Britney Spears getting hitched!?

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Britney Spears getting hitched!?

Is Britney getting hitched? The Kris and Kim divorce drama gets nasty and who is Demi Moore’s new boyfriend? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…


Britney the bride
Things have been pretty quiet on the Britney Spears front, girlfriend has been totally well behaved while on her latest world tour. No va-jay-jay flashing, loco breakdowns and general inappropriate behavior! Go Britters! The reason for her recovery is being placed heavily on her boyfriend slash manager Jason Trawick! Rumours are now rife that Brits and her man are set to get engaged around Christmas time and finally make it official! An insider dished “They’ve been talking about marriage for a long time. It would be surprising if they are not engaged by the end of the year. Britney is really looking forward to turning 30. She is having the one of the best times of her life.” Yay! So happy for Britters- especially after her shiteous marriage to K-Fed! And when Brits get hitched to Jason it also means her pops Jamie Spears is no longer legally in charge of her. Double joy for Brits!  Oh and it’s her birthday today- Britney has turned the big 30! Happy Birthday Britters!

Fraud and faux-mance!
And the dramaz continues! So unless you have been living under a rock you’ll know all the details of the Kim Kardashian/ Kris Humphries sham of a marriage and it seems Kris is convinced it’s a sham- and he’s proving it! So Kim filed for divorce from her estranged husband about a month ago and after first saying he was going to fight for their marriage, Kris has changed his mind! He lawyered up and has now filed for legal separation in the state of California AND is seeking to annul the marriage completely! Yip, annul as in Britney Spears Vegas marriage style! The deeply devout basketball player wants to annul his 5 minute- sorry 72 DAY marriage-like it never happened! The new season of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” aired in America this past week depicting the newlyweds and from the snippets I’ve seen it’s NO wonder it didn’t last!  They were literally killing each other the moment the show started. Total fail. Anyhoo Kris is seeking an annulment based on grounds of fraud- ah ha! Fraud! That school of thought matches like half the world (those who actually watch the Kardashians) who all reckon the whole damn thang was a showmance aka a romance for publicity all constructed by the shrewdest showbiz mom in the world, Kris Jenner! Sources are also saying that Kim originally asked Kris for an annulment, but he refused to go along with it and decided to let her file for divorce and fight it! Then  as I dished he hired a fierce legal team and now he’s asking for an annulment as she originally wanted! Kris believes Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show and he was a pawn in her publicity game! A source dished, “Once they were finished taping, she just didn’t need a groom anymore.” Kris is outraged by people who think he was in on the wedding scam — according to one friend, “He would have never flown in his childhood pastor to marry them and involve his church.” Oh the drama! Time will tell whether Kris (Humphries!) gets his way! Now a judge will have to decide whether Kris got his ass used to by Kardashian clan! This is going to get VERY interesting! I love me a smack down!

New years wedding?
So Jennifer Aniston’s romance with shady boyfriend Justin Theroux is still going strong- despite the way it started out, who I mean who cares that he had a girlfriend when they hooked up- so not classy, anyhoo, the pair are all loved up and it’s serious! Rumours have been swirling for months that the pair are set to get hitched but rumour has it that the lovebirds are set to tie the knot within weeks in a romantic Mexican beach wedding! According to insider sources the pair want to be officially hitched before Christmas and start the new year as man and wife! Cute! Here’s hoping Jen FINALLY gets her happy ending!

