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Beyonce’s big secret revealed!

November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

All the drama with Celebville’s power couple dished, which celeb is being cheated on and who got engaged? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt!

Trauma tales
I almost like died last week- I was at am ATM and lost all concentration- when a pal called to ask if it was for realz that Beyonce and Jay Z were overs! Surely not!! Seriously, I may have screamed! So there has been no official word on the state of their marriage but there is definitely trouble in paradise! The pair have recently been in holiday in Australia , in a last ditch effort to save their marriage! So what’s happened to music’s power couple? According to an inside source Jay-Z’s decision to tour Europe at the same time as Beyonce is touring Australia has caused serious damage to their relationship – damage that may ultimately prove to be irreparable! Beyonce had assumed that after Jay’s summer tour with Justin Timberlake, he would join her in Australia. At the end of the summer though, Jay let her know she’d assumed wrong. “Beyonce flipped… not only did he plan the tour without consulting her at all, but he didn’t even try to coordinate dates with her tour. She told him he was selfish.” Her anger only intensified once the tours began. According to sources Bouncy has been feeling like a single mother lately – and has been letting him know that he’s on very shaky ground. She even told him that she’s using the time they spend apart as a trial separation. The threat scared Jay. But though he’s tried to woo her with mini-vacations in Italy and Paris during breaks in their touring schedules, Beyonce still feels that he was putting his music career first and their family second! Epic mistake! And he continues to disappoint – almost immediately after their whirlwind trip to Paris, Jay seemed content to leave the child rearing to B as he returned to his infamous club-hopping ways. “Beyonce hates that Jay goes clubbing so often – she understands it’s important to be seen, but he’s a husband and father. She thinks he’s using touring as an excuse to go out practically every night! Drama-Rama!!!! Shame man, poor B!

Celeb dreams
Omg the most excited like ever! My celeb dreams may be coming true! Word on the street is that former co-stars and lovers Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together! Ryan was busy with Eva Mendes but she is off the scene and Rachel is back!!!!! Yay! There are no words to describe the absolute excitement and joy at this little tidbit of news! I mean could it be any more perfect? I think not! Holding thumbs this shiz works out. Happy Hollywood!

Bound baby
So since coming out of hiding after having North and like losing all her baby weight and may or maybe not getting plastic surgery ( that’s what people are saying) Kim Kardashian is literally everywhere! I recently watched the new Kanye West music video Bound, which features a basically starkers Kimmy K- boobs people, lots of boobs- gyrating and basically like showing us their sexy times vibes. It’s so hekkers! Kray kray! Check it out here!

Friend fail?
Well well well, the saying bro’s before hoes clearly may not be coming into play here! It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio ain’t putting his bro first. Leo, who is pals with Orlando Bloom- who recently announced his separation from Miranda Kerr- was spotted with Orly’s former lady! Miranda and Leo were already linked late last year while Orlando and Miranda were still married and just this past week the pair were seen looking very friendly in Las Vegas! Mmmm new couple alert? Miranda sure is Leo’s type- he sure loves his schmodels!

3rd time a charm?
Well as you know Eminem is hitting South African shores next year and he may have someone special with him!! Word in the street is that Eminem is rekindling his famously stormy relationship with ex-wife Kim Mathers! According to Kim’s mom the pair see each other all the time and are getting back together imminently!! He is also building her a brand new mansion literally next door to his!! Kathy revealed of the former lovers: “They get along better than ever. He’s building her a new house on 22 mile right over there.” She added of daughter Kim: “She has been clean all these years, she just takes care of her family. She’s doing very well.” Kathy also revealed the pair may get back together soon, explaining: “I think they might, they get on better than ever.” Mmmm! Interesting!

Swarming with celebs
So celebs are swarming all over Cape Town as they shoot the flick The Giver! Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift and super steamy Alexander Skarsgard! Swoon. Sources on set have dished that Katie is a super-sour biatch and won’t even look at you in the eye. Such a diva! And old Swifty is rumoured to be getting super cosy with Alexander! Typical Taylor. She does like em older! Watch out Alex, you could land up on her next album!

Rocking romance
So as I’ve told you a few times before, shiz ain’t good between Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux! The wedding has been put on hold for like the 10th time- never a good sign- plus the pair have been living on separate coasts- her in LA and him in NYC! Anyhoo now the latest news is that Justin has been spotted canoodling with someone else! At a recent bash which included the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Stefani , Justin was spotted getting very affectionate with a mystery blonde! A source dished “He gave her a friendly kiss and a hug when she walked up, which is normal… but what was abnormal was the fact that they were touchy-feely and stood around with their arms around each other.” To those in attendance, they were not the actions you would expect from a man who’d popped the question with an eight-carat diamond ring more than a year ago “Justin close affection with the blonde was definitely the talk of the party… it didn’t seem like a situation Jen would be happy about.” Sounds uber shady to me!

Happy days!
Totes excited by this tidbit! My fave actor ever Adam Brody- Seth Cohen from The OC- is engaged to his gal pal of about a year, Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester! So cute! The pair who have been longtime pals, made it official about a year ago and now Adam popped the question! Yay! Dream couple!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Kim’s engagement details dished!

October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

All the dish on Kimye’s engagement, who’s cheating now, who’s wedding is on the rocks and who’s getting engaged? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

Well amidst the dramaz, rumours and heartache of the Kardashian clan’s recent love woes comes a fairy tale- a modern day douchebag puts a ring on his recently divorced babymamma and makes Kris Jenner super happy to have finally cemented her cash cow aka Kim with true music royalty (he thinks he’s royal!) and a true celeb!

Unless you have been living under like a rock, you’ll know that Kanye West popped the question to Kim- on her 33rd birthday! And it was uber over the top in true Kardashian/ Kanye style!

Here all the details for those who don’t know! So on Monday night- Kim’s bday- Kanye made sure to invite all of Kim’s friends and family to AT&T Stadium in San Francisco! Anyhoo this is how it went down: “As West and Kardashian arrived via chauffeured car, ‘all of the lights were off at the stadium,’ a source dished. Blindfolded, Kim emerged with West at her side. ‘It was completely dark. Kim had no idea that any of her friends and family were there.’ Orchestral music began, the sign was alit with ‘Pleassssse will you marry me?’. West ‘got down on one knee and the lights came on. It was perfectly choreographed. It was incredible!’ After the lights went up, her friends and family (many of them in tears) emerged from the dugout, running onto the field to give their congrats! Swoon!

It is pretty romantical! Go Kanye! I have to say its super amaze- even though I think he’s a chop! Anyhoo, the ring is totes fab- although not as big as the one she got from Kris Humphries! The engagement ring is 15 carats, designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Fun fact: Kim’s last engagement ring (the Kris one) was also by Schwartz but bigger! Awkies!

Kim revealed that she is so happy and the luckiest gal in the world to be marrying her best friend! This is the 3rd trip down the aisle for Kim and the first for Kanye! Here’s hoping she beats her 72 day marriage record! The pair are apparently looking to get hitched soon- within weeks!

Shame Beyoncé must be bummed, now she is stuck with Kim forevs (unless her and Kanye split!) since Kanye and Jay Z are besties.

