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Brad Pitt’s affair with co-star revealed?

November 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Brad Pitt’s affair with co-star revealed?

All the Brangelina dirt to be dished? Is Justin Timberlake getting hitched and the REAL truth about Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt!

Things have been VERY quiet in Brangelina-ville but it’s heating up! There is some serious dramaz on the go in the form of a former employee called Ana Charlotiaux, who worked at their Chateau Miraval country estate in France between 2008 and 2010! Ana is suing the mega glam couple for unfair dismissal and is suing loco! Ana has the genetically blessed pair by the balls because she’s threatening to spill their deepest darkest secrets in a shocking tell-all book if her demands are not sufficiently met! She is said to dish on Brad’s VERY close relationship with his Inglorious Basterds co-star Diane Kruger and their saucy affair, Pitt’s supposedly “close relationship” with ex Jennifer Aniston, Angie’s lesbian affairs, drug use and all the weird and wacky things Angie gets up too! Come on Ana, spill the beans- the world is waiting!

Put a ring on it…
They sure have had their ups and downs but it seems Justin Timberlake is playing it safe this time round! Justin treated Jessica Biel like shiz over the years and now that they back together, he’s her bitch! WHIPPED! According to insiders Jess totally wears the pants in her relationship with Justin! Jess has told Justin she wants him to put a ring on it and if he doesn’t she’ll leave his ass- for good this time! Justin is said to be taking her ultimatum seriously! Ooh lordy.

The dark side
It’s been almost a month since the Kim Kardashian 72 day marriage scandal and all the dirty secrets are coming out- love all the juice! So in the whole debacle it’s been Miss Kimmy who’s been raked over the coals in the media and with fans and her estranged husband Kris Humphries who’s been painted the victim BUT people are coming forward to dish on what really went down and Kris ain’t coming up all roses either! A couple of weeks before the shock divorce announcement I dished on trouble in paradise- Kris’s love of the spotlight, wild partying and sitting on his ass since he became an out-of-work NBA star- and now ALL the dirt is coming out! According to insider sources after their lavish and over the top wedding extravaganza newlywed Kris soaked up the massive perks of being married to one of the world’s most famous gals, razzling up a storm at glam clubs in NYC and L.A., and demanding free booze and VIP treatment on the jol! Lovely.  Trouble started brewing when Kim- who rarely drinks and tends to go to bed early- asked her man to skip the nights out in favour of quality time, “He would tell her she was acting like too much of a wife and ‘get over it,’” dished a close friend. And to add to it pals are saying Kris was cruel to his new vrou! An insider dished “He belittled her in front of people, he’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening.”  Kris apparently resented Kim’s huge fame and fortune. “He tried to control Kim by bring her down…He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.” He even tuned her moneymaker- her famous bum and called her a “fat ass”! Burn.  Kris apparently was the husband from hell- picking fights, bullying her closest pals and using Kim! Mmm! Quite the different story we’ve seen played out in the media! But Kim may be getting sympathy but Kris may be getting her moolah! According to insider sources Kris is preparing to take Kim’s ass to the cleaners! A source dished “Kris is preparing to sue his estranged wife and her family, if needed, for $10 million and unveil their most private secrets in the process.” I smell a saucy tell all book in the works, it’s celeb divorces 101! Kris Humphries has lawyered up- his legal team investigating his options on suing the Kardashian clan! One of his reasons? He’s suing because of how badly he’s going to be portrayed on the series of Kim and Kourtney take New York! While it’s too late to stop the show’s premiere but he’s trying his hardest to prevent the most inflammatory moments from being broadcast! Ooh I cannot wait to see… this ain’t the last we’ve heard of Kris Humphries! I do love these spurned celeb loves who come back with vengeance and spill the beans!

