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Ashton cheats on Demi again!?

September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ashton cheats on Demi again!?

Is it over for Ashton and Demi? Lindsay’s married boyfriend revealed and which celebs had a secret affair? Jenna spills the beans…


Ah once again the old tale of a leopard never changing its spots! This week’s saucy scandal? It’s all about Ashton Kutcher! If you all remember earlier this year (and last year) Ashton was caught with some stikvleis and cheating on his cougar wife Demi Moore? There were snaps and lots of evidence but the pair kept shtum, took a ‘spiritual’ trip to Israel and were photographed looking super loved up every chance they got- well the problem is back! Ashton- who is major hot Hollywood property once again after his new role in Two and a Half Men proved to be a HUGE success- has been caught with his pants down again! A 23-year-old woman called Sarah Leal is accusing Ashton of cheating on Demi after a boozy boys night out in San Diego! Sarah is serious about her allegations and has lawyered up! An eyewitness has come forward with the scandalous deets “I’m a female who is friends with Sara Leal, probably not after this. I’m sick to my stomach over what happen last Friday night. Like most people on earth I worshiped Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore until Ashton Kutcher f*cked my friend Sara Leal at 4:30AM technically Saturday morning in his room on the 12 floor at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego. Ashton Kutcher told Sara Leal that him and Demi Moore are separated and the public doesn’t know yet. Smooth line Ashton, she was going to f*ck you anyway. If you want to verify any of this just call Sara Leal yourself or ask Deena Omari. Better yet subpoena Ashton’s bodyguard who took her phone before she came into the room.” Saucy!

Obviously Ashton has denied this but snaps of Ashton and Sarah from 3 months ago have just surfaced… mmm smoke and fire!? And to add insult to his douchelord behavior, the night Ashton had sexy times with Sarah was ironically his 6 year anniversary with Demi!  “Ashton didn’t look like someone who was celebrating a wedding anniversary,” a witness at the club dished.   Demi is hopping mad and is done with him and the pair are living on separate coasts and have stopped their tweeting to each other! Sources are dishing that the pair’s marriage is “officially over” as a result of Ashton’s constant cheating!  “Ashton and Demi have separated and the marriage is over. The relationship ended because of Ashton’s serial cheating. It’s a painful time for Demi.”  Apparently the pair have been going through a shocker time and have been living apart for months but this latest affair dramaz was the last straw for Demi! A source close to Demi dished “It was definitely a long time coming, but they’re finally done for good … Demi’s finally ready to move on. They’ve been faking it for the cameras for way too long. They both need to be honest with themselves and finally tell the world.” Shame! Demi even tweeted this recently- which is said to do with her personal drama “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.” Poor gal! How douchey of Ashton to carry on cheating after last year’s debacle! Demi has been snapped this week at the premiere of a new flick she directed looking drawn and super skinny- a result of the marriage dramaz? Dump his ass girlfriend!

The Loco chronicals
Another week, ANOTHER Lindsay Lohan scandal (G-d bless her!)! Last week I filled you in on how she went loco at NYC Fashion week throwing glasses and drinks on people, this week it’s a romance gone bad that’s caused the loco-commotion with Linds! Linds has been having a secret hot romance with an Indian millionaire hotel king called Vikram Chatwal but turns out Vikram is married! Typical. Vikram is hitched to an Indian model Priya Sachdev! Linds confronted her  over ‘their’ man! Linds rudely confronted Priya at the Dream Downtown in NYC and went up to her with obvious disdain, “You are his wife?” Um hello, she is! Lindsay doesn’t seem to think so after she and Vikram were snapped smooching up a storm! A source dished “Lindsay had been staying at Vikram’s house and even installed her hairdresser in the baby’s room, but was told to leave before his wife arrived from India with the child a few days ago. His father, Sant Singh, has tried to order Lindsay out numerous times. Lindsay found out Vikram was hosting a dinner at the Dream, and turned up with a friend at the hotel’s Electric Room, waiting for him.” Oy, here comes trouble! When Linds saw Vikram arrived with Priya she went loco!    “That’s when the trouble started. Priya was very dignified, but Lindsay was so rude. She acted as if she’d had no idea Vikram was married, and tried to make it clear that Vikram was hers. Others had to step in to calm things down.” Never a dull moment with Miss Lindsay around!

