on what she’s having! Yay. Mazels.

Leo lonely?
Well last week I dished that cougar du jour Demi Moore was after Leonardo Di Caprio but was barking up the wrong tree because he had a hot Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Eric Heatherton- well not anymore! Demi must be rejoicing! Leo and Erin are overs, done and finished! The pair called it quits this week because of too much time apart, the standard celeb vibes! Doubt either of them will be single for long!

Loved up!

Speaking of Victoria Secret models, Heidi Klum has confess that her rebound romance with her bodyguard Martin Kirsten is the real deal! Cover your ears Seal! Heidi dished in a recent interview that she’s in love! “I’m in love!” she said in a recent interview with German magazine Bunte of her bodyguard turned beau-and-bodyguard.
Or, more precisely, she said, “Ich bin verliebt!” And her kids love him too! “This is also one reason why I’m so fond of him,” Klum gushed. “He’s been helping me for four years now, and he takes wonderful care of the kids. He plays with them, he protects them. I trust him.” Ooh! Sounds serious. Good luck!

Lindsanity take a million…
It just never ends with the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan! So a few months back she was involved in that hit and run dramaz in NYC and luckily for her she didn’t get carted off to the slammer BUT she may be going back to jail anyway! Why you ask? Because it’s come out that she lied to the police and that peeps is an offence that can send you to the slammer! Linds PR guy let it slip that she was in fact driving during the incident in which Lindsay said she didn’t and now she’s been busted for lying! Watch this space. Lindsay may be back in her orange jail overalls again soon.

Still loving…
Johnny Depp has been VERY quiet since his split from baby mamma Vanessa Paradis earlier this year admist the rumours of cheating with his co-star Amber Herd! Weeeeeeeeell the pair are VERY much still together and loved up! The twosome were spotted at a party this week looking totally loved up and couple-like. I can’t say I love this pair. He could do better!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Tom Cruise famous new squeeze?

September 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who’s Tom Cruise’s new bride of Scientology? All the details on Blake and Ryan’s secret wedding and has Kristen Stewart got a new man? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

On Monday morning we all woke up to the news that after months of rumours, Blake Lively and hottie Mac hottness Ryan Reynolds were maaaaaarried! The genetically blessed lovers secretly tied the knot among family, friends and old Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine (she performed!) at none other than the house from romance-fest flick The Notebook! The pair got hitched in South Carolina in a super secret romantical ceremony and wedding! Ryan and Blake wrote their own vows and according to sources couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off each other all night. Ay I don’t blame Blake, Ryan is HOT! The pair have been dating for about a year and now they married! Yay! Here’s hoping it’s forever coz they are so cute together! Love them. I’m sure you all thinking wonder how Ryan’s ex vrou Scarlett Johannson felt about it? Well don’t cry for her, she has rekindled her love with her ex bf gorgeous sexpot Jared Leto! Lucky lady.

Bride of Scientology

Well well well are former Knight and Day co-stars, who are both single and rebounding, getting cosy?! Seems so! Rumour has it at Cameron Diaz’s 40th bday bash- can you believe she’s 4O? She looks amazeballs, anyhoo she and weirdo du jour and newly single Tom Cruise were very loved up and cosy! Insiders dished that there were plenty sparks flying between the pair and a new romance could be brewing! Oh lord, please say it isnt so! I can’t see Cameron as a stepford scientology wife! Sorry Tom, I know you all devo over Katie Holmes kicking you to the curb but lay off Cammie! The pair have been pals for ages after starring in flicks together and Cammie has also been given her marching orders from Sean Combs, P Diddy, whatever his name is. I seriously cannot keep up with him and his name change. The thought of Tom Cruise and ANYONE gives me the heeby jeebies!

Don’t mess with the Lohan
Lordy lord, the Lohan has back. Lindsay Lohan is up to her train wreck ways again. Actually I’m totally surprised she hasn’t landed up in jail again, I mean its been like 6 whole months slammer free! Anyhoo Linds is starring in Scary Movie 5 and it’s not going well at all! She’s acting cray and diva like again! Linds is giving the producers trouble because she is pissed that the flick makes fun of her train wreck behavior! Hello did she not read the script!? Even ol Charlie Sheen who also stars in the flick is even worried! For the last 2 weeks as filming was approaching, Linds has been disappearing , blowing off rehearsals, missed her flight to the set and even bizarrely claimed she had walking pneumonia! Wtf!? A source dished she totally freaked after seeing the script was poking fun at her. At the 11th hour, Linds shockingly did report for work, however only after she was threatened with a lawsuit by a Hollywood legal eagle and a private jet was sent to pick her up! Who does she think she is Beyonce or something, girl she is lucky to even get a cameo!!! An insider dished the dirt “Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film, including script reads and wardrobe meetings, then she missed her flight to Atlanta on Sunday to shoot the movie. The producers had been getting signs Friday that she was a mess, and would not be fit to work.” Wouldn’t be the first time! Lindsay apparently decided she didn’t want to do the film because she thought her scene made too much fun of her. “It went pretty hard at Lindsay,” But when a call was scheduled to discuss the script, Lohan missed that! A pal revealed “She’s been locked up in her room at the Bowery Hotel. She’s been in a tailspin. Even Charlie Sheen worried she might not be able to do the scene.” Oy when Charlie Sheen is worried, you know you bust. Shame, this doll cannot pull her shiz together for the life of her. Another case of child star gone cray cray.

