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Kristen Stewart’s saucy affair: All the dirty details revealed!

July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

All the dish on the KStew scandal, who’s about to propose and all the drama on the Jackson Clan revealed! Jenna Shevel spills the beans…

I am beyond finished by the shock news that happiness personified Kristen Stewart cheated on the super gorgeous, nice and fabulous Robert Pattinson! WTF is wrong with her, I mean I always figured her to be a sour biatch but stupid I did take her for! Bitch be cray! The shiz hit the fan this week when incriminating scandalous snaps of her and her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders engaged in full-on saucy makeout sessions surfaced! The rumour mill went into overdrive, was it true, would she actually cheat on RPatz? Twihard fans went into meltdown mode and the shiz was only just beginning! Just a day after the photos of the steamy affair were revealed, Kristen released a statement, confirming the affair AND addressing her relationship with Rob! It said “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” Oh now she’s sorry! Poor Rob!

Seems it quite the affair-what is up with celebs getting it on with colleagues?! Turns out that the affair was not only going on in
public but on set of their flick!A insider source revealed: “Kristen would go up after every take to Rupert and have a super
engrossed conversation, analyzing everything. It was really weird. But it didn’t seem like a romantic thing, at the time.” Rumour has it that the two’s affair did indeed begin on the set of SWATH, where sources say Kristen would peer in to watch Rupert direct scenes when she wasn’t in them AND Rupert also gifted KStew a copy of 50 Shades Of Grey!Now that’s saucy! It’s coming out now that there were days that Rob didn’t even hear from her — which worried him and prompted him to take a trip to set to see her! Well now we know what she was doing, well now we know what she was doing, or should we say!

Kristen’s lover also released a statement about the affair He says: “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.” And to add salt to the wounds, Kristen and his wife Liberty wereco-stars in the flick and were all bffe at the premiere! Talk about back stabbing!

Twihards are absolutely devastated- check out this hilarious video of a devastated fan! I feel so sad for Rob, he had no idea! Kristen did not tell him about her cheating. Robert was completely blindsided by the news, he was telling pals that he thought she was the one.”! He actually found out about this via his people sometime on Monday when people at US Weekly mag contacted his people to tell them they were going to run the story! Omg that is harsh, wow! So rumour has it Rob has packed up his bags and moved out of the home he shared with Kristen and has cut off all contact!I hope he dumped her miserable shady lady ass. Biatch.

Bling bling…
It’s imminent people, Kimye is totally about to get engaged! According to insiders the moment Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries is final, Kanye West is putting a ring on it! Ding-Dong! The wedding bells are singing! Kanye is dead set on proposing to his beloved Kimmy! Crafting the ring with the diamond earrings and ruby ring that were his beloved late mom’s Donda’s! A source dished “Donda was such an important person in Kanye’s life, he thought the world of her and was devastated when she died after she had plastic surgery a few years back.

So,he kept all her jewelry as keepsakes – a lot of the pieces were items he bought over the years after he made it as a hip-hop star. And now, Kanye has found a woman he respects and loves just as much as his mom, so he wants to share her jewelry collection with Kim.” But Kanye’s pals are trying to talk him out of it because what if they break up and then she’ll have his mother’s jewels forever!
As one insider spilled:”His friends think it’s a terrible idea and are advising him not to give Kim the ring. Because it’s a gift, it would be difficult for Kanye to ask for it back if they ever split up. They’ve also reminded him that Kim is not somebody who works hard for her money. She makes millions doing reality shows and selling her image, and Donda’s jewelry shouldn’t be part of that image.” Whatevers, Kimye forever.

Regret and romance?
Well, well, well what do we have here? A little romance rehash? It seems that recently broken up couple Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis may be rekindling the flame of loooooove! Johnny has joined his exbaby mamma the South of France for a holiday! While we all thought Depp and Amber Heard made quite the cute couple, rumors swirled saying the flames of their passion have all but extinguished and just in time! Johnny is reportedly trying to woo back Vanessa and even bought her a fab gift! A loose lipped pal dished
“He presented her with such a touching gift, it’s almost as if they could make another go of things. Johnny wants to be with his family, he’s a very family oriented man, his kids mean everything to him and so does Vanessa.” First he tells the world he’s the happiest he’s ever been, and now he misses Paradis and his kids? They should just call him Edward MixedMessageHands!! Men!!