Lost loving
Sorry girlfriend, you snooze you lose! So as you know earlier this year one of Celebville’s most confirmed bachelors- no not George Clooney- Leonardo Di Caprio was having sexy times with IT girl, gorgeous Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively but dumped her ass after a few months? Well anyhoo, Leo dumped her out of the blue but Blake didn’t cry for long, the gorgeous star quickly shacked up with her former flame, another hottie Ryan Reynolds- and have been uber cosy for the last month or two but now Leo is seriously jello! Close pals of Leo have dished that the star heartsick and lonely after dumping Blake! He’s been telling his besties that he’s made a HUGE mistake in dumping her! A pal dished  “Leo ended their five-month fling when he told Blake he just didn’t have time in his life for serious romance, so she moved on — quickly falling in love with Ryan Reynolds. But now, after being inundated with photos and reports about his old flame and her new flame, Leo’s jealous and wants Blake back.” Boo hoo Leo,  NOW you want her back after realizing the lame error of your ways!“DiCaprio’s texting and phoning nonstop with reconciliation pleas,” but Lively told him, “We’re not getting back together. I’m very happy right now, and I hope you’ll find someone great… just as I have!” How classy of her. Go Blake!

Saucy setups
Another week, ANOTHER sex tape, you gotta love Hollywood! This week’s star?! None other than Chris ‘Beat her Down’ Brown- and no it’s not with Riri! A very saucy sex tape ‘starring’ Chris and Basketball Wives star Draya Michele has been leaked and it’s said to be SUPER graphic! The sexy time tape of Chris and this doll is said to be doing the rounds with all the major porn companies and is sure to hit the web soon! Don’t these celebs EVER learn- honestly how hard is it NOT to tape yourself having sexy times- not hard at all!

An open and shut case…
So the news broke last week that Demi Moore FINALLY woke the fudge up and kicked douchelord Ashton Kutcher to the curb after he banged everything on two legs! Rumour has it Demi is set to take Ashton to the cleaners for his  betrayals and hit him where it is hurts- his bank balance! Sources are coming forward and saying that their marriage wasn’t all it was cut out to be! Their marriage was apparently an open marriage where they had an arrangement that allowed them both to bang with other people! An insider revealed “everyone in Hollywood knows about their arrangement, but they’ve managed to keep it a secret from the general public. Demi is attracted to women just as much as men, so she didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton. Demi spotted at strip clubs and in the arms of other women several times over the past few years, and was cool with Ashton having flirtatious relationships too. It was a lot of fun for them.” A lot of fun until it became public knowledge and an embarrassment for Demi!! Sounds saucy! Demi is said to be seeking solace in a friendship with Madonna of all people who is helping her through this very tough time! Maybe Madge is giving Demi tips on dating MUCH younger rebound guys?! This divorce is SO going to get messy!

Real romance?
So last week I dished that newly single Cameron Diaz was busting out a FWB setup with Sean P Diddy Combs- FYI FWB is friends with benefits- since her split from A-Rod but it seems that little vibe is overs! Cameron has a new oke on the scene, none other than Ryan Phillippe- yes that has been is still around! Cam and Ryan have been spotted out and about looking VERY cosy! Cute. Love or rebound? Time will tell…

Hottie holiday!
Jake Gyllenhaal has been VERY quiet since his split from country singing starlet Taylor Swift- he’s probably shi*ting himself that she’s going to dish all on their romance in one of her albums, but it seems he has been busy! Busy with a new lady! Jake has been getting hot and heavy with newly divorced Olivia Wilde! The pair have been seen looking all loved up all over NYC together! Gorgeous couple! Good luck to them!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Demi and Ashton split!

November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Demi and Ashton to divorce!

All the deets of Demi and Ashton’s split, JLO’s new romance revealed and more drama with the Kardashians! Jenna Shevel spills the beans


It’s OVER! After months of scandal, drama, skanky ho’s and confessions it’s official Demi Moore has finally come to her senses and filed for divorce from her toy boy husband Ashton Kutcher! Since the Kim Kardashian marriage/divorce drama every other celeb scandal has taken a backseat and those celebs are thanking their lucky stars! The Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore cheating scandal quieted down but it was still going- the pair were trying to fix their bust marriage.  I mean he cheated and well so did she apparently, so it’s kinda like an eye for an eye situation?  But it seems it was all in vain- when something is damaged, it’s damaged and often just can’t be fixed! Demi released a statement on her decision “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life. This is a trying time for me and my family, and so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy that you would give to anyone going through a similar situation.” Shame, poor Demi! Ashton also released a small statement “I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail.” Um hello, it failed because you whored around douchelord! Wonder if Demi will change her Mrs Kutcher twitter name! Good Luck Demi!