Tattoo trouble
Romeo and Juliet of hip hop are at it again! So last week I dished on Rihanna’s backstage VMA drama with Nicki Minaj but it seems she was also having make out smoochy time with old Chris Beat her Down Brown! AGAIN. Seriously, it never ends with them! The pair were smooch happy at the VMA’s and then this week there was plenty drama and speculation over Chris’s new tattoo on his neck of a woman who looks like she got the Chris Brown treatment, and people are saying its Riri! OMG. Mmmm ovbs it’s been denied by Chris but lets be frank, with those two who knows! I hope not, because I’d seriously have to loose all respect for Riri!

Trampire treatment
The Robert Pattinson getting the trampire treatment by ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart scandal has barely died down and Kristen has already been Iinked to a new man when she came out of 6 weeks of hiding at the Toronto Film Festival! According to insiders Kristen got very cosy with James Franco! Ooh I love him, he’s hot! Insiders dished that the pair had a “chance meeting” at the film festival last week, and “to say James is enamored with Robert Pattinson’s ex would be an understatement.” Wow! “Kristen and James bumped into each other at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto during the film festival and were engaged in conversation for ages. There was a lot of flirting and Kristen was overjoyed by the attention she was getting from James, who was gushing over her, saying what a great actress he thinks she is and was full of praise for her latest movie, On the Road.” Mmm! Sure Kristen loved that, shame, she is feeling very sorry for herself after she whored herself with some old dude. Anyhoo, James may be hot but sorry doll, James ain’t no Robert!

Baby boy!
Mazels! Nick Lachey is a dad! Nick and wife Vanessa welcomed their celebutot into the world on Wednesday! A little boy called Camden John! Nick confirmed the news “We are incredibly proud to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Camden John Lachey. Born today at 6:54 p.m., he came into this world at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches. Love has truly been redefined for both of us.” Bless! Hope Jessica Simpson sent her best…. and flowers!

Double trouble
True Blood real love lovers Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer welcomed their little bundles of girls into the world! The twins were a few weeks early but mom and babies are doing well! Yay! Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Kim Kardashian in cheating scandal!

June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did Kim have sexy times with someone else? All the dish on Johnny’s multiple affairs and who’s having a public smackdown for cash? Jenna Shevel spills the beans…

Can you believe it’s been 3 whopping years since the shock death of Michael Jackson!? I can’t! I was living in London at the time and almost screamed the house down when I heard the news that shook the world. 3 years later the King of Pop is just that- still the king and VERY much still in everyone’s minds and hearts! We miss his wacky and weird ways and more importantly his tunes! RIP MJ!

Last week I told you thangs were gonna get dirty in the divorce of Kim Kardashian and her husband of 5 minutes Kris Humphries (click here for last week’s Kim/Kris dish) and it is! According to sources Kris is telling all that he knew that Kim was cheating on him with Kanye West before he and Kim got hitched! Humphries told his ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj (who Kim is using in her defense against Kris), that he was certain Kardashian “hooked up with Kanye West because he was mysteriously absent from the big wedding.” Ay well that it’s true! Kris confided to Sinanaj that Kris Jenner referred to West as “a close family friend,” but wondered “why wasn’t he invited to the wedding.” Mmm that does smell a tad fishy! Do you think Kim and Kanye were having sexy times before they hooked up now?


Oh while on the topic of Kim, her dream has come true! She is besties with music royalty- Beyonce! It’s like Hollywood’s worst kept secret that Kim is totally desperado to be bffe with Beyonce and was hoping they would become close while Jay Z and Kanye were on tour together and low and behold it’s happened! Beyoncé and Kim hung out over the weekend but B’s fans are outraged! “Kim Kardashian is not the sort of girlfriend that Beyoncé fans envision the new mother having,” an insider dished. “Beyoncé has an air of class and sophistication to her, while Kim is famous because of a sex tape and a failed marriage.” Shame! That’s a bit harsh! Friendship is a bit more than reps!

Multiple madness…

Well it’s been a week since the official word that hottie Johnny Depp and his baby mamma and lady love of 14 years Vanessa Paradis are overs- for realz, and shiz is getting cray! Last week I revealed that Johnny has been sexy times happy with his Rum Diaries co-star Amanda Heard and it seems the romance is heating up BIG time now that he’s ‘officially’ single and ready to mingle he’s doing just that! So on a side note it seems according to some well-placed insiders that things had been super shocker between Johnny and Vanessa for ages! Vanessa wanted to break up 2 years ago because she was unhappy – she complained all the time about their low key lifestyle. She didn’t want to stay on a private island and quietly raise their kids! She was bored and restless. V was the one who wanted to move to LA and that’s when shiz hit the fan! According to pals Vanessa was the one who insisted that he make big budget Disney movies because she loved the moolah and lifestyle but Johnny wasn’t interested but only did them for her and then, when Johnny became the biggest movie star in the world, Vanessa resented his success! Drama!