Jacksonville… it’s dramaz!
Shame! There is endless dramaz in the lives of Michael Jackson’s kids! Last week their gran and guardian was MIA for 8 days with no word! Eek! Katherine Jackson, was taken to Arizona for over a week . Katherine’s grandchildren were unable to contact her during that time and she did not phone or text them. Randy Jackson later issued a statement that claimed Katherine was cut off from technology on doctor’s orders. It was all shady as hell, and pointed to a money grab by Michael Jackson’s siblings, who were cut out of his will in favor of Michael’s mother, and his kids! Inside scoop is that the Jackson siblings are behind the plot to overthrow the executors of MJ’s estate and signed a letter to that effect on July 17th! And his kids are fighting back! Janet Jackson confronted her niece Paris,during a showdown on Monday and went to grab Paris’ cell phone. Paris has been tweeting about the forced estrangement from her grandmother and Janet wants that to stop. Paris held on to her cell phone, with Janet slapping her and calling her a “a spoiled little bitch!” Paris slapped Janet back and allegedly told her “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!” Oy vey!

Then just yesterday afternoon certain Jackson family members ambushed Katherine Jackson’s home after their car tore through security gates on the tails of the SUV containing Michael Jackson’s children. After exiting their cars Jackson family members ran up to Michael’s children as they yelled and began to aggressively grab at the cell phones in their hands. Out of concern for the wellbeing of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, the children were forced to temporarily leave their home and taken to a safe location. A smack down ensued and the cops arrived at the scene. Following all the drama, it was revealed that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren. So now Katherine has lost custody, which she is devo about! Between that and the siblings challenging MJ’s will, things aren’t too peachy. Omg that’s shocker. I forsee a nasty court battle. Boom.

Who you gonna call…
When one gets like divorced or dumped, who you gonna call, no not the ghostbusters, John Mayer! La La Land’s rebound boy. Bless him. So I dished a few months back that newly single Katy Perry had her eye on him and now she got him just where she wants him! Just a few days after her divorce from Russell Brand was official she and John hooked up “They were affectionate, holding hands and cuddling, they left together looking very cosy!” Katy has had a thing for Mayer for years according to pals! A few years back an eyewitness dished that one night at an NYC celeb bash she made it her mission to hook up with him.” However, they left separately — then Perry hit it off with Brand the very next day and we all know how that turned out!

Wedding bells…
Word on the street is that super cute couple Michelle Williams and How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segal are engaged! The fab pair have been quietly dating for about a year and Jason put a ring on it! Bless. They are so cute together. Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Brangelina on the rocks?!

July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

HUGE drama with Brangelina, why is Beyonce in trouble over Kim Kardashian and what’s up with Madonna? Jenna Shevel spills the beans…

We waited a frikken eternity for Bradlicious Pitt to put a ring on his baby mama Angelina Jolie and it seems their trip down the aisle is full of drama- mamma in law to be dramaz more precisely.  Things between Angie and her future mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, have been pretty frosty since Brad’s mom openly condemned homosexuality and abortion in a letter to her local newspaper endorsing Mitt Romney’s campaign for Presidency ( who is a major douche lord), but now, I have a feeling that things are going to get even WORSE! Oh the dramaz! That’s right, Mama Pitt has decided to go and buy her son and his betrothed a $130 Bible from Mardel Christian & Education…which has “Angelina” embossed across the cover! According to salesperson Kris Burnett “It was a special wedding gift. We prayed with Brad’s mom and sister over the Bible, asking the Lord to lead the way in Brad and Angelina’s life” Angie is already over Jane and now she is  trying to shove her beliefs down Angie’s throat…and at her own wedding, no less! Janet’s behaviour is causing big dramaz and tension between Brangelina! Ooh Jen Aniston must be loving that shiz…