Workplace romances
These celebs, always getting it on at work. The top place where celebs hook up is on the set on their flicks- married or not, romance sparks ala Brangelina! Avatar actress Zoe Saldana is the latest celeb to be embroiled in an on-set saucy romance that cost her, her relationship! It’s just been revealed that Zoe has a steamy affair with hottie Bradley Cooper when they were filming their flick The Words- which apparently also lead to the demise of Brad’s romance with Renee Zelwegger! The steamy affair caused Zoe’s 10 year relationship with her fiancé Keith Britton to hit the skids and he called off the engagement! Oy! Zoe has been snapped looking awfully miserable and Bradley has been getting it on with Jessica Biel for rebound romancing and is apparently the new piece of ass in Jennifer Lopez’s life- things are looking up for him! As for Zoe, she’s probably got a broken heart to deal with!

Baby boom bride?
Is she or isn’t she!? It’s been the question on EVERYONE’s lips since she got engaged! Rumours have been rife for months that Jessica Simspon is preggers with fiancé Eric Johnson’s kid and boy does she look it! Jess has been spotted looking pretty ‘pregs’ and has postponed her wedding to Eric yet again which has really raised eyebrows! When Jess and Eric got engaged a few months back, Jess was in the race to beat her ex-husband Nick Lachey down the aisle but he tied the knot with Vanessa Milliano in July already and Jess keeps putting it off… insider sources are saying she doesn’t want to be a pregnant bride! Mmm, well it worked for her little sister Ashlee… then again Ash and Pete Wentz are divorced now, so maybe not! Time will tell if Jess IS sperminated!

Karma… it happens
And so it’s over yet again! Karma is a bitch as I said before… it may not get you immediately but it always does in the end- fact! Anyhoo, if you all remember douche Jesse James got his assed dumped by his fiancé Kat Von D after she cheated on him. The engagement was off! But then Kat’s LA INK T.V show got cancelled and she needed some publicity so they got back together… and now she’s dumped him again! The romance is dead and buried and Jesse is heartbroken. Karma strikes. Boo frikken hoo.

Romance take 2!
A dead romance is back on! Twilight starlet Ashley Greene is giving her Jonas Bro another go!  The pair broke up a few months ago after months of some serious loving but this past week have been reunited publicly and are said to be giving their romance another chance! They are such a cute pair! Good luck!

Marriage meisie
Las Vegas actress Molly Sims is a married woman! Molly and her man Scott Stuber tied the knot over the weekend in California’s Napa Valley! Super gorgeous Josh Duhamel, Fergie and Vince Vaughn were there to witness the nuptials! Mazels!

Mini me…
His very own mini me! Austin Powers funnyman Mike Myers is a dad! Mike and his wife Kelly Tisdale welcomed their first child into the world this week! A bouncing baby boy called Spike! “He is healthy and his parents are ecstatic,” dished Mike’s PR person! Congrats.

Music madness
Celeb watchers keep your eyes peeled! Coldplay is landing any day now in preparation of their upcoming shows in Cape Town and Jozi next week! Chris Martin is hitting our shores… and could Gwyneth Paltrow be coming with!? Keep a watch out! I am SO excited for this show! It’s been a fab year for concerts in South Africa, U2, Armin Van Buren now Coldplay, then Kings of Leon, Akon and David Guetta and I am super excited for the arrival of Deadmau5 in December! South African fans went crazy when it was officially confirmed that Deadmau5 is coming in December- the excitement is at an all high! Details will be released soon! Yay!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to tie the knot!?

September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to tie the knot!?

Are Sandy and Ryan getting hitched? Justin cheating on his lady again and why are the Kardashian’s feuding? Jenna spill the beans…

I just love a celeb rumour, and could this one be true!!!? This week’s hot story? According to American tabloids Sandra Bullock is tying the knot this weekend to super-hot Ryan Reynolds- say whaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Sandy and Ryan have been spending a lot of time together and are rumoured to be having a hot romance but word on the street is that pair are set to tie the knot this coming weekend in Texas on the ranch where Sandy lives! Not only will they be tying the knot but it will be a barefoot braai! A source dished “plans have been in the works for nuptials in the next few months ever since the couple broached the topic during a mid-August vacation.” Could it be true!? I wish!