Cougar Block…
Seems Jenny from the Block is returning to her roots! So as you know Jennifer Lopez is single after splitting from her husband Marc Anthony 4 months ago and since then Jen was linked to her former love Sean Combs or P Diddy (who can remember what he’s called these days!) and then was embroiled in a little showmance with hottie Bradley Cooper but it seems Jen is getting her sexy on elsewhere! Jen has a hot new man and she’s cougaring it up- yes that’s right, Jen is doing a Demi (hopefully without the cheating bit) and dating a 24 year old! Jen has been busy with La La land-based dancer Casper Smart! A source dished “Yes, they are dating and having a good time. They’ve been getting more open with their flirting for weeks.” Saucy! Casper has starred in Glee, Step Up 3D and How I Met Your Mother, but met JLO through his dancing at Los Angeles-area nightclubs. Jen sure does like her dancers; remember her short marriage with her own backup dancer Cris Judd back in 2001?! Nice little rebound romance for Jen, she deserves a hot young thang on her arm after Marc Anthony! Go girl!

Family smackdown
Another week ANOTHER Kardashian drama! So in the fallout from Kim’s 2 minute relationship-engagement-marriage-divorce thang comes some discord in the Kardashian clan over it! Not all of the family are as flippant about Kim’s decision as her mom Kris Jenner! The reality show family are about to hold a “series of crisis meetings,” over Kim Kardashian‘s choice to file for divorce! A source spilled the beans on all the drama “The family has split into two camps since the divorce – Kim and her mom versus the rest of the family, who are really angry at her, encouraged by her mom, Kris, Kim has become a fame-addicted, money-hungry monster. She has lost touch with reality.” Hmmm! Sounds kinda right! The one who is most annoyed with everything and Kim’s actions is Khloe! An insider revealed that Khloe is “seething” over Kim’s actions — and while in Australia where Kim went straight after the ‘shock’ divorce announcement, the sisters got into a battle in a bathroom! Ooh a Kim and Khloe smackdown! A close pal spilt the beans “Khloe was mad because Kim was trying to look sad [about her divorce], she was telling Kim that people would see right through it, and Kim was only making things worse. Kim and Khloe got so nasty to each other that they were swearing at each other. Kim stormed out of the room after getting totally worked up.” Kim loves herself some dramaz! Anyhoo things got so heated and bad that when the trio left Australia Khloe and Lamar ignored Kim as she tried to wheel her luggage. “It was as if they didn’t even know her,” dished a witness. I can’t say I totally blame Khloe, the whole Kardashian clan has come under serious scrutiny because of Kim’s actions and they do not like it! There’s even been petitions online to have their slew of reality shows taken off TV! Hectic. The funniest thing though is all of Kim’s magazine interviews coming out now where she’s gushing about her marriage and love for her now soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries! Totally hilarious. Talk about an EPIC fail!

Douche drama
And speaking of cheats- we always knew Sandra Bullock’s douche ex Jesse James was a cheating douchelord but this is hectic! So for those of you who follow the lives, loves and loathes of the celebs and their cheating exes will know that Jesse was engaged to Kat Von D from LA Ink but she dumped his ass not once but twice over you guessed it- cheating (you see not changing his spots!)! Anyhoo this week Kat took to her blog to dish on just how many ladies Jesse cheated on her with! She said “    Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year.  I think it just made me sad today to imagine him still in that dark place – where seeking validation through the attention of women takes precedence over being a good father, a sincere friend, a better coworker, and a happy individual.” Damn straight girlfriend, you can only feel sorry for a looser like him but seriously cheating with 19 dolls!? He has some SERIOUS issues! Kat dodged a bullet… and how!

Royal boom?
The world has gone into a bit of a frenzy over the rumours that Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge is preggos! Aah it reminds me of the days when Angelina Jolie used to incite such fever over her sperminated status! Anyhoo, so word on the street is that the Princess is preggos with her and Will’s first child! The rumours about her being pregnant started like months ago but it reached a fever pitch when Kate refused to eat peanuts on an official royal engagement sparking rumours that she’s knocked up! Ooh a little Royal on the way! Only time will tell… but give them a break people, they’ve only been hitched 7 months…

The best friends…
Hot new couple alert! So Cameron Diaz has ditched her plans to reunited with Justin Timberlake (hear that?! That’s Jessica Biel sighing with relief!) anyhoo she’s rebounding nicely with none other than P Diddy, Sean Combs whatever his name is! Cam and Diddy have had a seriously famous FWB relationship- that’s friends with benefits y’all- for ages and she’d calling him up again to diddy her up! The pair were seen at Catch in NYC  and they looked pretty “inseparable.” Onlookers commented on their inability to keep their hands off each other while on the razzle! Saucy!