Single and loving it…
Well this does not surprise me at all! He acted like he was single and ready to mingle while he was married and now that he is single he’s ready to rock out with his c*#k out! Yes people Ashton Kutcher is back in the game! Just 2 weeks after his marriage officially ended from cougar Demi Moore, he’s back in the game and the girls are loving it! So last week it was huge American holiday Thanksgiving and Ashton went home to Iowa to celebrate turkey time! While there Ashton hit up all the local bars with his home town pals and the girls were going absolutely loco for the newly single star! According to eye witnesses Ashton was flirting up a storm with a bevy of beauties. An eyewitness dished that he was drinking beer, and the girls kept coming up to him. He loved the attention. He was swarmed by girls! Ooh! I’m sure there will be plenty of hot (and some not so hot) young things dangling off Ashton’s arm and strapped to his bed in the next few months to come! I love when celebs rebound…

Back in the game
And while on the topic of Ashton, seems Demi Moore is already back on the dating scene and moved on! That’s right peeps, Demi has a new man! Demi is seeing beauty mogul to the stars, Scott-Vincent Borba! A source dished “Demi and Scott-Vincent started dating last week, they have known each other a long time and he’s really been there for her by her side through the whole Ashton thing. It’s easy for Scott-Vincent to keep his relationships a secret because he’s so often photographed hanging out with celebrity clientele but he’s head over heels for Demi and there’s definitely potential for a lasting relationship between them.” Good luck to Demi!

Hot and heavy…
So last week I dished on Jennifer Lopez’s rebound romance with dancer Casper Smart- ah backup dancers, rebounds, it just reeks of Britney and K-Fed circa 2005! The whole romance between JLO and Casper has been played down a lot by the star but it’s definitely heating up! Not only did Jen whisk her new man off on a romantical vacay to Mexico over Thanksgiving and were snapped looking VERY loved up bit now they have just jetted off to Morroco! The official line is that Jen is performing at a glam new mall opening in Casablanca but according to insiders it’s just a ruse so the pair can have some alone time away from the prying eyes of the paps! Saucy! Jen the cougar! So much for Bradley Cooper!

Baby bucks…
From the drama of divorce to a bouncing bundle of joy! Kris Jenner must be thanking her lucky stars that her eldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian is sperminated because it’s taking the heat off the Kim divorce drama! Kourtney announced this week that she is preggers with her 2nd celebutot! Baby daddy is obviously the one and only Scott Disick! Kourts and Scott already have a son together, gorgeous little Mason!  The pair dished that they were surprised by the news but feel so blessed! Kourtney dished “It wasn’t like we weren’t trying. We kind of just said, ‘If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. ‘Kourtney revealed that about five weeks ago she took a pregnancy test around 7am and woke Scott out of his slumber with the happy news! She confirms that she is nine weeks along and added “You’re supposed to wait 12 weeks to tell people, but I feel confident.”  Congrats! And double congrats may be on the way because insiders are saying that Scott will finally put a ring on it now that baby number two is almost here!

Dishing the dirt…
Can you believe it’s been 3 years since the Madonna/Guy Richie divorce drama? It feels like yesterday! Through all the drama Madge’s ex Guy Richie kept a dignified silence on what it was like being married to Madge but he’s finally speaking out! Guy dished “I stepped into a soap opera, and I lived in it for quite a long period of my life. I’ll probably be more eloquent on it 10 years from now. When you end up with a lot of the things you set out to chase and find that you’ve stumbled into all sorts of hollow victories, then you become deeply philosophical. I’m quite happy that that experience was accelerated for me.” A soap opera, that’s for sure! Guy knows how to keep it classy!

Bells are ringing…
It’s been a super exciting week for Devil Wears Prada actress Anne Hathaway! The gorgeous star is engaged! After much heartbreak in 2008 where her longtime boyfriend was locked up in the slammer for fraud and embezzlement, things are all roses for Anne and her new fiancé Adam Shulman, who she met soon after ex went to chookie! Anne dished it was love at first sight and now it’s wedding bells for the pair!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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  1. The official line is that Jen is performing at a glam new mall opening in Casablanca but according to insiders it’s just a ruse so the pair can have some alone time away from the prying eyes of the paps! Saucy! Jen the cougar! So much for Bradley Cooper!

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  2. his ass used to by Kardashian clan! This is going to get VERY interesting! I love me a smack down!

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