Leopards and spots…
Ah Justin Timberlake, you are just such a player! So little time, SO many Hollywood hotties to choose from! So last week I filled you in on the whole phone hacking drama that exposed Justin and his Friends with Benefits co-star Mila Kunis as being just that- friends with benefits! A rather rauchy snap of Justin’s er trousersnake was revealed, he denies it but come on, who are they kidding! As a side note ,it’s such a fab flick, go see it and Justin is smoking hot!  Anyhoo, so as you know Justin is said to be back together with his former girlfriend Jessica Biel- the pair have been spotted all over together, spending romantical weekends in Toronto together and have apparently brought sexy times back (couldn’t resist!)! As I said before Jess is loco to resuscitate her romance with Justin and it seems I was not wrong! So while Justin is all loved up with Jess, it seems he’s STILL meeting up with one of his ex flames, none other than Scarlett Johannson- who also was embroiled in the sexy snaps hacking drama! The pair got in touch after their saucy bits hit the internet and bonded! The pair met up at New York hotspot 1Oak where they flirted up a storm before leaving together at 5:30 a.m! An eyewitness dished “The one-on-one party continued just a few hours after the A-listers closed down 1Oak — when Timberlake showed up at Scarlett’s midtown penthhouse apartment,  and wasn’t even low-key  about going to her place in the early morning hours and staying all night!” Mmm! I wonder what Miss Biel will have to say about Justin’s little sleep over with his ex-gal pal?! Probably nothing nice. Jessica Biel, DNR!!!!!!

Backtracking Brad…
So last week I filled you in on the latest Brad Pitt interview with Parade magazine where he basically dished that marriage with Jennifer Aniston was less than fabarama and totally dull- quick recap, this is what Bradalicious said “It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it, trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” It was totally wrong especially when he goes onto say how Angie is such a great mom and says starting a family with her was “one of the greatest, smartest things I ever did” a TOTAL slap in the face to Jen! Men hey tsk tsk. Anyhoo because of all the backlash aka people saying Brad is a douche, disrespectful and all that jazz, he’s backtracking his comments and FAST! Brad then reissued a statement on the matter  “It grieves me that this was interpreted this way. Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for.” Whatevs! That is so like, I was a douche and now I’m trying to be nice, sorry Brad but you showed your true colours and no ‘nice statements’ will erase the crazy! Team Aniston must be hating on him so much right now! No word from Jen on the whole debacle, she is keeping a classy dignified silence!

Not all love and sunshine…
So Kim Kardashian has been married for over a month to her giant basketball player husband Kris Humphries and all I keep seeing after loved up snaps of the pair looking super in luuuuurve all over NYC where they are based while Kim shoots the 2nd series of Kim and Kourtney Take New York! Anyhoo, Kim may love her man but the rest of the Kardashian clan aren’t as enamored as she is! Kris had a rocky introduction into the Kardashian clan and it hasn’t gotten better! Kris causing trouble between Khloe, Kourtney and their momager Kris Jenner! An insider source dished “Kris J. is so focused on Kim and Kris, their marriage and business and media, it’s alienated the other girls who feel like their mom isn’t focusing on being their manager too.” Well can’t say I am surprised, it’s been Kim and Kris wedding fever for MONTHS! The girls are also annoyed that Kris is loving the spotlight and attention that comes with being Mr Kim Kardashian! A family insider revealed this “He seems to be milking his newfound fame. Kourtney thinks it’s ridiculous, and it’s really pissing Khloe off.” Dramarama! Should make for some VERY interesting viewing for the upcoming season of Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Loco Lohan strikes again
It’s been a quiet few weeks in the loco land of Lohan! Lindsay has shockingly been out of the tabloids and pretty quiet… Linds behaving?! Never, it’s too good to be true! Girlfriend is incapable of staying out of trouble. This time Lindsay was ‘attacking’ mad and caused some trouble at New York Fashion Week! Linds was boozing it up at a glam bash filled with celebs like Usher, The Olsen twins, Mario Testino and Courtney Love at the Boom Boom Room when Linds went loco and threw a glass at someone out of the blue! Lindsay was razzling it up with her trashy mom Dina when she threw a glass at a partygoer who tried to have a snap with the ‘actress’! Classy.  A photographer, Jaspin Rischen who was there tweeted what went down  “Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses  as we tried to take a shot.”  So with glass all over the floor due to Lindsay’s tantrum  ANOTHER partygoer slipped and fell on the glass causing her to cut her arm. A witness dished  “there was so much blood spurting, it was like a horror movie. The party was packed and blood was spurting onto people’s clothes. Paramedics were called, but they took more than 20 minutes to get there, and a friend held the girl’s arm to try to stop the bleeding.” Shame! So Lindsay left the scene of the crime and headed to a different club where she again threw a drink at a photographer Todd Eberle, which landed on his laptop! Eberle confirmed the incident on Twitter “I’m thrilled to be a part of Ms. Lohan’s colourful history!” Never a dull moment with Lindsanity!