Romance rewind
Well it didn’t do much for her career being married to Tom Cruise, like besides being called Stepford Katie, but being the latest ex Mrs Cruise sure has gotten her in the headlines!  Not even a month since the scandalous divorce was announced and finalized Katie is in the headlines again and this time over a hot new romance… well an old, hot new love affair and I love it! So if you remember Katie pre her freaky marriage to Tom, you’d recall she was engaged to super cute American Pie star Chris Klein. They were super cute, totally all American but boom Katie met Tom, Chris was history and he faded into obscurity! Well he’s back in the game baby!  Yip word on the street is that now that Katie’s a free woman, she and Chris have rekinded their old flame — and their vibe together is ‘electric!’ Katie and Chris have been meeting up in New York City and spending lots of time together!”She is so thankful to have some lust and passion back in her life” dished an insider source. According to sourced the pair got back in touch earlier this year, and the two engaged in “heated texting” once news broke of Katie and Tom’s divorce! “There was definitely flirty communication between the two and Chris even  arrived in NYC on July 6 to comfort Katie in person, as the American Pie star was spotted sneaking into Katie’s Chelsea apartment. It was a super heated meeting between.”OMG, love them back together, I am totes on bored with this romance! Bye bye cray cray Tom and hello sexy Chris!

Bad blood besties...
I am sensing a recurring theme when it comes to musical main biatch Beyonce, no-one wants her hanging and being bffe with reality queen Kim Kardashian! As you all know Kim is having sexy times with Jay Z’s main bestie Kanye West. The men are on tour together and Kim and B are hanging out supporting their men and people ain’t charmed. There was a serious uproar from Bouncy’s fans saying Kim is beneath Queen B and now someone else has jumped on the we hate Kim bandwagon! B’s sister Solange Knowles is butting heads with Beyonce and  telling her she shouldn’t be hanging out with flashy, trashy Kim!Solange is convinced that Kim is too lowbrown and tacky to be a friend of her superstar sister! Burn. “In Solange’s eyes, Beyonce is a stand-out star, a premier singer of our time, whereas Kim is just a reality TV star who only got famous after a sex tape was leaked,” revealed an insider. When Solange say photos of Kim and Beyonce at a Kanye West/Jay-Z concert in England last month, it left a sour taste in her mouth and she went cray! “So she called Beyonce out on it, and they had a fight over Kim. It culminated with Beyonce telling Solange she can be friends with whomever she wants.” Damn straight! Poor Kim, even though she’s a total attention whore, she means well! Think old Solange has sour grapes since she is a total hasbeen. Shame.

Oh no ma!
Ay shame, it’s not easy being a teenager and imagine if your mom was old Madge who keeps flashing her vadge aka Madonna! Not only does Madonna act like a teen herself, flashes her bod around and has a boyfriend young enough to her son, she openly hates one of her daughter’s idols! Super embarrassed  Lourdes keeps telling her mom: Knock off your infamous feud with Lady Gaga – it makes you look like a jealous old fool! Ay that’s no lie. Madge is totes jelly. “Loudes is 15; a lot closer to Lady Gaga’s age than her mom is… and like most every girl her age, she absolutely adores Gaga, it embarrasses her hugely that her mother constantly picks on Gaga. Lourdes, who’s wise beyond her years, knows Madonna’s doing herself more harm than good – and that she’d be better off locking arms than horns with her rival.” But Madonna’s turning a deaf ear and got her bitch on! “She’s jealous of Gaga’s success since her own latest album didn’t do so well,  and it doesn’t help that many pals have commented that her daughter bears a striking resemblance to Lady Gaga – a comparison Lourdes loves, and her mom hates!” Oy vey. Cannot wait for Gags to come here, sorry Madge your day I lik kinda done guuuuuurl!