Watch out world, Kim West is coming your way!

And it begins…
I am totally unimpressed! So a few weeks back I dished how Robert Pattinson had finally ditched that mis Kristen Stewart and was razzling about with Dylan Penn! Well sadly it seems old habits die hard. Dammit. Last night R-Patz was spotted out at the Viper Room looking super happy with none that K-Stew! Omg- this is so not fabulous. I mean hello she cheated, broke his heart- it’s overs. Time to move on Rob, let’s not go down this traumatic road again.

Loose Linds
Haven’t heard much about loose cannon Lindsay Lohan since she was released from rehab a 3 months ago! For a moment I thought she could actually be like behaving and changing her ways- but alas that shiz ain’t happening. Linds has fired her sober coach and has been seen getting her drink on! Oh no Linds, even Oprah is rooting for you. Don’t fall off the wagon this time!

Ring it
Brace yourselves for another engagement people! Katy Perry is about to be proposed to by douche-bag-du-jour John Mayer! The lovebirds have been together for over a year (with a teeny weeny break in between, but whatevs) and sources are saying John is ready to put a ring on it! A source close to the singer dished “Everyone knows it’s just a question of when John will propose- it’s weeks away.” Yayyyy!!! Mr. Mayer’s brother must be rubbing off on him! His big bro Carl just got married earlier this month and of course, he took Katy as his date! Ovbs!

So over it
OMG, I am like totes over Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding dramaz! Just get married already. After close on a year of being engaged, the pair still haven’t tied the knot- he wants a big wedding, she wants small, she wants to be in La La Land, he wants to be in NYC! Drama-rama. With all this hoopla already, will the pair even make it? Seriously, there are lots of rumours of their romance being on the skids! Seriously, sort it out!

Cheating tales…
This is an interesting piece of gos… seems that Johnny Depp ain’t changing his cheating spots! He cheated on his babymamma Vanessa Paradis with his bisexual co-star Amber Heard and it seems he’s at it again. Typical! Word on the street is that Johnny has been hooking up in secret with none other that wacko songstress Lady Gaga!
Shut up! Yip, that shiz is kray! The pair met at some shindig and are rumoured to have hit it off and met up in secret a few times. Wowzers. Johnny is said to be totes attracted to Gags artistic genius and well she is attracted because um hello he’s Johnny! Mmmm!

Wedding belle…
Kelly Clarkson is a married woman! Kelly has finally tied the knot with her fiance Brandon Blackstock. The “Catch My Breath” singer said “I do” in Tennessee on Sunday! “I’m officially Mrs. Blackstock,” Clarkson, 31, tweeted Monday with three gorgeous photos from the wedding. “We got married yesterday at Blackberry Farms in TN, the most beautiful place ever!” The blushing bride wore a Temperly London wedding gown for her special day. She shared one sweet photo of her groom giving her a kiss on the cheek while standing on a bridge. In another shot, the newlyweds share a passionate kiss while posing in a stunning field. “Thnx Temperley 4 my beautiful dress!” Clarkson also captioned a third photo of her gown. “And thank you to my friend @JimVerraros & Maria Elena 4 the beautiful headpiece! Bless. Congrats to the happy pair!

Don’t be fooled
Jenny from the Block is done! Yip, it’s overs with her toyboy rebound Casper Smart! About time! “She threw him out,” dished a pal. “She didn’t get her way about something and blamed him. She wouldn’t let him take any of his belongings, saying ‘You came with nothing, you will leave with nothing.’” Wow- harsh! “She knew from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be forever… he was a good distraction after Marc, and she felt young and vibrant while dating him, but she didn’t intend for it to last.” Ahem REBOUND! The couple also suffered from major trust issues after Casper went to an adult peepshow known as a cruising spot for gay men in NYC in August 2012! Oy. “Everything became worse after his gay scandal… she wanted to know what he was doing at all times, unfortunately, “Casper had gotten used to the glamour that she afforded him… he became arrogant, so she reminded him that he was nobody before he met her.” I am sure she did, chick ain’t exactly ‘chill’! Wonder who she will date next!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Secret shock wedding revealed!

October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Who got married in secret? All the dish on the Kardashian drama and who is back to cheating on his lady? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

Shock horror Kris Jenner has finally driven off Bruce! After MONTHS or is it years, I just can’t remember, the pair have officially confirmed what we all have known for yonks- they over.done.dead. finished. Cue the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aka Kris and Khloe single and ready to mingle! Anyhoo, the rumours are true, the pair have split after 22 years of marriage! I am honestly surprised Bruce didn’t kick her to the curb after she wanted to change her surname back to Kardashian! Remember that? Anyhoodle, the pair released this ovbs statement “We are living separately and we are much happier this way. But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.” They are rumoured to have separated over a year ago already! Shame, poor Kylie and Kendall! In all the dramaz of Khlomar (aka Khloe and Lamar) this slipped under the radar! Word the street is that easy going Bruce finally had enough of Kris’s fame whoring meddling ways and the final straw was when she admitted she should never have divorced Robert Kardashian! OMG. Wow, who would say that to their husband? Sad times in the world of Kardashians but knowing Kris, she’ll turn her tears to gold!

Khlomar troubles
And while on the topic of the Kardashians, shiz still is well sh*t for Khloe and her estranged man Lamar! Lamar, who is fighting drug addiction, is still rumoured to be having dodgy drug sexy time binges with randos, best watch out because someone alot more fab is after Khloe! Rapper, The Game, a longtime pal of Khloe has taken a fancy to her and she ain’t upset about it either! The pair have been spotted spending TONS of time together out and about! Lamar has never liked their friendship and now it seems with all the dramaz between Khlomar it could be the perfect time for Khloe to find her own Kanye ala Kim and ditch Lamar for good!

Secret stuff
Sorry Brangelina fans, if you were waiting for the wedding of like the century, it seems you’ll be totes disappointed! Seems the pair have ALREADY tied the knot in secret. Every few weeks there is a story and countdown to the pair making it official in some South of France chateau, but it seems they’ve skipped all the hoopla and gotten hitched in secret. Brad put a ring on it- FINALLY! Mazels to the super fab couple! Bless them.

Hard to get?
If Kris Jenner didn’t have enough to deal with, she must be fuming at Kim over this! Her babydaddy Kanye is dying to marry her- apparently literally chomping at the bit to make Kimmy K his woman! But with 2 failed marriages under her belt, she aint in any rush to walk down the aisle and film another OTT special for KUWTK! A pal dished “Kanye is obsessed with her, he always has been. He has begged her to get married a few times, it’s Kim that’s saying ‘not yet.’ ” But the source dished that momager Kris Jenner is terrified that if Kim doesn’t say yes soon, it will look bad for the family, and that with a baby, it would look better if she was married. Jenner is also warning close friends that this go around will not be a huge, televised affair, like Kim’s disastrous wedding to her 72-day husband, Kris Humphries! Lolz. This I gotta see, Kris not fame whoring it up? Whatevs.