Hottie Mchottie
Congratulashayla! Gorgeous Bradley Cooper has been voted the sexiest man alive in People Magazine’s annual poll of the hottest hotties in Hollywood! Ooh so deserved, he is just too hot to trot!


Baby rumours
In other baby news it’s rumoured that Drew Barrymore is pregnant and so is Carrie Underwood with husband Mike Fisher’s celebutot! Drew’s babydaddy is her new beau Will Koppelman! Time will tell before we can say mazels!

Local is lekker
And in local news, muso Danny K got engaged last night to his longtime girlfriend lawyer slash schmodel Lisa Gundelfinger! Mazeltov!

Until next week…  Jenna xoxo

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Madonna makes a move on Chris Martin!?

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Madonna and Gwyneth at war over Chris Martin!?

Is Madge after Gwyn’s man? All the new details on the Kardashian divorce and who’s having a hot romance?Jenna Shevel spills the beans


Madonna has been SERIOUSLY quiet of late! She’s stuck with her toy boyfriend (not Jesus, some other one), hasn’t adopted Angelina style and generally is off the radar! You never see snaps of Madge cavorting with her A-list besties like Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson anymore, and now we know why! A close friend of Madge dishes the dirt on why Madge is singing the blues  “Madonna doesn’t really have friends anymore, she used to have a huge group who adored her. But now Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kate Hudson, Fergie and everyone else have dumped her.” Seems Madge is on everyone’s DTML- aka the Dead to me List (it’s fab!)! She was banned from Stella’s 40th birthday party and dad Paul’s nuptials to Nancy Shevell and her DTM status was again obvious when none of her former pals out for the premiere of her shiteous film W.E! So you wondering why Madge got ditched? Well apparently it’s because she got on Gwynnie’s shiz list after Madge came onto Chris Martin- Gywn’s man!  “Madonna got a little too flirty with Chris, and the tnesion spilled over to her relationship with Gwyneth… when Gwyneth’s relationship with Madonna soured, so did everyone else’s. She got her friends in their circle to dump her too. And now Madonna’s really lonely because of it.” Boo frikken hoo. Do you think Madge even cares- she’s Madonna! Bitches be cray cray…

A Kardashian crumble
So it’s been a week since the whole Kim Kardashian quickie romance, engagement, marriage and now divorce and the hoopla has still not died down! If it was a big publicity stunt it was an EPIC FAIL (sorry Kris Jenner!) because it’s just made the Kardashian-nites annoyed and the whole world laugh at the most watched family in the world! Kim has gotten some SERIOUS flack from like everyone, she’s been the butt of every joke in America- I mean hello a 72 day marriage, hell Lindsay Lohan has spent more time in jail (combined!) than Kim’s whole marriage was! Anyhoo, momager de jour Kris Jenner (honestly Kris may be the pushiest stage mom in history!) forced Kim to fly to Minnesota where Kris Humphries is living since the dramaz last week to talk that shiz out in the wake of all bad publicity! Aka to put on a show that Kim is trying to make it work or give it a chance or something! The pair are said to have had an emergency counseling session with the pastor that married them after Kim revealed she and Kris didn’t even seek marriage counseling before she filed for divorce!  Those of you who were hoping for the E! special Kim’s Fairytale Reconciliation, dry your eyes because it ain’t happening-it was all for show in the face of the back lash! Kris Humphries has been pretty quiet since he released a dignified statement last week saying he wanted to work for his marriage and all that jazz… and now we know why! The genius Kris Jenner had a clause put into their pre nup that if the pair split after a few weeks (how convenient) there is to be a media blackout meaning NEITHER Kim or Kris can bad mouth each other in the media and if they do they will get sued! The loophole for the Kardashian’s that they filmed all the dramaz for the latest season of Kim and Kourtney Take New York! That’s clever of Mrs Jenner! So Kris Humphries may not be able to spills the beans on his quickie marriage to Kim but his pops sure can dish the dirt- yay! Kris’s pops, William Humphries is dishing it all- and if you remember a few months back I revealed how Kris’s family tried to get him to call off the fast engagement to Kim, he should have listened! William revealed all “There was never a discussion about it — it just came out of nowhere and blindsided Kris, how could someone do that? Kris was completely surprised. The news was already published before he found out! He’s hurting, but we’re here for him, it’s nice that he’s here [in Minnesota] with family during this time. Kris was so hurt by the news that he refused to even speak to Kim until she surprised him by flying to Minnesota to hash out the details of the divorce. Kris told me that Kim was texting him a lot, but he wouldn’t respond, they did speak briefly the day the split was announced — but only because Kim was apparently pissed that Kris had released his own statement. It’s not a nice situation. No matter how you look at it, he’s going through a divorce.”  Shame, poor Kris! Rumour also has it that Kris is refusing to sign the divorce papers drawn up by Kim’s high-powered attorney Laura Wasser, but Kris is fighting with Kim over the wedding gifts! A friend dished “Kris is disgusted that Kim is making a donation to the Dream Foundation, the gifts cost people a lot of money. They should be able to get their money back.”  The whole thing is bladdy ridiculous! Kris Jenner is going to have to work on a big time plan to win back the public’s ‘faith’ in the Kardashian Empire!