Secret hitching?
Mmm! Is Blake Lively hitched? Rumours are RIFE that Blake and her hottie bf  Ryan Reynolds have secretly tied the knot and are keeping it hush! The loved up pair have made no bones about their desire to get hitched and apparently they have made it official! Word on the street is that Blake is preggos as well. Omg, will be double the mazels! Yay.

Storking in Spain
The stork may be visiting the first couple of Spain! Rumour hasn’t Penelope Cruz and her man Javier Bardem are expecting their 2nd celebutot together! 
Rumour has it that Penelope is expecting the kiddie in December! Yay. Mazels!

It’s a girl!
Yay! Uma Thurman is a mom again! The actress and her baby daddy Arpad Busson welcomed their little girl into world last weekend! No word on the name but am sure she’s super cute! Mazels.

Until next week…Jenna xoxo

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Katie’s secret relationship revealed!

July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

All the inside scoop on Tomkat’s divorce, who is Johnny Depp’s rebounding with and who’s banging a porn star? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

Well I am eating my words! Last week I gave you the scoop on the Katie Holmes Tom Cruise divorce dramaz and dished the dirt on the cray cray stuff that has gone down in Tomkat world aka weird Scientology thangs and all the drama surrounding the battle for them daughter Suri! I thought (and like the world) that the messiest divorce in like history was about to go down but like everyone else I am shocked to reveal it’s done, dusted and all settled!

Yip, the negotiations are over and the pair have settled things but everyone is keeping their lips tightly sealed as to what shiz went down! FML. Rumour has it that Katie got a whopper settlement AND won primary custody of Suri! Dang! I am sure you all wondering why Tom didn’t drag Katie through a messy legal battle and now we know why! The head honcho in the cult, sorry I mean Scientology commanded Tom to give Katie whatever she demanded to protect Scientology and all it’s cray cray goings on and looks like Tom agreed! There must be some mad shiz weird secrets that he was willing to give Katie everything to protect em! Come on Katie dish that dirt!

Seems Katie’s very secretly plotted out divorce had some help from someone who was in the exact same boat! Sources have dished that she found a pillar of support in none other than ex Mrs Cruise the 2nd herself aka Nicole Kidman!

“They’ve spoken over the last few weeks,Nicole has been supportive, saying  she’s been through it too and to hang in there.”

And sources say it’s not a brand spanking new friendship either, they ain’t NBF’s, they BFFE! Apparently the gals have been speaking since 2006,

“She has been a private friend not many people know about, as Katie reached the breaking point in her marriage to Tom — and with mounting fears about daughter Suri — she reached out again to Kidman for advice. Nicole offered her support and help.”

Ay what I would give for the pair of them to collobarate on a tell-all on Tom book! Would be explosive shiz!

Rebounding with rock…
So it’s been a few weeks since Johnny Depp and his long time love and baby mamma Vanessa Paradis called it quits, or should I say Johnny decided to have sexy times with his co-star Amanda Heard but Vanessa is moving on with another sexy man! Vanessa is mending her broken heart with help from her ex-beau Lenny Kravitz! Vanessa and Lenny had a saucy affair in the 90’s and also stayed in touch all the years Vanessa was shacked up with Johnny and now she’s rebounding and hard. A source dished  “Before Vanessa met Johnny, Lenny was the love of her life.Although their romance didn’t last long, they remained close friends over the years and she didn’t hesitate to call him.” After Vanessa got dumped she leaned on Kravitz “Vanessa has been calling Lenny over the past few months while she and Johnny have been on the rocks. She needed to talk to someone who would understand and not make any judgments. She knew Lenny would be there for her, and he told Vanessa to reach out to him whenever she felt low. Vanessa usually calls Lenny in tears, but by the time they hang up an hour or two later, she’s in much better spirits and even laughing.” So word on the street is that the pair are reliving their early romance and mending her broken heart! You know what they say, best way to get over someone is to get under someone else! Guuuurl!