The Bold and the dramatic
I totally grew up watching The Bold and the Beautiful… the trials and tribulations of the Forrester clan, Ridge and Brooke’s weddings take 25 were always drama filled but now the drama has leapt off the screen for Brooke or rather Katherine Kelly Lang who plays her! Katherine’s 21-year-old son, who was a child actor on the popular show, has a new career! He’s appearing in gay porn! Jeremy (her son) is now appearing on an adult entertainment website called in which he is pictured in super steamy graphic compromising acts with another man! Wowzers! Katherine is said to be less than impressed! Child actors…

Hello baby…
Congrats to Bones actress Emily Deschanel and her husband David Hornsby who welcomed their first celebutot into the world on Wednesday, a boy named Henry Hornsby! So sweet and refreshing, no weird celeb name! Mazels.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Jay Z’s secret child revealed!

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Jay Z’s secret child revealed!

Beyonce’s man a baby daddy? Scarlett’s naked pics revealed and who is cheating this week. Jenna spills the beans…

So as you know Beyonce Knowles is expecting her first celebutot with her husband Jay Z early next year- well if you don’t where the hell have you been? I am tres excited about Bouncy’s first tot and cannot wait to see her pregnancy outfits, but that’s getting off track! There is all sorts of drama going down- according to some lass, this is the not the first child for Jay Z! Jay Z reportedly has a 9 year old son with a Trinidadian shmodel! Ooh lordy! 9 years ago Jay Z had a saucy affair with Shenelle Scott and got her sperminated! According to  Shenelle’s ex-boyfriend Malik Sayeed, he thought that the baby was his son but they did DNA tests and  “it’s was determined that [the child is] Jay-Z’s baby.”  Wowzers! Jay Z knows all about the kid and has been paying Shenelle child support!   “Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. My understanding is that he’s paying her child support. Shenelle took the money and bought herself a really nice house in Trinidad that the whole family lives in now.” Hectic! Does Beyonce know that Jay Z is a baby daddy? Her own pops Matthew Knowles is some chick’s baby daddy too and B was less than impressed! Scandalous!

Saucy Scarlett
Celebs… bless em! Barely a week goes by without one being the center of a saucy sex snag saga! DramaRAMA! This week’s ‘victim’- none other than squeaky clean Scarlett Johannson- well squeaky clean and scandal free no more! ScarJo was literally one of the only stars of her age not be snapped boozing, carousing and getting up to all sorts of dramaz like landing up in rehab or the slammer ala Lindsay Lohan! ScarJo was classy and clean of scandal but some nekkid snaps and all has gone to shiz! The internet was abuzz when saucy cellphone snaps of ScarJo did the rounds… of course everyone was saying, is it her, is it not her- but let me just say, it’s sooooooooo her! Scarlett basically confirmed the obvious when she called the FBI and got them involved- yes people, the FBI! Scarlett made the request that the FBI track down the perpetrators who hacked her phone and posted the saucy snaps! The FBI is already investigating some 50 other celebrity email accounts that might also have been hacked, including Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens! Saucy! So the pics are legit as Scarlett confirmed since she involved the FBI-hectic! I wonder who she posed for… Sean Penn perhaps?! Saucy Scarlett! Moral of the story- keep your boobs in a bra and don’t take naked pics- they WILL come back to haunt you, FACT!