A source dished “Nothing Johnny did was ever good enough for Vanessa. When he was working, she wasn’t happy. And when he wasn’t working, he was called a slob for not doing enough for the kids and her family.” Vanessa was so horrible and Johnny was so miserable that he started drinking and he had sexy times with other women including an extra on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean” (the last one). He also maybe fooled around with Eva Green, Amber Heard, his publicist Robin Baum and lord knows who else! An insider dished the dirt on his romance with his hottie publicist “Robin and Johnny spend a lot of time together obviously because of work but their relationship seems to be getting much closer than just business, Robin is twice divorced and a mom but she and Johnny really seem to have some kind of crazy connection that goes way beyond a professional level. They travel a lot together for work and get to spend a lot of time together and they definitely have a total flirty vibe between them. I would put money on them having more than just a friendly relationship. Vanessa knew that Johnny and Robin were together a lot and she didn’t like it, but there was nothing she could do because it was a working relationship she was told.” A tale as old as time, sleeping with the staff! Anyway once Johnny met Amanda Heard Robin was old news and he was all up in Amanda’s grill! An onset source dished “He’s smitten by her. They started sleeping together during the Rum Diary press tour.” Charming!

Another insider dished that she overheard an argument between Depp and Vanessa in which she screamed, “If I see her, I’ll drown her!” well Vanessa best get her water wings ready because Amanda has ditched her girlfriend Tasya van Ree! Dramaz! Yip, Amanda is free as a bird to spend time with her new man!

Singer smackdown…
OMG this is hilarious!! So remember 2 weeks ago Chris Beat her Down Brown and Drake got onto a bar brawl in NYC over Riri? Well get this! Celebrity Boxing’s Damon Feldman is offering the douchebags $1 Million dollars each to step into the ring and fight it out! They’d have the proper equipment, and the proper supervision. Feldman said this: “We have promoted 55 Celebrity Fights and this would be the most interesting of all.” That would be classic and a step up from bashing bottles over each other’s heads like heathens! And all the proceeds of the smackdown would go to a charity for Abused women. How ironic! Wonder who Riri would support! BTW according to insiders Riri and Chris are back on and are set to debut their on-again romance at the upcoming BET Awards! Lord they are so Ike and Tina Turner for the noughties!

Moore meltdowns?

Brace yourself Demi Moore, you ain’t going to like this! A few weeks ago I dished that there was talk of Demi and her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher getting back together after they were spotted looking super cozy together but scrap that because things are getting serious between Ashton and Mila Kunis! The pair have been spotted all over Celebville looking very coupley and loved up! They have been road tripping all over California together and have been having sleep overs for ages! It’s very hush hush still but the pair have been hot for each other since their 70’s Show days! Friends of Demi’s are worried that the blossoming romance will send her over the edge yet again! As I told you a few weeks ago her daughters are so over her cray cray behaviour where Ashton and men are concerned!

Loved up loooooooovers…

Hot new couple alert! Gorgeous James Franco is getting it on with none other than Amanda Seyfried! How fab! Amanda has up until like last week been getting it on with Hollywood hunk (and kinda has-been) Josh Hartnett but seems she’s moved on to someone who’s star is on the rise! The new couple have been spending lots of time together and seeing where their romance goes… totally cute!

The PDA before the storm…

I honestly vomited a bit in my mouth after I saw snaps of John Travolta sucking face on the red carpet (obviously) with his long-suffering wife Kelly Preston! It was BEYOND staged and fake, TRAVOLTING! I can smell a split like a shark can smell blood, it’s the total vibe to do a red carpet PDA before the storm of a scandalous split and its coming! As you know John is embroiled in a number of sex scandals and another one has just landed on his lap! He’s being sued yet again by a man who claims the actor sexually assaulted him! Fabian Zanzi, a former worker on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, claims Travolta exposed himself to Zanzi and propositioned him for sex during a 2009 cruise! Talk about the high seas!In his lawsuit, Zanzi says the saucy star ordered food and requested that the steward bring it to his room and when inside, alleges Zanzi, Travolta asked for a neck massage, then dropped his robe and embraced him! Zanzi goes on to allege that Travolta then told him he was “beautiful” and said, “Take me, I will take care of you, please.” The cruise worker says he resisted Travolta’s advances, and the actor offered him $12,000 in return for his silence about the incident! OMG- gross! When will it all end! Poor Kelly.

Double trouble…
It’s double trouble or double the fun for True Blood real life lovers! Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer are expecting twins! Anna announced her pregnancy a while back but just found out she’s having twins! How fun! Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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