Ashton and Demi’s dirty divorce!

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All the dish on Demi’s dirty divorce, Kim’s baby scare and why is everyone hating on Bieber? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt

The most watched baby bump in the world-Kate Middleton’s bump that is, sorry Kim Kardashian, it ain’t you doll- was outed! Well we think! The Duchess herself let the cat out the bag by mistake! While on a visit to the National Fishing Heritage Centre (that doesn’t sound boring AT all!) Kate was given white teddy bear by a local, Diane Burton. “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–” Prince William’s wife replied, tellingly cutting herself off mid-sentence! Boom! Epic fail by K-Mid! The princess tried to cover up and be like oh we don’t know but word in the street is that the royal foetus is a girl! Woohoo! Only a few months till all is revealed! Yay!

Dirty divorce
Well about bladdy time! After like 2 years since the whole cheating scandal went down- Demi Moore has FINALLY officially files for divorce from her former toy boy husband! Ashton Kutcher is already like loved up with his new doll Mila Kunis- wedding bells are already kinda being ringing so it’s time to move on! I mean Demi has had like turned to booze, drugs, went to rehab AND had a fall out with her gals over this- so it’s time, to build a bridge and get over it! BUT there is a twist to the tale… Demi is now asking that her ex-hubby cough up a pretty penny for both spousal support and attorney fees BECAUSE HE CHEATED ON HER! Ay that ain’t no lie- remember that rauncho cheating scandal back in 2011 on their anniversary nog? Demi claims that the two didn’t separate until November 17, 2011. That is nearly a month after Ashton hooked up with Sara Leal on his wedding anniversary in San Diego, having told Sara that he and his then-wifey were already separated! Demi cited “irreconcilable differences” as cause for the split after six years of marriage and it is very possible that if Ashton refuses they could both be standing before a judge in no time! This shall be interesting!

The Lindsay curse…
Aaand the curse of the tween sensation slash child star otherwise known as the Lindsay Lohan curse is setting in, yip the latest ‘victim’- the Biebs! Justin Bieber, you better Bielber it! The kid has hit the skids, dramaz with gals, drugs, shady pals and not even get me started on the cut for Bieber drama earlier this year- AND now his fans are turning on him! Thousands of Bieber fans descended on the 02 arena in London to see the opening night of Justin’s sell-out show, with like half the audience being kids- but the Biebs didn’t pitch until 10.35 pm – just 25 minutes before Bieber was meant to end! Andthe fans aka moms were pissed!

Now Justin is being slammed on Twitter for his ‘disgusting behaviour’ which saw hundreds of die hard Bieber fans walk-out of the arena heartbroken despite waiting hours for his arrival! I mean it was a school night!! Bieber was even tweeting to his 35 million Twitter followers in the lead up to the show that he was thrilled to be performing in the UK capital. and told fans to “get ready.” Well they did and the diva kept them waiting! The fans sat through two warm up acts, Jaden Smith and Carly Rae Jepsen, before being left to sit and wait for the main attraction! A fan dished “It’s disgraceful, so many children were distressed and left heartbroken they had to leave the show. Many had been looking forward to seeing Justin for weeks., it is a school night and the arena is packed with ten and 14-year-olds, who even knows if they will able to get the last tube?” And let me tell you I’ve been the O2 a few times and its a mission getting outta there-espec if you miss the tube!

So Mariah Carey of him- such diva behaviour AND he didn’t even apologise! But it seems that the Biebs is taking some strain and is taking to Twitter to bare his soul! Such dramaz! Meltdown is imminent!!! As my cousin said- who is a devoted Bieber fan (she is cray about his hair)- he’ll be in rehab by the end of 2013. Shame. Update on the Biebs- he collapsed on stage at his concert last night because of lightness of breath! Mmmm, it’s all too weird for me!

Feeling swifty…
Oh boy! This is getting intense! So as you know at the Golden Globes old Taylor Swift got tuned by funny ladies Amy Poehler and Tina Fey for her dramatic and actually laughable romantic life- Swifty got sensies! In a recent interview with Vanity Fair in response to their jabs at her love life, Swifty told the mag that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Boom! That’s hectic. It was just a joke, but not to Taylor! But Tina and Amy clearly don’t give a flying fig over Swifty’s comments- they made (another) joke out of it! The comment seemingly made its way to Amy’s ears first, who admitted she felt bad if Swifty’s feelers were bruised, but also admitted that she WAS going to hell — for taxes, LOL! Later, Tina gave her sparkling two cents, saying she was SHOCKED that Taylor would actually be upset over the light-hearted joke then added that if anyone should be upset with them over the Golden Globes routine, it’s James Cameron! After all, HE’S the one who was compared to torture! They said they hadn’t been keeping up with his ex’s Zero Dark Thirty drama, but if anyone was a good source for torture, it
would be the woman who stuck with him for three years!)! Taylor is bound to be even more annoyed at their lack of a response- watch out ladies you may be the subject of one of Swifty’s new songs…

My achy breaky heart…

So last week I revealed that Miley Cyrus’s engagement with hottie Liam Hemsworth was on the skids after he was spotted getting VERY cozy with Mad Men’s January Jones at a Grey Goose pre-Oscar party in La La Land! Insiders dished that shiz got heated between Liam and January after they left the Chateau Marmont shindig! “They went to a private house party, and right in the middle of the party, January was clinging to Liam, saying, ‘You’re so handsome,’” a guest dished “He kept saying, ‘We can’t do this here.’ Then they left holding hands and went out in the hallway and were making out. She was wasted. It wasn’t good.” Pals have revealed that Miley is heartbroken over the news that Liam cheated on her with a true platinum-blond bombshell. Well ovbs! “Miley is freaking out, she’s been telling her friends that she trusts him, but if she finds out the cheating claims are true, their engagement is over.” The pair were caught rushing into a waiting car together at 2:30 a.m. after partying at the Chateau, a source spilled January is known for getting what she wants. “When it comes to men, January just goes for it,” an industry insider dished. “She doesn’t seem to care if they’re with someone or not. It’s like a challenge for her, a game.” Mmm! Well Miles has been spotted without her engagement sparkler AND she’s quit Twitter-gasp- it’s the celeb thing to do when in a dramaz situation! AND this isn’t the first time Miley and Liam’s up-and-down relationship — which began on the set of their shiteous flick, The Last Song, in 2009 — has suffered amid rumours of his wandering eye. In August 2010, his rep announced that he and Miley had ended their relationship after the rumours swirled that he’d gotten cozy with a bevy of beautiful blondes at a Newport Beach, Calif., party! Where is there is smoke, there is fire! Don’t break my heart, my achy breaky heart… sorry but I couldn’t resist!

Kimye dramaz…
Shame! The 2nd most famous bump in the world, that’s Kim Kardashian was rushed to hospital yesterday after having a miscarriage scare! Kanye’s baby mamma was complaining of cramps and was rushed to hospital but luckily baby Kimye was just fine and the doctor told Kim to take it easy- time to stop razzling all over the world mamma!

A little bunny…
While on the topic of bouncing bundles of joy- former concubine,sorry squeeze of Hugh Hefner popped out her first celebutot this week! Holly Madison welcomed her first child with her baby daddy Pasquale Rotella this week- a little girl! Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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