Proof in the pudding?
A leopard never changes its spots it seems! Proof in the pudding- Alicia Keys husband Swizz Beatz! It’s just been revealed that Swizz has been sexting some lass while married to Alicia, who he has a baby boy Egypt with! FYI Swizz cheated on his wife Mashonda at the time with Alicia but moving on! So the chick- Christina Elizabeth- that Swizz has been having text sex with has come forward! She dished “I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cell phone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.” Mmm! So his ‘affair’ with Christina isn’t new- he was cheating on his ex Mashonda with her too at the same time he was cheating with Alicia- classy guy! Lord, this dude is something else! Swizz has four baby mammas – and he was fooling around on his now ex-wife Mashonda with both Alicia AND Christina and now still is cheating with Christina!! Karma Alicia?! This man is a douchelord de jour! Ditch him…

Hot new couple alert?
Hot new couple alert… BUT it could also be a huge publicity stunt! Yummy Bradley Cooper was spotted out on a romantical dinner with newly single and ready to mingle Jennifer Lopez! Just the two of them at a cosy restaurant in NYC… mmm!? Romance or work of clever PR people? The genetically blessed pair hit up the glam Per Se eatery, and according to eyewitnesses it looked VERY romantic! Time will tell on this little pairing!

Friends with benefits… real life?
This Hollywood hacker is causing a lot of trouble this week! First hacking Scarlett Johannson’s IPhone and revealing saucy snaps and now outing 2 hot celebs as ‘friends with benefits’! Just hours after nude pictures of ScarJo swept the internet, Mila Kunis became the next target! Several pictures have been leaked of Mila and her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake in several compromising situations! Saucy stuff! Justin made no bones about the fact he totally wanted to bang Mila… and it seems that they are more than friends…! The hacker also released several  text message conversations between Mila and Justin! Saucy. Talk about life imitating art!

Brad dishes!
Brad Pitt is talking! In a recent interview with Parade magazine, Brad dished on his marriage to Jennifer Aniston- and it was far from nice! Brad revealed life wasn’t good for him “It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it, trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” Burn! Then he goes onto say how Angie is such a great mom and says starting a family with her was “one of the greatest, smartest things I ever did.” Sweet! Bradlicious is saying it how it is, wonder what Jen will say!


Love and dust
Another celeb romance bites the dust! This time- Cameron Diaz and her man Alex Rodriguez aka A- Rod are overs! After almost 2 years together Cam and A-Rod called it quits on their romance! Boo hoo. Reason for the split? Just old fashioned work commitments and apparently it’s legit! Oh well, it was very nice while it lasted! I am sure they’ll be all loved up with some other celebs soon!

Mazel madness
Beatles legend Paul McCartney is going to be singing this weekend… he’s getting hitched! Paul is tying the knot with his long term love girlfriend Nancy Shevell- I am so related to her, just drop one L! The pair who have been together for almost 4 years are tying the knot in an imitate ceremony at his farmhouse in Sussex, England! Aah bless! Paul deserves happiness after his last marriage to loco Heather Mills! Hope he’s signed a prenup though… just saying!

Daddy Mia

Congrats to Mad Men actress January Jones who became a mom this week to her first celebutot! A little boy called Xander! Still no word on who her baby daddy is… best kept secret in La La Land! Congrats to the happy family!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Madonna disses Lady Gaga!?

September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Madonna disses Lady Gaga!?

Why is Madge being nasty to Gaga?  Hot new surprise couple alert, someone is getting married and why is JLo so betrayed? Jenna dishes the dirt…



After being rather quiet of late Madonna is back in the game and pissing off people! Madge has gotten some serious slack for her new flick W.E and being a Nazi sympathizer, tuning a fan for giving her beautiful hydrangeas and now she’s pissed off her BIGGEST fan! Lady Gaga! It’s a common and well known fact that Lady Gags just loves Madge and has idolized her! Gaga recently said this about Madge “You know, there is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.” Well Madonna does not dig that at all- Peanut butter and jello Madonna? When Madge was asked recently by a French paper about her super famous fan, she said this! “As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don’t know whether her behaviour is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial.” Wowzers, that’s pretty harsh to say- obsessions?! Poor Gags, she’ll be devastated at Madge’s less than nice comments about her adoration! Maybe Madge is feeling threatened by her young fan! Dramarama!