Cheer up…
Cheer up Kristen Stewart- I know that seems like impossible- but here’s some news that will maybe kinda make her smile! Seems the hot romance aka rebound one between her ex Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn is already on the skids! Ovbs. Rebound vibes. Word on the street is that Rob is all like I don’t want to be exclusive and is banging over birds and Dylan is just not having that! I totes agree with her. PLUS, a source dished that she doesn’t want to be known as R-Patz girlfriend and loose her privacy! Mmm, sounds like it’s pretty much over to me. On to the next one Rob!

All the single ladies…
Remember these two? Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova? Well if you do, you’ll be shocked and maybe sad to know that after 13 whopping years together, it’s OVERS! Why? Because he refuses to put a ring on it! Like duh. A pal dished the dirt “Anna is getting tired of waiting for him to decide if he wants to marry her or not. They’ve been together for so long, she feels like it’s never going to happen. She is ready to move on. This issue has come up before, and they have managed to smooth things over and get back together. Time will tell.” Cannot say I blame the gal, you know what they say shiz or get off the pot!

The Trousersnake returns
Mmmm! This is interesting? Trouble in paradise? Well it seems all is not kosher! Justin Trousersnake Timberlake may be hitched to Jessica Biel but that doesn’t mean he’s changed! Dramaz! Rumours are swirling that while JT was in Rio de Janeiro for the Rock in Rio Festival he cheated on Jessica after he was spotted kissing married Brazilian actress Thaila Ayala! Ayala, who wed actor Paulo Vilhena in 2011, added further speculation to the rumors after she posted an Instagram video of Justin performing at the festival with the caption: “A childhood dream – meet Justin and have him singing a foot in front of you.” Pals dished that Jess went loco after she saw that “She flipped out… she’s afraid that Justin is incapable of controlling his impulses.” After years of dealing with cheating allegations, the duo’s relationship will once again be put through the ringer when Justin embarks on his upcoming world tour. “Jess is really worried. She wants to believe that he’ll be faithful, but it’s hard to tune out all the chatter suggesting otherwise.” Poor gal! Keep it in your pants Justin!

Babymamma dramaz
You don’t hear much about Owen Wilson these days- his star waned after his suicide attempt and failed romance with Kate Hudson- but he’s back in the news after he knocked up his married trainer! Owen has his VERY own baby mamma! He and his clearly very personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist are expecting! The pair are no longer together but congrats anyway!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Jennifer Aniston shocker!

July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

All the dish on the Royal baby birth, did Jen elope and which new mommy is being cheated on? Jenna Shevel spills the beans

North West? Seriously, I have forgotten ALL about the princess of America, because the Prince of Cambridge is here! After being a few days late, Kate Middleton went into labour on Monday morning and popped out her little prince on Monday afternoon to the delight of like the whole world! I was in raptures, being a firm Royal fan (it got worse during my years living in London!), I was glued to the news. I wanted all the deets! Kate totally got it right- giving birth to a boy (and naturally too!) who is now the 3rd in line to the throne (Harry got demoted!) , the Queen is apparently beside herself with glee now that the line of succession has been secured for 3 generations!

Anyhoo London came to a standstill on Tuesday when word spread that the new family were leaving the St Mary’s hospital to take their little bundle home! And finally they emerged!!!! And they didn’t disappoint- the little prince even waved (well kinda)! New mommy Kate looked unbelievable, the hair, the frock (polka dots just like Princess Diana did 31 years ago- a beautiful tribute!) and the fact that she proudly showed off her mommy tummy! Love her!

The gorgeous family went back to Kensington Palace and on Wednesday, his name was revealed! Prince George Alexander Louis, of Cambridge! Super cute- just like him!!! Long live the king (well to be!)

After months of rumours of making up, breaking up, living separately, calling off the wedding, word on the street is that Jennifer Aniston has put Mrs Brad Pitt behind her and tied the knot with her man Justin Theroux! The pair are said to have gone to Charlottesville to have a quickie wedding out of the spotlight! The pair are rumoured to have made it official at this winery called Pippin Hills Farm which is apparently super cute and quaint! Surrounded by their closest pals and family, they are said to have tied the knot! Ooh wonder if its true- hope so, for Jen’s sake!

Mandy watch over?
In the most unsurprising news of like EVER, Mandy watch has come to a halt. Amanda Bynes has been ‘Britnied’ and put on the 5150 hold in hospital! Basically she went loco and now has been hospitalised and is under psychiatric observation. Finally! It was needed. It went down after Mands started a small fire in the driveway of some random person’s house Monday night! Imagine that, you chilling at home and Amanda Bynes lights a fire in your driveway! Only in La La land!The cops dished that the fire department responded to the home where Amanda was just accused of trespassing — after someone noticed the small blaze in the driveway. The sheriff’s department was subsequently called when Amanda was found standing near the campfire! Apparently she doused her little dog in gasoline or something! So when the
authorities rocked up, they questioned Amanda about what she was doing, and why she was doing it — and based on her answers, they determined she needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold stat! Translation: her answers were kray with a capital K! After her recent behaviour of late, I ain’t surprised! So the chick whose driveway she started the fire in, revealed that she had no idea what was going on until cops knocked on her front door. She says cops asked her, “Do you know anyone by the name of Amanda Bynes, or why she would have some vendetta against you?” She said no …not surprising because the woman is elderly! Anyhoo doctors are apparently already learning a lot during Amanda psychiatric hold, but sadly the news isn’t all good! The struggling starlet was under observation all day yesterday, and docs allegedly already determined that she’s suffering from a SEVERE mental illness “with schizophrenic tendencies”!!! Oh no!! Witnesses speculated about the degrading state of her mental health for months, but this is so sad! Apparently Amanda was lucid for about 10 hours yesterday, during which she was calm and sweet, but after that her personality took a turn for the worse! According to reports, she got totes frustrated and even “shut down.” At one point, she allegedly was so out of control that she needed to be physically restrained!!! They even separated her from her roommate because she was insulting her so badly! So far, drug tests have apparently come back negative for everything but marijuana! Her parents are rumoured to be seeking legal counsel so that they can be in charge- similar to Britters dad Jamie back in 2008! Hope she gets better soon!

Rocky road…
So as everyone knows Jessica Simpson popped out her 2nd child with baby daddy and general useless Eric Johnson a few weeks back? If you didn’t you are forgiven, it was during the North West birth dramaz! Well anyway, she did! A little boy called Ace- well Jessica may have been super happy but it seems things are a tad rocky with her and her man! Ever since the pair welcomed their son, Eric has been feeling totes neglected and is s “constantly gone!” A source dished “Jess is consumed by her two little ones. She forgets all about what Eric is up to,h e says he might as well be invisible and to blow off steam and feelings of being sidelined, Eric has taken to hitting the town. It’s like he has a double life. At home, he’s the perfect doting dad and hubby-to-be, but then he goes out with his old Yale buddies on partying binges.” Mmm! Well in light of the fact that he cheated on his ex with Jess, it’s a tad bit worrying! Time will tell…

Someone else had a kid…
In case you didn’t know, other babies were born this week besides Prince George of Cambridge! Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem welcomed their 2nd child into the world on Monday! Penelope popped out a little girl in Spain but no official word on her name!Mazels!

