Riri and Katy’s big feud!

December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why are Katy and Riri feuding? Who’s Leo DiCaprio hooking up with and all the dish on the royal baby to-be! Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

It’s an old saying Chicks before D*cks but it seems that BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry didn’t get that memo! The besties are feuding over the men in their lives- both douchebags, Chris Brown and John Mayer! Riri slammed Katy’s man, John after Katy dissed Chris! Um who doesn’t diss him- he’s a frikken piece of trash! Anyhoo things are super tense between the gals! Rihanna is tired of Katy criticizing her for dating Chris and this time Riri is fighting back! A source dished “She says Katy’s a hypocrite since she’s with John Mayer, who is one of the biggest sleazeballs on the planet!” Katy and John are rumored to be moving into an L.A. home together, and Rihanna is not happy about it. She is firing back disses at John! Come on ladies, no man is worth it!!

Loco living…
Lindsay Lohan is level 5 f#!ked!!! Last week I dished on her latest arrest- well that wasn’t the last of her woes! Loco Lohan also had a run in with the taxman-despite her knight in shining armour Charlie Sheen, giving her some moolah! The IRS seized ALL of her bankaccounts in order to repay her massive outstanding debt! Linds owes a whopping amount of cash from 2009, 2010 AND 2011! The IRS has given Lindsay ample time to pay up — but the Man’s tired of waiting … so we’re told the IRS has seized ALL her bank accounts in order to settle her debt. Sources dished that Linds is in serious panic mode about her money meltdown , and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the shiz! Brace yourselves, I foresee a Lindsay Lohan porn on the way…

Royal foetus
So unless you have been living under a rock you’ll know that Kate Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge is preggos! Super excited!! The news broke after KMid was admitted to hospital for severe morning sickness! Shame! The royal couple had to announce she was pregnant before the customary 12 week mark- Kate is only 8 weeks into her pregnancy and already the unborn kiddie winkle is like super famous already! Brits are betting on the name, the sex and whether or not it’s twins! Royal baby fever is in full force. Here’s hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy for Kate!

Baby fever
While on the topic of pregnancy- rumours are rife that Jennifer Aniston is sperminated too! Yip, word on the street is that Jen and her fiancé Justin Theroux are expecting their first celebutot together! A source has revealed that Justin is giddy with excitement, gushing “Justin’s telling his friends. Jen’s really excited, too, but she’s concerned because of her age and because it’s early. She wants to make sure everything’s okay and is focusing on her health right now.” Rightly so! Although I am not getting too excited because it’s not the first time Jen has been embroiled in pregnancy rumours! Time will tell…

Lucky 3
Jessica Alba is also apparently sperminated! Sources have revealed that Jess is expecting her 3rd celebutot with her husband Cash Warren!How fab. Mazels!

Bride take 2
Haven’t heard much about Hugh Hefner in a while and that’s because he’s planning his wedding! No he hasn’t found another child bride, he’s marrying his former child bride to be- Crystal Harris! Remember her? She like called it off a week before the wedding and then spilled the beans to all and sundry about her freaky Viagra filled love affair with Hugh! Anyways the pair are engaged again and will walk down the aisle at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve Insiders dished that the pair are better than ever these days, since Harris moved back into the Playboy Mansion earlier this year! Um ovbs, Crystal realised life wasn’t so easy without her sugar-grampa!

Secret nuptials
While on the topic of weddings, rumour has it Kate Hudson is set to marry her babydaddy Muse frontman Matt Bellamy are set to tie the knot soon! The pair are apparently planning a Christmas wedding! This is so exciting. I love them together!

Demi does disco
So Demi Moore seems to be back to her old ways, parting hard and razzling and dazzling with a dude half her age- wow she really is the original cougar!
Dems was spotted locking lips with her latest lover, 26-year-old Vito Schnabel… But it seems that Dem was also grindin’ her cougar ass up on ANOTHER
man during the event, the seXXXy Lenny Kravitz (above)! One party onlooker dished: “Demi was most ready to party than anyone else in the room.” Mmmm! Demi was apparently acting VERY hyper all evening — she was seen clutching an energy drink most of the night — and constantly cozied up to Lenny on the couch while she wan’t trying to stick her bum-bum in his face! Charming. Here’s hoping that’s a natural high, Demi has a serious history with booze and drugs!

Blonde leading the blonde
So Leonardo DiCaprio is single and ready to mingle since ditching his shmodel girlfriend Erin! Insiders have dished that Leo got very friendly with a former co-star and old friend- Cameron Diaz! A source dished the deets “He was texting until Cameron arrived, and it was obvious they are great friends . . . he was very excited when she came to meet him, and he got up from his table to guide her to where he was sitting and they seemed VERY cosy together.” Rumour has it the pair left together in a cab… I love them together!

So last week I went to see Lady Gaga and what a show it was! That woman can perform! What a spectacular! From the set, to the costumes, dancing, singing and everything in between it was epic. Gaga is beyond humble and fabulous and had South African audiences going loco! Love her! Come back soon Gagas!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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