Celeb justice
Celeb justice strikes again! Lindsay Lohan got YET another lucky break and a get out of jail free card- but don’t worry this is loco Linds we talking about, she will mess shiz up in no time, that you can count on, kinda like death and taxes! As you know Linds was sentenced to a month in jail last week and was set to surrender this week to serve her time but what do you know she was released early from the ‘overcrowded’ jail  on Monday morning after serving just over four hours! Oh the sheer trauma of it all- not! An L.A cop Tony Moore confirmed the news “All I can tell you is that she was already released.”  Lindsay gets lucky again! Now that she’s free to cause more shiz, she has to behave, working an additional 53 days of janitorial duty at the L.A. morgue and attending 18 more psychotherapy sessions, all by the end of March 2012! If she messes up- which she will- she could face an additional 270-day jail sentence, although let’s be honest she will totally be released early for overcrowding in that scenario as well! Seriously, no wonder she doesn’t take it seriously because girlfriend knows she’ll get out early. Only in Celebville!

Trouble reigns…
Not even out a few hours and she was already causing dramaz! Lindsay crashed the party for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “J. Edgar” and made such a scene she made A-list attendees “uncomfortable.” Linds decided to drop in on the invite only party for the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic about legendary FBI director Hoover, and talked her way past security at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel! A source at the bash dished, “Lindsay was arguing with the security to let her in, dropping every celebrity’s name to get in. She could be heard saying, ‘I have to go and see Leo.’ Eventually they let her in, but she made everybody uncomfortable. She was aggressive and random, storming around shouting at everyone. She tried to get to Leo, but he was surrounded by his security and a posse of his friends. Clint and Leo and Dustin Lance Black were talking, and Lindsay sent one of her aides over, demanding to get a photo with them, but security shooed them away and asked her to leave.”  Oh how the ‘mighty’ have fallen!

Daddy dramaz
So last week I told you all that Justin Bieber is rumoured to have knocked up a chick called Mariah Yeater and is now her baby daddy to her 4 month year old son! The whole dramaz took a new turn this week whn Mariah said she’s now willing to submit to a polygraph test to prove her allegations! “I have nothing to hide,” she said. Biebs is going to take a DNA test but Mariah said it will establish his paternity, “No questions about it.” When asked why she took so long to come forward, Yeater dished she was (and still is) “scared. This is a very serious, a very serious matter, but it had to be brought to his attention.” Whatever! Please, Biebs the dad? I still maintain he’s a girl! Time will tell!

Comment of the week

I had a real laugh at this snippet from the latest interview with new mom Mariah Carey! Mimi who debut her hot new post baby bod made some thin veiled comments about Kim Kardashian’s 2 second marriage!Mimi said “I’m a real person, I’m not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood. Sometimes [Nick and I] make each other mad, that’s why we aren’t divorced after four months. I’m sorry, I’m just saying.” Lol! Mariah definitely can have her say since it was thought her quicky marriage to toyboy Nick Cannon was a fake ala Kim! Sorry Kim, best you get used to the comments!