On fire…
Holy hot and steamy! There is a new celeb couple on the scene and they are smokin hot! Wowzers! It seems that gorgeous Ryan Gosling- as a side note, HAVE you seen him in Crazy Stupid Love?- OMG hotness- has been having a secret romance with none other than Latin lovely Eva Mendes! The genetically blessd pair, who are working on a new flick The Place Beyond the Pines together, are hooking up in real life! The pair were spotted looking very loved up at the Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland (seriously, it is guys!)! The pair had their hands all over each other according to eyewitnesses, holding hands and kissing! He had his hand on the small of her back whenever they’d be entering a gate and at one point she had her hand lightly on his hot ass while they were waiting for a pick up! An eyewitness dished ‘’ Eva was skipping around like a little girl. She would lean into him and she held his arm the entire time.” Eva quietly broke up with her long term love in June but has always had a crush on Ryan- so don’t blame her! Their little loved up trip to Disneyland is not the first time the pair have hooked up!   “They’ve been friends for a long time but when they started shooting their new movie The Place Beyond The Pines something just clicked. The timing was right, they’re both single and in similar places in their lives right now. Ryan and Eva have both been playing the field over the last year – it’s been one fling after another so at this point they’re taking it slow.” Talk about a hot couple! I’ve always held out hope that Ryan Gosling would get back together with his former love and co-star Rachel McAdams but ay that’s ship sailed. Boo hoo! Hold onto Ryan for dear life Miss Eva!


Desperate no more?!
Seems like wedding bells are in the air for Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria! Rumours are rife she is set to become a housewife again, after splitting from ex Tony Parker late last year! Eva and her rebound love, toy boy Eduardo Cruz are engaged according to insider sources! Eduardo, who is Penelope Cruz’s baby brother quietly, popped the question to his lady love while on a recent holiday! The pair are keeping it quiet since it hasn’t been long since Eva’s divorce from her douche cheating ex but a close pal dished “they’ve found their soul mate in each other.” Bless!

Betraying besties…
Since the shock news of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage dramaz hit 2 weeks ago, things have been very quiet from Team Smith! The pair’s marriage is said to be on the skids after Will found out that Jada was cheating with her Hawthorne co-star and former husband of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony! The rumours have rocked Celebville but mysteriously have disappeared but now it seems that JLo knew all along! The rumors of an affair between Marc and Jada were no surprise to JLo  because she was very suspicious of her husband’s growing closeness to Jada! Back in May, Jen was bothered by how much time Anthony was spending on the show’s set.  An insider dished “she was wondering why he was always on set, even when he didn’t need to be there.”  So when the story broke Jen wasn’t surprised BUT deeply hurt because she considered Jada a friend! A friend of Jen’s spilled the beans “she has been really down and crying all the time. It’s as if she doesn’t know who to believe.” Poor JLo! Nothing worse than being betrayed by the people you trust!


Cowell the coward?
Simon Cowell has one of the biggest mouths in Celebville but he was stumped this week when his personal life was brought up! So as you know Simon is engaged to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy but the pair hasn’t been seen together in months raising questions! So when Simon was interviewed on the Howard Stern show this week, he added fuel to the fire after admitting he doesn’t know if they are still engaged! In an awkward phone interview with the notorious DJ, he struggled to explain the state of the relationship! When Howard asked if he was engaged, Simon said he was ‘not sure’. Ooh! Who is not sure? Hello, that’s so code for we dunzo!


Loving and loathing in La La Land
It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal is back in the game! The hottie actor is romancing a new gal! Jake has been spotted with Twilight starlet Anna Kendrick all over La La Land looking rather cosy! The pair met on the set of their flick End of Watch and got close! Mmm it seems that’s the way to find love in Celebville, at work! Good luck to them!


DNR! I said it last week and I’ll say it again- do not resuscitate! Seems like these Hollywood men want their gals back even after treating them like shiz! Joe Jonas wants his former lady back after he treated her like crap and paraded his new dollybirds around her! Joe has been rocking up at his ex’s concerts every chance he gets to try win her back! According to insiders he really wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes to show her he’s a changed man! Whatevers!  Taylor is said to even be considering it! Madness. I suppose she should be grateful, because of his disgusting douche behavior she got the juiciest break-up song gold ever out of it! Friends perhaps but once you’ve been burned like that, best not to go back down that road. DNR!