Drama days
What’s a week without some Kardashian dramaz? Kimmy K has kept totes out the spotlight since she popped out North West last month, and girlfriend is ready to crack because things at home are tense! Kris Jenner has escalated her ever-worsening war with Kim’s hothead baby-daddy Kanye West! Shiz all went down after Kris brought out a decoy baby “North” on her talk show premiere ( I dished on that last week) “Kanye went CRAZY, he just kept ranting, ‘all Kris cares about is her damn ratings — she never stops promoting! That shiz is TRUE! “Kanye swears he wants to get Kim and their baby far, far away from Kris. And it’s just killing Kim! She’s crying her eyes out, fearing she’ll ultimately have to choose between her mom and her man. Kanye’s trying his hardest to stay cool right now because Kim just gave birth, but who knows how long that will last!” Smackdown! Knew this was coming! And to add to Kim’s distress, she is totes upset Kayne hasn’t popped the question yet. OMG, drama!

Bump watch
Jennifer Garner has officially been put on bump watch! Mrs Affleck has been spotted looking super preggos! She even took that suspicious trip to a medical office!
I am feeling pretty confident that Ben Affleck is going to be a daddy again! Watch this space

Until next week Jenna… xoxo

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Kardashians in cheating scandal!

July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

All the details on the shock death of Corey Moneith, which Kardashian is being cheated on and who’s getting paid to bare all? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

I was horrified to wake up to the shocking and heartbreaking news that Glee star Corey Moneith had been found dead on Saturday afternoon in Vancouver in his hotel room. What a shock. Corey had recently completed a stint in rehab to conquer his addiction to prescription drugs but this no-one saw coming! Social networks went cray with tributes pouring in and just general shock. His girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele’s PR person released a statement saying it was a devastating time- poor girl. She recently had made a statement over how much she loved him and how proud she was that he went to rehab to confront his issues and now this. Devastating. There have been rumours flying about, on what lead to his untimely death, but an official autopsy was conducted and traces of heroin and alcohol were found in his blood, leading us to believe it was an accidental overdose. The Vancouver police released this statement “The results released by the coroners service support the findings of our investigators and their beliefs upon initial examination that there was no foul play and that this was an overdose and a tragic accident.” So so sad! It reminds me of Heath Ledger. A brilliant talent, taken too soon. Corey had been abusing drugs on and off since he was 13 and had been battling with addiction ever since. News has emerged that Corey and Lea were even more serious that initially thought and were planning on getting married soon. Wow, she must be absolutely devastated. A great talent, gone far too soon. Glee will never be the same. RIP Corey.

Tears for cash
In Hollywood it pays to be a trainwreck. Just ask Lindsay Lohan! The ‘former’ star is cashing in on her ‘pain’ and dramaz- yip, she’s doing it, she’s doing Oprah! Seriously, if you going to talk about shiz, you do it on Oprah. Nothing else will do! The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has been negotiating with Linds for over 4 months. The plan — an 8-part docu-series about Lindsay’s struggles, her career and her plans for the future — but I’m guessing it’s mostly about her struggles- well obvs, like does she even have a future? Sorry but she keeps messing up. For her ‘story’ she’s getting a whopping $2 million! She got less when she went topless in Playboy! Ironically … Linds latest rehab stint may have scored her more cash, because of the drama and interest created around almost going to jail, firing her lawyer, going to Betty Ford, bailing from Betty Ford … and on and on. I’ll totes be watching, better be more exciting than Lance Armstrong’s boring shiteous interview. Seriously, it was a snooze fest.

Working it…
I have to say Kris Jenner is good at her job. Gurl knows how to get interest and like sell her kids souls for moolah. So the head biatch of the Kardashian|Jenner clan (or should it be klan) has got her own talk show (why!!!) and she sure knows how to pull in the ratings- by pretending to debut little Miss North West (still shiteous!) on her show! Kris walked out on the opening episode holding a dark haired little bundle of joy and like duh, it wasn’t Northy! Totes shady. Over Kanye’s dead body he’d allow that! Kim broke her silence on the whole thing and posted a thank you message on her blog saying motherhood is the most amazing experience! And Kanye already want more kids. Um hold your horses there Yeezy! I want to see what she looks like!

Rumour has it…
While on the topic of the Kardashians, rumours are again swirling over the state of Khloe and Lamar Odom’s marriage. The pair have been plagued with rumours of cheating for ages and now it’s gotten worse! Rumours have been swirling like cray that Lamar is cheating on his wifey Khloe and now his alleged gal-on-the-side is speaking out about their relationship! Oy! So the lady he’s apparently doing sexy times with is a gal called Jennifer Richardson and she claims that she and the basketballer have been having an affair for about a year, and she apologized to Mrs. Kardashian-Odom. However, we think her apology might cause more problems than fix them!! Dramaz! She dished: “I’m sorry. Lamar led me to believe his marriage was just a business arrangement.” Wow! A business arrangement?!?! That’s pretty messed up! Sadly, the bad news just continues to get worse as Jennifer also claims that she is just one of the many women Lamar is seeing on the side! But not to worry! She has some advice for Khloe on how to deal with the rumored scandal- how kind of her! She says: “My advice for Khloe would be to get a divorce. If she thinks he’s going to change, she’s mistaken.” Khloe has yet to speak out about the rumors, but she’s understandably VERY upset about the whole thing! And who can blame her? This woman is the definition of a home wrecker! Kris Jenner, get on it and do some damage control!

Moving on…
So while Robert Pattinson gets his blue suede shoes going with Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough, his ex Kristen Stewart is also rebounding! Despite the heartache over her break-up with old Rob the Twilight star has been secretly dating Boardwalk Empire actor Michael Pitt who she met at Paris Fashion Week! Bonjour!
A source dished “Kristen’s not over Rob but she’s getting there and Michael’s helping her through it. She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer. But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off. They both hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types.” Does that mean he is also super miserable like her? Jokes. Well not really. Don’t know much about him, but anyone would be a downgrade after Robert!

French loving
Well, the gossip was right! Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are married! The pair got hitched last weekend in France! The pair made it official at Chateau des Conde in a super intimate celebration! Congrats to the happy couple, who are expecting their first child together any day now!

Geriatric love
Guess when you’re simply The Best, you gotta make sure he’s better than all the rest — no matter HOW long it takes!!! Sorry couldn’t resist!Tina Turner has FINALLY married German music exec Erwin Bach, her boyfriend since the 1980s! That’s forevs in Celebville. This walk down the aisle is Tina’s second. Her first marriage was to Ike Douchebag Turner, which ended in the mid-70s- and we know how that went down! We’ve all seen What’s Love Go To Do With It! The singer wed her Euro beau in a private civil ceremony in her adopted home country, Switzerland, and they plan to have a celebration with over a hundred guests this weekend at their home in Kusnacht.
Mazels! SO fab!

Cray corner
Ok so this is the weirdest news! Sweet and innocent Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence after an alleged incident with her boyfriend Evan Peters from American Horror Story! Emma is Julia Roberts niece and I am like so shocked at this! She was taken to the slammer after a rawl with Peters in their hotel room! Police were called to the scene and allegedly found Peters with a bloody nose and a bite mark! She was arrested but he didn’t press charges and was later released! Snaps of Emma sobbing in his arms this week have been revealed and insiders dished that they are 50 levels of weird. Sounds totes awks. Sort it out.