Porn and the train wreck
So Lindsay Lohan has been back on the prowl and as always is keeping it super classy. Not.  The trail wreck du jour has a new squeeze and he has an interesting um job! Linds new bloke who’s name is James Deen is none other an a porn star. Omg, the class is just too much to handle!  Lord knows where she met him but the pair have been spotted all over together and look very smitten… Mmm maybe he can organize Lindsay a new job!

Brit boy brawls…
You know how I love a celeb cat fight, well this week it’s two guys who are hating on each other! The gorgeous British boys of Celebville,  Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield and hottie  Robert Pattinson totally hate each others huts according to Hollywood insiders! A source dished the dirt  “The truth is, Andrew can’t stand Rob, Andrew hates that they’re put in the same category because they’re both English and around the same age.”  And the sour sentiments are totes mutual. At a recent wedding of their producer pal Kevin the boys spent much of the night ignoring each other and giving each other dirty looks. “They don’t enjoy hanging out, Andrew considers himself ‘a serious actor’ and sees Rob as the equivalent of a cheesy boy bander because of Twilight.” Ooh! Seems these two are a tad bit jello of each other! 

Creepy caller…
So I dished a few weeks back that Ashton Kutcher was having sexy times with his co-star Mila Kunis well it seems the romance could come to a very sudden end if Ashton doesn’t put a stop to his ex wife Demi Moore’s cray ways! Insiders have revealed  that Demi constantly calls Ashton and begs to get back together and Mila  is “fed up with Demi’s endless phone calls. It’s gotten so bad that Mila has laid down the law with her new beau: One call from Demi per night, then the phone gets turned off.  Ashton was constantly interrupting his time with Mila to speak with his ex, but five minutes later Demi would think of a reason to ring right back.” Oy vey Demi! Quit it girl, you embarrassing yourself!

Daughter dramaz…
In other Demi news, remember I revealed that her daughters are over her and her dramaz? Well things have taken a turn for the worst! A close pal spilled the beans  “Demi is beside herself ,  she hasn’t spoken to Scout, Rumer or Tallulah for weeks now, they won’t return any of her calls, emails or texts.The girls have cut off all contact with Demi, and she is absolutely devastated by it. She has returned to work and is trying to hold herself together, but this is a really tough time for Demi. Rumer, Scout and Tallulah just don’t want to deal with the drama at the moment, since breaking up with Ashton, Demi has been a mess. The girls were there for her through it all — the split and the rehab but now they just feel like they need a little distance. Demi is just being very needy right now and the girls are tired of it, they want a mother not another little sister. They are all concerned that she is going to relapse and head back to rehab and they can’t deal with the stress and worry of it.” Drama, drama, drama!

Little Miss Famous…
It’s been a big week for the Kadashian clan! Kourtney and her baby daddy the hilarious Scott Dissick welcomed their 2nd celebutot into the world- a little girl to join the girl power Penelope Scotland Dissick! Totes surprised that the name isn’t with a K but maybe they starting a new vibe for the new generation! Mazels!!

In other baby news former It girl Sienna Miller also became a mom! The actress and her baby daddy Tom Sturridge welcomed their daughter Marlow this week! Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Tom Cruise’s twisted secrets revealed!

July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

All the details on the dirtiest divorce in Celebville, who else is having marriage drama and who’s kid is in a nude photo scandal? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

So obviously my hot and top gossip for this week is the Tomkat split… yip the split spurred on by Scientology and some other creepy things, one being Tom Cruise, ugh! Ah and to think it all started back like in 2005 with Tom acting cray cray jumping on Oprah’s couch declaring his love for Dawson’s once leading lady Katie Holmes!? Seriously everyone thought he’d lost the plot (he was already loco in my books) and cue 7 years later, him and Katie are in Splitsville! I must say, I initially thought the whole marriage was a sham at the start, you know to cover up Tom’s weirdness but after over 6 years of ‘bliss’ I thought ay it must be for realz- well folks I was wrong, clearly! Last Friday night, the news broke and it was official- Katie announced she was tossing Tommy out on his ass!