Daddy drama
Another week, another feud and this time it’s a family feud! New mom Kate Hudson is having some drama… with her dad! No not Kurt Russell, her real dad Bill Hudson! Kate has famously almost disowned her father but he ain’t disappearing! In the tradition of douchelords everywhere, he’s writing a tell-all book and dissing his daughter! Bill dishes “Kate doesn’t have to talk to me, and she doesn’t have to give [me] a dime of her millions. All I want is for her to call [her grandmother who is battling Alzheimer's disease] and say,’Hi grandma,’ before it is too late.  I love Kate, but… she had done stuff which is just awful. She is a spoiled brat in my eyes.”  Burn! Sounds like it will be a corker of a book! Airing dirty laundry is just not classy!


Girl power…
Former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown is a mom again! Scary Spice popped out her 3rd little girl (girl power!) last week after being in labour for ages! This is the first child together for Mel and her man Stephen Belafonte! The pair have named their little celebutot Madison! Too cute. Mazels!


Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Justin Timberlake back with ex?

September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Justin Timberlake back with ex?

Who is Justin back with? All the details on Beyonce’s pregnancy and what is Jennifer Aniston up too now? Jenna dishes the dirt


So after playing the field and banging half of La La Land, Justin ‘Trousersnake’ Timberlake has returned to his old faithful… no not Britney Spears, Jessica Biel! As you know Justin and Jess broke up earlier this year after like 4 years together- which included half that time of Justin cheating on her with like everyone with a pulse! Anyhoo, he dumped her ass in like March and proceeded to try his luck with anything that moved- but alas he has come to his senses and is trying to win his gal back! Jess also got busy and had a fling or two with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler- lucky lass! But this past weekend Justin flew to Toronto to spend time with Jessica! An eyewitness dished   “Justin and Jessica came into Ella’s Uncle coffee shop not once but three times this weekend: Saturday evening, Sunday morning and just this morning. They seemed so comfortable, happy and at ease every time. They literally couldn’t stop staring and smiling at each other. Justin seemed completely smitten with Jessica, and she had this permanent smile on her face, and they joked around with each other. Jessica even recommended Justin get her favourite, the Americano, but Justin opted for the Ella, a double cappuccino with maple syrup.” Sweet man- but can Jess trust the man who once broke her heart?! Mmm! The pair spent the whole of Sunday all loved up after a bike ride and a cozy lunch at a local restaurant called Swan! A looselipped waitress dished “They were laughing and having such a good time. They enjoyed their food, but they seemed to enjoy each other much more!”  Justin is definitely trying to win his lady back because he recently revealed this about Jessica “She is the single most significant person in my life.” Mazeltov Justin, you’ve finally realized you lost the best thing you ever had! If I was Jess, I would DNR the relationship- Do Not Resuscitate!

Speedy shack ups…
So its official- Jennifer Aniston has moved her man in! After about 5 minutes (misssssstake!) Jen and her new love Justin Theroux have shacked up together in a Hollywood Hills love pad! A friend dished “they decided to rent a house together while they keep searching for the perfect [one] to buy.  Jen and Justin are very excited about living together in their new home.” The pair spent literally every waking moment together since they hooked up 2 minutes ago even going on a romantical trip to Hawaii! I am counting down until the baby news and engagement… warped speed and all!

Celebutot du jour
Move aside Brangelina brood, Suri Cruise and Beckham babes… there is a new celebutot on the way and it’s gonna be epic! Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that Beyonce is expecting her first child with her husband Jay-Z! Bouncy STOLE the show at Sunday’s VMA Awards when she announced her fab news! On the red carpet Beyonce posed for photos with her hands cradling her tummy, teasing, “I have a surprise!” Yay! During her performance she whipped off her sparkly jacket and rubbed her baby bump to which the audience erupted into a HUGE applause!  Jay-Z couldn’t contain his joy! Bless! Beyonce dished earlier this year that she’d have a baby when she turned 30 and she is 30 on Sunday! So exciting! This baby is going to be Hip Hop music royalty… already there is talk of douche Kayne West being the celebutot’s godfather!  Bouncy is apparently due in Feburary! So exciting! Mazels.