Double the hotness
Maroon 5 hottie Adam Levine is engaged! To a local gal, well kinda Namibian born Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo! Adam proposed to the model in Los Angeles over the weekend! The couple recently reunited after first dating a year ago and then parting ways and Adam released he couldn’t live without her and popped the question! Mazels.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Broken engagement shocker revealed!

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Who’s wedding is on the skids, all the dish on Kim’s North star and who is dating a married woman? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt..

So hopefully we have all recovered from the trauma of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ACTUALLY calling their Kimye baby North West! I still cannot get over it. The jokes have been classic and I hope Kimye aren’t being all sensies over it- I mean it’s their own fault little North’s life has gone south (tee hee!)! Seriously, what a joke! They should call her Northeezy since Kanye calls himself Yeezy! So anyway, leave it to big mouth momager aka fame whore Kris Jenner to dish on North’s name! The meaning behind it? It’s sooooo deep, well not really.

Kris revealed the meaning behind the name “North means highest power. North is the most high. There is nothing higher than North,” explains the source. “And, when it comes to the stars, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. They look at her as being their highest point together, nothing is more special than North. Kim keeps saying, ‘She is our North Star.’” Oh the emotion! So celeb! An insider dished that the due are taking to parenthood like ducks to water! “They are splitting duties,” a family source tells E! News. “Kanye is so hands on. He’s changing diapers. Kim always feared having a baby. She thought it would be so hard, but it’s all coming so naturally to her, she’s loving motherhood, and all her fears have gone away.” The family are rumoured to be holed up at a mansion adjusting to life as a threesome!

Word on the street is that Kim is already working out and is on a major diet- I am sure Kris has secured the rights to some big deal chronicling Kim’s diet journey or whatever! And I cannot wait to see snaps of North! Rumour has it, is that North’s big debut will be on Kris’s new talkshow debuting soon! Ooh talk about a coup for Kris! Wonder if Kanye will allow that…

The douchebag corner
And in douchebag news of the week, obviously Chris Brown is featured! Once again Chris is in the shiz following ANOTHER nightclub brawl! Chris has been accused of badly injuring a 24-year-old girl inside an Orange County club! … and the alleged victim says it was so violent she might need surgery. Deanna Gines- the victim- dished that she was in the VIP section with Chris at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim — where he had just performed. When the bar was about to close, she claims Chris shoved her to the ground. Deanna tells us, the shove was deliberate and she fell hard on her knees! Deanna filed a police report, and a rep for the Anaheim PD says a female did indeed file a report for assault inside the club, but the rep won’t disclose the name. Cops are investigating the dramaz! Typical Chris being violent towards women! Deanna went to the hospital and doctors told her she had torn ligamentsin her right knee. She’s going to see another doc later this week and she says she’s already been told she may have to go under the knife! Seriously, what is wrong with this oke! Why people still support him is BEYOND me!

Wedding woes
This could potentially be a trauma!!! We’ve been waiting and waiting for Jennifer Aniston to FINALLY tie the knot with her sexy man Justin Theroux, but the ever-delayed nuptials might not be happening after all! Sob! It’s still all about location, location, location! An insider source spilled: “He suggested the couple could live in New York City part-time, no more than six months a year (and L.A. the rest of the time). Justin misses the Big Apple, and his friends. His entire life was in New York, and he uprooted his entire life to move to LA to be with Jen.” The things you do for love! Jen loves her life in La La Land and isn’t keen to take a bite out of the Big Apple! Sounds like Jen needs to compromise! Come on Jen!

Dirty laundry
Miley Cyrus really seems troubled! Her on-off engagement with Liam Hemsworth, weird new look and now more parent trouble! So as you know Miley’s parentals have been having marriage troubles and just 10 days ago Tish Cyrus filed for divorce from Billy Ray! Then just days ago the pair were spotted all cuddly and loved up BUT the snaps of her parental looking all coupley again didn’t sit too well with Miley, who decided to call her dad out on Twitter in a huge way- I mean why not air your dirty laundry in public!Of course, she tweeted and deleted, but before people could take a screencap (and that always happens, silly celebrities), Miley threatened to out Billy Ray for what looks like an affair against his marriage!! Burn! Miles posted a tweet of Billy and a woman with a warning saying this “tell the truth or ill tell it for you.” Burn! The lady in the snap is Dylis Corman, who co-starred on Broadway in “Chicago” with Billy! Mmm! In light of Tish filing for divorce a little more than a week and a half ago, Miley’s tweet opens questions as to whether Corman and her dad now have or possibly previously had something more than a professional relationship! Saucy. Oh my achey breaky heart!!!!!!!!!

Biebs new babe…
As you know I really am not Justin Bieber’s biggest fan but I had to mention this! Seems the Biebs is continuing his downward spiral of weird behaviour! Seems the Biebs has a new love- an older married lady!!!!!!! Celeb hanger-on’er Jordan Ozuna is married but has been spotted all loved up with Biebs! This isn’t going to end well!

The show goes on
Omg, Amanda Byrnes continues the cray! Chick is honestly hilarious (in a sad way but dang it’s entertaining!) She has been on a rage calling everyone ugly on Twitter! Miley Cyrus, Riri, Drake to name a few but her latest victim? Zac Efron! She tweeted ‘Zac Efton has an ugly face’ seriously, I shiz you not! Girlfriend needs glasses. He may be kinda a hasbeen but he’s still smoking hot!

Ring on it…
Yay! Hugh Hefner’s former main bunny Holly Madison is getting married! The new mommy to daughter Rainbow (how shiteous is THAT name!) is engaged! She and her babydaddy Pasquale Rotella are making it official! She dished her exciting news “I got engaged on Sunday! My fiancé was so wonderful in creating such a romantic night! He proposed to me at the top of the Ferris wheel at EDC Las Vegas. I was so happy that so many of our close friends were there to share the wonderful moment with us!” Mazels!

We love you
The whole of South Africa (and the world actually) is collectively holding their breath as we await news of Nelson Mandela’s condition. There has been an incredible outpouring of love for our beloved Madiba. Praying for him.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Kim’s birth drama revealed!

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All the dish on Kimye’s baby drama, which celeb is going to rehab and sex snaps being circulated by a bitter ex? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt

Unless you have been living under a rock or in mars you will be surprised to hear that Kim Kardashian popped out her little lady on Saturday- 3 weeks early and in true Kardashian style, it was super dramatic!

But we will get to that- lets discuss the name! Rumours have been swirling for days that Kimye’s baby’s name would begin in traditional Kardashian style with a K- word on the street was that Kim and Kanye called their little lady Kaidence Donda (after his mom) but alas sadly it ain’t true- they named her North, North FRIKKEN West! A trauma and a half- poor kid! And we thought Apple Martin had it bad! I’ve never.