Yip, for those of you who don’t know, the divorce came as a HUGE shock to Tom, who was in Iceland at the time filming his new flick. Shame, I do kinda feel for him even though he’s creepy. Nothing worse than being blindsided! But that’s where my sympathies end, he is one weird mofo that one and it’s all coming out just how cray cray it all has been!

So the story goes as follows, Katie has been, together with her lawyer pops, Martin Holmes, planning this divorce for months behind Tom’s back and not only has got her dad on her side, but some of Celebville’s sharpest lawyers to fight Tom and win full custody of their little girl Suri! Yip, Katie is divorcing Tom to protect Suri from Tom’s crazy devotion to Scientology and the details are honestly spine tingling! A close pal dished “Every move she made and everything she did was controlled . . . She felt like she was in Rosemary’s Baby, this is about protecting her daughter, she wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and didn’t want her to have an exclusively Scientology education. She felt she had to get out to save her daughter.” Sources close to the couple revealed that shiz has been bad for Katie because of how devoted Tom is to Scientology and how he tried to control her with it but the final straw was that she was convinced Tom was going to ship Suri away to a hardcore cray cray Scientology organization known as Sea Organization! Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest levels of Scientology are taught and kids as young as five can be sent to live there … without their parents — and insiders dished that Tom is a big fan! Katie and Tom had been arguing over Suri’s indoctrination into Scientology — Katie was raised Catholic and didn’t want Suri to be raised totally Scientology styles! This Sea Org has been often compared to a boot camp and several ex-Scientologists have been outspoken against its military-like conditions! According to the official Scientology website, members of Sea Org sign “a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today.”

OMG that is loco and weird! And Katie knew all about what goes down at Sea Org because when she first got tangled with Tom she had a chaperone who was a big deal in Sea Org called Jessica Feshbach who was totally weird apparently!

Katie was freaking that Tom would make Suri participate in the church’s ritual known as “sec checking” or auditing just like his other kids! Ex-Scientologists claim the mild form of “psychological terrorism” involves holding an e-meter’s electrode handles while the child is asked a series of personal questions, including: What has somebody told you not to tell? Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family? Have you ever done something you were very much ashamed of and so forth! Katie Holmes knows firsthand how creepy the auditing process can be after attending sessions throughout her five year marriage to Tom! OMG weird! She’s gonna have a battle on her hands according to a loose lipped source “He truly believes in the church and its teachings and truly believes that it is imperative that his children are raised as Scientologists. Tom will move Heaven and Earth to ensure Suri stays a Scientologist, at least until she is of an age to make a decision to leave on her own accord. But until then, make no bones about it, Suri will be raised within the church.” Dang!

Katie ain’t messing around about her plan to have sole custody of Suri! Katie saw what happened when Tom and Nicole Kidman divorced — and there’s NO way she’s letting Tom solely raise Suri, like he did with his and Nicole’s adopted kids, Bella and Conner. A pal dished “Bella and Connor are devoted to their father and Scientology, and Katie saw this firsthand, and this is one of the reasons she filed for sole custody. Katie will not be relegated to a secondary role in her daughter’s life, period, and she is prepared to fight Tom in court. Katie isn’t going to back down, and she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she raises Suri herself.”

And to make sure she gets a fair chance, she moved to NYC and filed for divorce and custody in the Big Apple because the state favours sole custody arrangements unlike La La Land which is all about joint custody! Girlfriend ain’t messing around AND the future ex Mrs. Cruise the Third filed an emergent application with the New York courts to make everything from their divorce proceedings public! Yay! In other words they won’t be settling this privately and we get to hear all the dirty deets! It’s super-aggressive for Katie to have taken these steps. It suggests that there’s going to be a dirty divorce battle to come!

And okes all know that Tom must be crapping himself because Katie is ready to dish the dirt on Scientology and all the cray that goes with it! Tom put a gagging order on his ex Mrs Cruise the 2nd aka Nicole so she dished nothing but Katie is ready to spill the beans in order to win custody of Suri!