Time to weigh in…
Another week, another celeb feud. This week it’s the Battle of the Skeletals!  Country singer Leeann Rimes- who is now better known for her skinny frame and home wrecking ways than singing and E! News Presenter and reality star Guilianna Ranic DePandi! Both ladies are pretty tiny but they sure do have big mouths! The whole dramaz began when Guilianna was being interviewed about her new restaurant she and her husband Bill are opening in Chicago — where Leeann is living temporarily while her husband Eddie Cibrian films “The Playboy Club”, yes she moved there to be with him after he cheated on his wife Brandi Glanville with her while they filmed a flick together, she needs to keep an eye on her man! Anyhoo  Guilianna mentioned Leeann as one of the celebrities she’d like to feed at the eatery! Guilianna dished “She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life, she seems a little thin right now, and I think she looks great when she’s a bit curvier.” But Leeann was not happy with the remarks, and, as she’s in the habit of doing, took to Twitter to voice her displeasure! The singer wrote sarcastically, “hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy ’shrinking’ once and for all…..oh, & then we should workout together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!” Ooh girlfriend is pissssssed! Personally it’s a total case of the pot calling the kettle black! Both of you, eat a sandwich!


Hot couple alert!
While on the topic of Leeann Rimes and her feuds, her arch nemesis Brandi Glanville- Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife- yes the one he left for Leeann, can dry her tears! She has a new man, an A Lister, not a made for T.V movie dude like Eddie! Brandi has been getting it on with none other than Gerard Butler! The pair hooked up at a Malibu beach party over the weekend! An eyewitness dished “They were at a private beach party — drinks were flowing, and one thing led to another. Next thing you know, they’re dancing together to some music, hands started getting frisky and it was a full-on make-out! Everyone saw it. One girl tried to snap a photo of it on her phone, but Gerard politely asked for privacy and then they left together.” How classy! Let’s see how long it lasts!


Long distance love
Love is in the air! So Leonardo Di Caprio also changed his mind about ending his romance with gorgeous Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively! The love affair is back on and HOW! Leo is in Australia on location filming his new flick The Great Gatsby but that doesn’t mean the romance is on hold! Blake made the super long flight to visit her man… just for dinner! Well a special dinner, her birthday! Blake was celebrating her 24th birthday and decided to take off to Australia to be with her man in Sydney! Leo took his lady out for a special, romantic dinner- damn straight, she like flew across the world and it was her birthday, a dinner at MacDonald’s would not suffice! The couple were spotted making eyes and ordering wine at the Sydney hotspot Aria on Sunday night. You would think the pair would want to be discreet, but instead, they took the best table in the house – a window booth overlooking Sydney Harbour. Other patrons spotted the pair instantly and report that Blake looked “gorgeous” and that they both “looked very much like a couple” How sweet! Long may it last…

NBF’s of the week

Ooh lord, Jake Gyllenhaal’s ears must been burning! Two of his exes got together for a girly lunch and skinner and to chat about their ex- Jake! Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift recently lunched together at Los Angeles’ glam Boa Steakhouse and got their bitch on! A close pal dished “they talked about how vain and self-aborbed Jake can be. They laughed about it.” I would have loved to be a fly on that wall!

It’s heating up… again
Dramarama returns! The nasty custody battle slash mudslinging match is being revived! The ugly custody war between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over 3-year-old daughter Nahla appears to be heating up again! Halle’s lawyers are dragging Gabriel’s hot ass before the judge and asking that he be held in contempt for an alleged violation of the former couple’s custody agreement! Drama! Sort it out guys for the sake of your child!


Stork time!
The stork is visiting another celeb! Robert Downey, Jr. is going to be a dad again! The actor and his wife, film producer Susan Downey, are expecting their first child together early next year! Congrats!

There’s a new boss in town
Congrats to Who’s the Boss star Alyssa Milano who became a mom this week! Alyssa and her husband David Bugliari welcomed a son named Milo Thomas Bugliari on Wednesday! Am sure he’ll be a cutie! Congrats!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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