Anyhoo so here’s the dish on North’s early arrival! Kim was rushed to hospital after she experienced crazy swelling and high-blood pressure! It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s been hinted at that Kim had a dangerous condition called preeclampsia- left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to a stroke. The only cure for the dangerous condition is to deliver the baby early! Kim was rushed to the super glam Cedars Sinai Hospital where her babydaddy Kanye West was at her side and she gave birth to her little baby Kimye the next day! A source dished that the baby is “the prettiest, tiniest thing with a full head of straight, dark hair, a cute little nose and Kim’s lips, and she’s already smiling!”
 Already a little star from birth- Kris Jenner will be so proud! It all went down when Kim was filming for her reality show (ovbs!). On Friday, Kim started having very strong labour pains, “and went to her gynae., with cameras in tow. Kim was extremely upset because she wasn’t due for another month,” an insider dished “She was in pain and didn’t know what was happening. The camera crew from Keeping Up With The Kardashians had been with her all week! “Kim was taken to Cedars, and cameras followed her there.”

Baby daddy, Kanye had been adamant that no cameras be permitted in the delivery room, but that didn’t stop them from trying! I bet Kris was on their side! “The camera crew did attempt to accompany Kim into the hospital,” the insider revealed. “When Kanye arrived, he told them to get lost, which they did. Kanye didn’t want this precious moment to be documented for TV.” Totes agree! “Kim’s momager, Kris, who was in the delivery room, filmed portions of it for family viewing only,” the insider said. “Kanye told Kris when she could film.” The arrival of the precious bundle of joy will be featured on the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians but it is highly unlikely that viewers will see the personal footage! Thank goodness, who wants to see that- I mean no-one needed to see Kourtney pulling out Mason- that trauma was one I could have lived without!

So now little North West (really!!!!!!!!) who they apparently calling Nori- which is like seaweed FYI- and her parentals are home from the hospital and I am sure being hounded by Kris on which magazine to debut on! I can’t wait to see little Seaweed North! Mazels!

A big loss
This is so sad!! It was such a shock to find out yesterday that The Sopranos star James Gandolfini died suddenly in Italy! James was only 51 years! Proper sad. Apparently he suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly. Gandolfini was in Italy for the 59th Taormina Film Festival in Sicily and was there with his teenage son. Really such a loss!

Oh the dramaz! As you know Rihanna and Chris Brown are over- and it’s been a while- thank goodness- but Riri is pining for the ‘love of her life’ aka Chris! She is devo over his decision to rekindle his relationship with fashion designer aka shmodel Karreuche Tran- um he was banging her while he was still with Riri- FYI Rihanna!
She is so devo over it she is rumoured to be checking into a clinic for a heartbreak therapy course to get over him for good and is apparently likely to begin the 12-step programme – which follows the same format as alcohol and drug rehabilitation – during her upcoming six-week break from her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ at The Ranch Clinic in Tennessee! Wow- who knew such rehab existed! A sourced dished “Rihanna is still desperately in love with Chris. It’s like she’s obsessed with him and, although he’s told her it’s over, she just can’t get over him. After talking it through with a psychotherapist, Rihanna is now considering doing a 12-step programme to get rid of her demons.” The Ranch’s ‘Women’s Love and Sex Addiction Treatment Programme’ helps women with issues with ‘attracting troubled, addicted, abusive or otherwise emotionally unavailable partners’ using treatments as varied as counselling and equine therapy! Holla- Riri, get involved now! Following a two-year romance with Karrueche, He Who Shall Not Be Named and Rihanna announced they were officially a couple again January 2013 after months of speculation and the confused douchebag claimed he was in love with ‘two women’ but their turbulent romance has now ended again- clearly Riri needs to kick her Chris habit.

Racy revenge…
This is hilarious! Talk about the old phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ that shiz is REAL! Demi Moore who was totes screwed over by her former toy boy husband Ashton Kutcher is getting her REVENGE! Word on the street is that Dems is getting her revenge on Ashton by showing off his, um, shortcomings. According to an insider Demi has some revealing images of Ashton on her phone that appear to show he’s lacking in a certain department! Mmmm I am shocked by this news! Demi had previously confided, the friend adds, that Ashton was sexy but not the most well-equipped lover she’s ever had – and the photos seem to back up the claim. “Demi is still hurting that Ashton cheated and then rebounded so soon after their split,” a friend dished. “It could just be the angle, but these photos don’t leave a big impression.” Demi isn’t the first ex to discuss Ashton’s manhood. In 2003, the late Brittany Murphy went on a talk show and hinted that Ashton wasn’t well-hung and then apologized for the comment! Burn. I think it’s hilarious! Maybe this is why he is such a douche! Over compensating! Moral of the story- do not take sex snaps!

The loco returns…
Shame Lindsay Lohan must be feeling irrelevant since she’s been holed up in rehab and Amanda Bynes has taken her throne as Hollywood’s biggest trainwreck but gurl is having none of it! She is back in the headlines! Linds got the boot from the Betty Ford Center because she was up to no good! Word on the street is that Linds was caught getting it on with a fellow patient in the loo plus she has had a pal bring her some prescription meds which is a big no no! I mean hello, it’s rehab! Dramaz! Anyhoo Linds was given the boot and she’s now rehabbing in some glam Malibu rehab! Wow, she’s really SO serious about this! Not.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Katy Perry back with ex?

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Katy back with her ex? All the details on Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt and what’s wrong with Anne Hathaway? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

I was so sad to hear the news that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson attempted suicide on Wednesday. Paris has had a sad life with the untimely death of her dad back in 2009, the crazy media speculation, the hooha with her gran last year and the constant Jackson family squabbling, things haven’t been fab for poor Paris! In the wee hours of Wednesday morning Paris cut her forearm with a meat cleaver and left a suicide note then swallowed a huge amount of pills. Apparently she first called a suicide hotline, and the person on the line in turn called 911! According to sources this isn’t the first time Paris has attempted suicide. She has been snapped with scars on her harms from self-cutting. Poor gal. The family has released a statement “Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention.”

The family lawyer, Perry Sanders, adds, “Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you.”
Shame, she has been through a lot! On Tuesday night she posted some cryptic tweets “I wonder why tears are salty?” … and “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

Paris was rushed to hospital and has been placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72-hours. Get well soon little lady.

Snooty Sally…
It seems that success, fame and fortune and all her awards are going to her head! Anne Hathaway’s smug attitude has put her on shaky ground with fans and friends for months – and her latest demand certainly won’t help for shiz! An insider revealed all “Anne is making everyone on her staff call her Miss Hathaway now, even the ones who have been with her for years! It’s a new rule since her Oscar win, and when someone accidentally called her Anne, she reprimanded him big-time. What’s next, she refers to herself in the third person? It’s ridiculous!” That shiz cray- who does she think she is Madonna? And to add to it, she has a new role model! “She has openly started comparing herself to Grace Kelly. No one laughs in her face about it but there are plenty of jokes behind her back, that’s for sure,” snipes the spy. “People just can’t take her arrogance.” So Gwyneth Paltrow of her! To think she was the chick from the Princess Diaries!

Getting spacey…
This made me lol! Old Justin Bieber is going to space! Mmm wonder if there are any Bieblers out that way?! So the Biebs and his manager Scooter Braun are headed to space with Richard Branson on Virgin’s Space program! Richard tweeted the news “Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts. Congrats, see you up there!”. How fabz for the Biebs- here’s hoping he stays there. Sorry Bieblers!