Celeb loving…
These celebs never stay single for long! They go from one genetically blessed love to the next! The latest hot couple? Reality starlet Lauren Conrad and Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford! Lauren just ended her romance with Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough but is already in a rebound romance and loving it! Lauren has been spotted getting her sexy on with smoking hot Chace! The pair were reportedly spotted flirting and kissing at Voyeur in La La Land, and then later “making out” at actor Shawn Pyfrom’s house party! An eyewitness dished “There’s always been an attraction between them. But Lauren is just enjoying herself. She’s not taking anything too seriously!”  Hello, obviously not seriously, it’s a rebound! But hot damn, she’s got game!

Rekindled romance…
Denise Richards has had quite an eventful year. First she adopted a little girl, then she was embroiled in the MASHEEN aka Charlie Sheen madness and now she’s got a new romance… well new and old! Denise is back together with her former love, none other than Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora- who used to be married to Denise’s Bffe (well former!) Heather Locklear! The pair have rekindled their romance and are going strong! Here’s hoping 2nd time’s a charm!

Until next week…  Jenna xoxo

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Kim Kardashian exposed!!!

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kim Kardashian exposed!!!!


The inside scoop on Kim’s quickie marriage! Did Justin Beiber knock someone up and did Demi cheat too? Jenna Shevel dishes the dirt…

A showmance?

Every frikken celeb with a scandal at the moment should thank their lucky stars that Kim Kardashian got married and like ended it after only 72 days of ‘wedded bliss’! Unless you have been living under a complete rock, don’t have a T.V, radio or access to Facebook or Twitter, it will come as a ‘shock’ to you that Kim and her husband of 72 whopping days-Kris Humphries- are OVER- well it came as a surprise to Kris too apparently!  I tell you, how can one have faith in love and happily ever after when Kim’s wedding bonanza of the year turned out to be kinda fake?! I mean seriously her big wedding special hasn’t even frikken aired here yet… what’s next a T.V special on the divorce!? I’m sure Kris Jenner, the ULTIMATE stage mom is working on that deal as I type!

So Monday the news broke that after weeks of rumours- and for those of you who read Jenna’s Juice weekly, will know I dished on the the divorce already last week- that Kim was filing for divorce citing that clichéd ‘irreconcilable differences’  line– oh and that her and Kris remain friends and wish each other the best! Whatevs- is there ever such a thing?! I doubt Kris is wishing Kim the best after he found out after everyone else did- boyfriend got punked! Kris released a statement: “I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce.” Shame!! Kris is also hoping that they can work their shiz out “I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.” Sorry Kris, but this ‘marriage’ is dead- Kim is so over you, you wouldn’t believe it! Kim has jetted off to Oz- sans her MASSIVE rock and wedding ring- with Khloe and Lamar right after she made the announcement! FYI- Kim isn’t giving her wedding bling back!

Honestly this Kim wedding/divorce dramarama has turned things a tiny bit loco with adoring fans wondering was the whole thang a hoax ,a sham, a showmance and a ploy to make more moolah!? As my one friend put it ‘The Kardashians are dead to me after this’, people feel betrayed! Imagine how Kris feels!?

There are so many ‘theories’ on what went wrong. The obvious blame it on the media thang (um hello if you get your wedding filmed and invite the paps on your honeymoon what do you expect!), the fact that Kris wanted to move back to Minnesota and told her that once she pops out a few babies, no one is going to give a crap about her anymore! LOL. Oh my fave is that Kris tried to quit the show and was using Kim to be a fame whore but the real word on the street is that Kim was shopping around for an arm candy basketball star so she could have a wedding and all that jazz oh and rake in $18 million! Basically Kim earned $250,000 for every day they were married! Now Kris Jenner is claiming Kim paid for her wedding and made no money from it! Um hello, that is shiz if I ever heard it! The Kardashian’s have hit back at the claims that the marriage was all a load of crap! Kim took to her blog to dispel the rumours “I married for love; I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show. I got caught up with the hoopla, and the filming of the TV show, that when I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn’t know how to and didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people. I’m a hopeless romantic! I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon, I have to follow my heart. I never had the intention of hurting anybody and I accept full responsibility for my actions and decisions, and for taking everyone on this journey with me. It just didn’t turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for.” Ooh lordy!  That’s for sure- it definitely was a whirlwind and she got caught up aka her momager Kris was forcing it for the sake of the Kardashian brand but that is no excuse!  The best thing I have heard is that Kris Humphries can change his name back to Chris- HIGHlarious!!!!