But insiders have revealed that Katie is worried that the Church of Scientology will try some heavy- handed intimidation attempts to keep her shtum involving some beefy dudes who were following her around all of last week. Katie spent the weekend “holed up in her Chelsea pad — terrified that soon-to-be-ex-hubby Tom Cruise might kidnap their little girl, law-enforcement sources said. Holmes told another building resident of her abduction fears— and that neighbour called police on Friday!

OMG! Shiz is gonna get crazy and it’s just begun! Watch this space for ALL the dish on the divorce battle of the decade…

Marriage and the Maddens!
In other news- yes there is other news this week- it seems there is trouble in super stylish paradise! My fave fashionista Nicole Richie and her husband Joel Madden are at odds after the rocker was “spotted getting frisky” with another woman at the wrap party for the Australian version of “The Voice.” An eyewitness dished the dirt “Joel was talking to tons of girls at the beginning of the night, but at around 2 a.m., he “zeroed in on” 20-year-old Jayde Economos, who worked on the singing competition. They went outside together, and when I approached them to borrow a lighter, they jumped apart, as though they’d been kissing.” Saucy! And it’s not the first time such dramaz has gone down! Joel’s flirtation with fellow Voice judge Delta Goodrem has also set tongues wagging! Nicole is fuming over this and hates when Joel acts this way and is set to read him the riot act- shape up or ship out! Agreed!

Gothic love…
Please someone explain the Marilyn Manson appeal because I just don’t get it! He had gorgeous Dita Von Teese as his vrou, then dated Evan Rachel Wood for years and now he has another gorgeous gal on his arm- Avril Levigne! Avril just split from Brody Jenner and the longtime pals are suddenly romantic now that they’re both single! A source dished “Avril has been in Paris and Marilyn is on a European tour, so whenever he has a break he flies back to Paris to be with her. They’ve been hooking up and taking things slow.” It baffles me, but the heart wants what it wants…

Those Willis girls aka Demi and Bruce Willis daughters really get up to all sorts of shenanigans! Hot off the heels of Scout’ arrest for underage drinking, the youngest Willis Tallulah has found herself embroiled in a nude photo scandal! Four photos are being shopped around that show the 18 year old topless and smoking what appears to be a joint! Dumbass! Her rentals must be so proud!

Divorcing drama!
Most of you are wondering why Kelly Preston hasn’t dumped John Travolting’s pervy ass already!? Well so am I! It seems that Kelly has called off divorce proceedings for the time being after John agreed to follow her rules aka stop banging or trying to bang dudes! A source dished “With the disgrace she’s endured over his sex antics, the bottom line is that Kelly is worried a divorce right now would mean even more humiliation for her and the kids.” On the advice of Kelly’s closest pal and fellow Scientologist, Kirstie Alley, the two have also reimmersed themselves in intensive church counseling. “Scientology therapy worked for them in the past, so Kelly is hoping it holds the key to saving them again.” Um hello- Scientology counseling!? That’s sooooooo hilarious in light of the Tomkat dramaz! Get out Kelly, get out now!

Wedding bells…
Alec Baldwin also has a lot to celebrate! He has just gotten hitched! Alec and his yoga instructor love Hilaria Thomas have tied the knot! The pair made it official in NYC at a glam wedding attended by Tina Fey and his brothers Stephen and Billy Baldwin, Woody Allen, Mariska Hargitay, Robert Kennedy Jr. and many more! Mazels!
It’s baby boom in Celebville this week! Songbird Adele announced that she and her boyfriend of nearly a year, Simon Konecki, are expecting their celebutot together! Mazels! The pair are also planning to make it official and put a ring on it! Double celebrations!

Baby mamma take 3!
They just made it official and got hitched and just in time! Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are expecting their third child together! Matt broke the happy news via his Twitter “happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child, God bless, just keep livin.” Mazels!

Baby boomage…
Homeland star Claire Danes is also sperminated! Claire and her husband Hugh Dancy just revealed they expecting their first child later this year! Mazels!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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