The cray continues…

Aaaaaaaand the Amanda Cray Bynes show continues on. I loves it! So this week she declared her love for Miley’s ex- well we think ex Liam Hemsworth- on Twitter and it seems a little flirtation from back in the day surfaced and reignited her luuuurve! Back in the Spring of 2011, when Liam and Miles were on a break, he and Amanda were snapped at Trousdale, getting PRET-TY damn flirty in the Hollywood hotspot. Like, Liam was still a ‘mystery man’ when they were taken! Still, now that MandaPanda has professed her infatuation for the hot piece of Australian hunk, the rumours resurface WITH the pics in question!! If you’ll recall, the eyewitness from the lusty encounter said they even took their flirtation all the way back to a hotel, revealing: “Liam & Amanda were making out on a couch, left together and ‘hooked up’ at the nearby hotel.” Classy! Hmm… back when she retweeted fans who enthusiastically told her she looked like Miley after posting this pic, we originally took it that she just found Miz Cyrus to be one helluva looker, and therefore she was flattered. Clearly she was cray back then coz Miles is no Gisele! Watch out Liam, Mands wants you…

What a dilf…
Totes excited- super hot hottie Channing Tatum has become a dad- a hot dad that is! Channing and his wife Jenna (you see it sounds sooooo good together) welcomed their first celebutot into the world together last week in London! A little girl called Everly! Mazels!

While on the topic of babies, Kate Winslet is sperminated! The actress is preggos with her 3rd husband Ned Rocknroll’s spawn! This will be the 3rd child for Kate- congrats!

Shower time…
So in Kardashian news, it was Kim’s babyshower this past weekend and it was a doozy of glam, kitch and Kim dressed as Grecian goddess all in flowing white! As you know Kim is having a little lady and everything was girlie themed and inspired! So Kanye made his much talked about appearance- late and in a foul mood! But insiders said it was all for the paps and inside he was very different with his baby mamma to be “He covered his face going in because as we all know, he hates the paps. But once inside, everyone got to see how loving and doting he was towards Kim. They opened gifts together and there was lots of laughter and Kanye whispering sweet things to Kim. The shower yesterday was a big celebration of love for them and a celebration of the next chapter of their lives together with the new baby.” Ay well Kim’s divorce is now official (like as of yesterday) so come on Kanye what are you waiting for you? Time to shine!

Third time lucky?
So last week I dished on how Katy Perry was spotted with ex flame John Mayer at her Memorial Day bash- well the pair are giving their romance a THIRD shot! The pair who split for the second time in March — are said to be casually dating again, whatevs, they sooooo banging. A source dished “They are just hanging out. They are not putting a label on it. They have been spotted out on an intimate date at the weekend and have spent several recent nights together” It was claimed that Katy’s constant mentions of her ex [Russell Brand] was the catalyst for her split with John, who was reportedly driven to jealous rages whenever she brought Russell up! A source spilled: “Katy and Russell still talk to one another and that was another thing that irked John. He’s never been in a relationship where he wasn’t the main focus all the time and it bothered him. Sure, Katy was unhappy that John constantly flirted with other girls and played up his heartbreaker image, even when she was standing next to him. But, Katy gave it back. She knew that she could push John’s buttons by comparing his flaws to what she saw was great in Russell, which he hated.” Well they are pretty cute together- hope it works! 3rd time is a charm!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Kim in new porn flick?

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Is Kim returning to her roots? All the dish on Amanda Bynes horrific fight with Riri and what celeb couple are rekindling their flame? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt

For the last few weeks I have filled you in on the Amanda Bynes drama- her epic meltdown, twitter rants, drug fuelled appearances and general cray cray behaviour- but shiz got Lindsay Lohan real this past weekend! Last week I dished on how the former child star got arrested for throwing a bong out the window and was hauled off by the cops but that was the tame part! Shiz got real after!

Firstly the wacktress accused the cops of sexually assaulting her during the arrest- seriously! She claims the one cop slapped her vajayjay! Wow, she is nuts. The NYPD released a statement on the matter “Police acted appropriately in arresting Amanda Bynes last Thursday, the New York Police Department said Tuesday, denying the actress’s claim that an officer had groped her.” The actual statement is: “Internal Affairs investigators have found no evidence to corroborate Ms. Bynes’ allegations. To the contrary, a credible civilian witness who was with the officers throughout told investigators that none touched Ms. Bynes inappropriately or otherwise engaged in misconduct at any time.” Well ovbs! The chick is loco and also claims she doesn’t do drugs and is totes normal!

Then on Sunday while being ‘normal’ Mands took to her Twitter and shiz got realz! Her twitter rant suggested that Riri was beaten by Chris Brown for not being “pretty enough.” She tweeted “@Rihanna you look so ugly tryin to be white.” Then she got even nastier and cray. “@Rihanna Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough. No one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna.” What a biatch! Riri tweeted her saying this “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?” Hilarious! Bynes then shot back, “unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!” Wow. She really has lost her shiz! She ovbs deleted the tweets and denied sending them! Word on the street is that Amanda has it out for Riri because of her past romantic history with Drake? Drake, who is Amanda’s one true love- remember her ‘ I want Drake to murder my vagina’ tweet? Anyhoo, after all of that she has been tweeting that she would love to make music with Rihanna! WTF! If you haven’t heard, Mands is planning on being a singer AND rapper! She dished“Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I’m getting in shape and getting a nosejob! I’m looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!” Seriously she needs help.

Marriage madness…
So a few weeks ago I filled you in on the dramaz with Charlie Sheen’s twin sons with his cracked out ex wife Brooke Mueller! Brooke has been in and out if rehab and her boys have been taken into the care of Denise Richards, Charlie’s ex wife! Well Charlie is grateful and he’s showing it! He has actually proposed to Denise! “When Denise took Charlie’s twins into her home last December after troubled Brooke entered rehab once again, Charlie suddenly realized it was the very first time his sons had lived in a healthy environment – and the first time he’d been able to begin building a relationship with them,” dished a source close to the star. “And Denise loves those twin boys just like her two daughters by Charlie, Sam and Lola. When the boys were returned to Brooke, Denise told a pal, ‘I felt like my heart was being ripped apart.’ Not only is she totally loving to the boys, she’s helped Charlie to build a relationship with them. And she’s agreed that if they can talk a judge into giving her custody, she’ll happily care for the twins full time. Denise even agreed to Charlie’s request to adopt the boys, but legal experts advised there are too many complications to even consider it.” Charlie, famed for his persistence, keeps showering Denise with gifts and loving attention. “He’s simply refusing to give up on his idea of a happy remarriage that will reunite his children in a safe and happy home – and he’s telling Denise he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!” Stay tuned! I love a reunion!

Divorce devo…
Speaking of reunions- is devo at the news that Courtney Cox and David Arquette are officially divorced! Sob. It’s been over two and a half years since they decided to split, but the deal is sealed. A judge of the L.A. County Superior Court officially ended their twelve year marriage on Tuesday. And another celeb couple bites the dust. What else is new!