There have been so many funny jokes about the whole debacle, my personal favourite is the Twitter trend ‘Things that last longer than Kim Kardashian’s Marriage!’ such a laugh! Anyhoo the whole thing is really sad, they took a vow and it’s now over after like 5 minutes. I can’t wait to see what Kim does next, or who she does next, you know girlfriend (or her mom) has someone lined up…

Baby baby baby…. daddy?
I try make it a rule not to write about Justin ‘teenybopper’ Bieber because honestly he’s a child but this piece of gos made me laugh and we all need a laugh after the Kardashian drama! Hot rumour of the week is that the Biebs is someone’s baby daddy- LAUGH!  Seriously, is the Biebs even capable of sperminating someone? So the story goes that a girl called Mariah Yeater is claiming the Biebs banged her backstage at a concert in La La Land last year and knocked her up! So now Mariah is insisting that Justin takes a paternity test to “scientifically confirm” that he’s the baby daddy- she is also claiming that her sexy times with Justin was his first! The Bieber camp is saying the chick is talking shiz! Ooh imagine if Justin did in fact knock up a fan!? So rock n roll…

Locking up Lohan
So last week I filled you in on the latest in the loco life of Lindsay Lohan! As you know she had her date with fate on Wednesday and it was not the outcome she was hoping for! Linds got her ass handed to her on a plate and was sentenced to 30 days back in the slammer for generally being a fail and for violating her probation! The Judge Stephanie Sautner said Linds must surrender by November 9, emphasizing that she is not eligible for house arrest or early release! Get those orange overalls out girlfriend! The Judge told Linds this when handing down sentencing “You need a structure, this is a structure.”  Enjoy the slammer Linds!

What did Demi do?
So Ashton Kutcher must be thanking his lucky stars over the Kim Kardashian scandal because his slapper ways have taken a back seat… but I’m here to tell you on an interesting little development! It seems that perhaps Demi Moore is the pot calling the kettle black! According to sources Demi also had some sexy times with someone other than her betrothed! Demi is rumoured to have had an affair with 27-year-old actor Ben Hollingsworth where she unleashed her inner cougar on his ass! Demi starred with Ben in their flick The Joneses! An insider dished “ They wound up having sex in the back of her car one night, and things just kept going from there” but things ended quickly because Ben abruptly pulled out of the affair because he was becoming too chummy with Kutcher! Dramrama! Well it’s a sure fire way for Demi to get revenge on Ashton’s cheating ass!

Mamma madness
The worst kept secret in Celebville is out. Jessica Simpson FINALLY revealed she is in fact preggos! No shiz Sherlock! On Halloween Jess dished that her big tummy isn’t water weight, she’s going to be a mom! Dressed as a mummy (like an Egyptian one!) and holding her already-famous baby bump,she dished”It’s true, I’m going to be a mummy!” Jess’s baby daddy is her fiance Eric Johnson and it’s the first celebutot  for the pair! Mazels!
Anything you can do… we can do better
Oh and while on the topic of Jessica, her ex-husband Nick Lachey and his new vrou Vanessa Minnillo is said to have a bump in the oven too! Time will tell…

Baby daddy!
Surprise parenthood of the week has got to be Hugh Grant! The confirmed bachelor welcomed his first child last month! His rep revealed the news “I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl. He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.” His baby mamma is rumoured to be Chinese actress Tinglan Hong- congrats!

Last night a DJ saved my life…
It’s been a fab year for music in S.A- we’ve had such massive names playing their tunes on our sunny shores, U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, awesome DJ’s like David Guetta and next month Deadmau5! Another DJ’s name that’s soon to be up in lights is DJ Wags! DJ Wags is the winner for 5FM’s Ultimix at 6 2011 on DJ Fresh’s show and his tunes are sick! His fans went mad when he won this incredible competition on Monday and if you hear his beats you’ll know why! Check him out on his tour, tonight in Durban at UShaka, next Friday at Trinity in CT and in Jozi on the 18th at Carfax!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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