Don’t hate the player…
Omg so look who a little player! As I have recently mentioned Katie Perry has bee getting very cosy with newly single Robert Pattinson-yes for those of you who don’t know, he finally kicked mis Molly old Kristen Stewart to the curb- razzling to Hollywood hotspots and rando weddings together but it seems Katy is also vibing an old flame! This past weekend Katy celebrated Memorial Day with a barbecue party that included ex-boyfriend John Mayer! The pair who were super loved up, even talk of marriage and all that, split suddenly citing the usual schpeel of work bla bla bla! But word on the street is that the pair looked very cozy at Katy’s shindig! Mmm perhaps a reunion is on the cards? Ah no poor Rob!

Life imitating art
Time for a little lol! I totes never saw this one coming… pun totes intended! Kim Kardashian finally made it big and we aren’t talking about the growing baby Kimbryo in her pregnant belly! The dudes who green light porn flicks — what a job, LOLz — decided the Kardashian gal and her ubiquitous clan sorry KLAN have finally earned their own erotic spoof!! HIGHLARIOUS! A pornographic remake of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is really in the works! Kimmy K. will be played by adult actress Kiara Mia. I think it’s so fitting since it’s kinda why she is famous. An amateur porn star getting spoofed in an XXX flick based on her life? Oh the irony! The flick will also include appearances from porn star versions of Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kanye West, Bruce and Kris Jenner, and even Ray J. She must be charmed!

Celebuspawn dramaz…
As you know I do enjoy a good celeb catfight and this week we have some juniors in the ring! Kardashian clone aka Kendall Jenner and rocker royalty offspring Frances Bean Cobain aka Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain’s daughter are in a spat! It all began when Kendall tweeted that she’d prefer if “things could be easier” in life. Like duh who wouldn’t! In response, 20-year-old Frances Bean Cobain unleashed some fury by sending out several consecutive tweets that labelled Kendall as “a f—ing idiot” and “self-absorbed” because Kendall dared to vague-tweet about her own problems instead of appreciating that she’s not dealing with “CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death.” Such dramaz! Frances then went on to praise her own “high IQ,” – no confidence problems there then! . However and as much as I appreciate that Frances hasn’t followed the path of the typical celebuspawn, I think she’s being a bit harsh with Kendall! First off, Kendall is still a kid, and she’s grown up in the midst of the most self-absorbed family in the world and hello Kris Jenner is her mom!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Johnny Depp’s secret revealed!

May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

What’s Johnny’s secret? Who did Brad Pitt diss and what gender is Kim’s baby? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

Just a few weeks ago Johnny Depp stepped out with his long time to be rumoured love aka the woman who caused him to break up with his babymamma Vanessa Paradis!- Amber Heard, and now the word on street is that Johnny has put a ring on it!!! Johnny is rumoured to have got down on bended knee and secretly proposed to Amber! Johnny is said to have popped the big question on Amber’s birthday! Despite the massive step in their relationship, insiders dish that the pair intend to keep schtum on the news until the end of the year – but in the mean time the love-struck lovebirds have apparently already started looking for a love nest to share together. “They’re not announcing it until the end of the year, but she and Johnny are now on the hunt for a vintage one-of-a-kind ring.” After almost a year of keeping their romance
under wraps, Amber had enough of being a little secret! A source dished “She gave him an ultimatum, no woman wants to be someone’s dirty secret. A few months ago she took off to Paris and started dating French model Marie de Villepin. He offered her everything, even marriage, to come back. That was exactly what Amber wanted – for the world to know they’re together and for Johnny to put a ring on it. She’s had a crush on him since she was a teenager, so this is a dream come true!” Mmmm so did Katie Holmes and looked how that turned out.. just saying!

Glitter tears…
Here we go again… it’s over again and apparently this time for good. No not Riri and Chris- sooooo over them! Robert Pattinson and happy personified Kristen Stewart are over again and for good! After months of backwards and forwards and trying to make it work, Rob has called it quits on the romance! Finally!!!!!! A few weeks back I dished how KStew was snapped in a car with her ex lover Rupert Sanders but things took a turn for the worst when Rob found texts from Rupert to his lady on HIS texts on his birthday and that was the final straw! A source dished Rob is “extremely angry and upset. No matter how many times she calls or texts, friends say he’s had enough. After everything that happened and the hurtshe caused, he’s furious she’d be back in touch with him, even if she is saying it’s completely innocent… It does look like this time it’s over for good. He simply can’t trust her.” Um duh!? About bladdy time.

Douche divorce..
So last week Angelina Jolie was a hot topic with her brave confession of making the choice to have preventive surgery and this week her baby daddy Brad Pitt is in the news! And it ain’t fab! Him and Jen Aniston have been over for like a decade but its the breakup that keeps on giving! I was ALWAYS a huge Bradalicious fan but wow, he can be such a hipster douche! Brad has a habit of slagging off his ex Jen in interviews! He did it back in 2011 and said this “I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” So he specifically bad-mouthed his marriage to Jennifer and he did it again in a recent interview with Esquire interview! “For a long time I thought I did too much damage – drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter.
A guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f–king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?” Burn!! He was with Jen a decade ago! What a douchelord! Devo- I loved Brad!!

Someone don’t have the fever…
Well Bieber fever has FINALLY died down- thank g-d, but he’s in the news again! Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi is so over him too!!! Love him! Jon thinks Justin is a douche and has branded Justin an “a**hole” for emerging on stage two hours late for a concert at the O2 arena!!! The rock singer, who has a reputation as one of the hardest-working men in music, claimed the teenage star risks alienating his fans if he continues to disappoint and act like diva! Jon, dished to the Standard in Vienna on the latest leg of the band’s Because We Can world tour, said: “Every generation has guys that do that, none of that is new. They run the risk of disrespecting their audience members who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to give you the permission to take two or three hours of their lives — or in that kid’s case, 80 minutes of their lives. Do it once, you can be forgiven. Do it enough times and shame on you. They won’t have you back. Then it just becomes a cliché. It’s really not cool — you’re an a**hole. Go to f***in’ work!” So agree with Jon!!

It’s 2007…
It’s like déjà Britney! Seriously, I feel like I am back in 2007! Amanda Bynes has seriously done a Britters! Shaved her hair, tweeting weird shiz and now she has been arrested for possession of weed and throwing a bong out a window PLUS she has been carted off to the loony bin ala Britney Spears! It all went down when the NYPD arrived at Bynes’ pad of madness and she threw a bong out the window,because it probably had crack “incense” in it, and she didn’t want law enforcement to find it.
Twitter-loving Amanda was arrested on a charge of reckless endangerment. After her arrest, Bynes was taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation! Whats to evaluate?! She is cray!

Girl gab
So in Kardashian news- did you think we’d go a week without them?- Kim has been swanning around Paris with her momager Kris, wearing inapprops stuff (ovbs)! The big news is that it seems Kim has going to be popping out a little lady come July! Totally kitch baby shower invites have gone out- a jewelry box with a ballerina dancing to Kanye’ hit Hey Mamma! All signs point to Kim having another gal to add the mix! Kris must be THRILLED!

Until next week.. Jenna xoxo

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