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Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony caught in the act!

August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony caught in the act!!

Is Jada cheating on Will Smith, ALL the dish on the Kardashian nuptials and who has a sex tape!? Jenna dishes the dirt…


I’ve had some shocks of late BUT this news has shocked and knocked my socks off! Celebville has been rocked with the news all is not fine and dandy in the world of Hollywood’s cutest family Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith! Seriously, it’s devastated me! Word on the street is that Will and Jada are separated and are going through some dramaz after 13 whopping years of marriage- yes 13 is like 50 years in La La Land! Obviously their PR peeps have issued the standard ‘It’s rubbish, they together’ statement and one from the couple themselves “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.” Mmm! So now Will and Jada are attending events together looking super loved up- but we’ve seen that move before!  So what’s caused this so-called separation!? Rumour has it, old Marc Anthony is to blame! I know you thinking WTF- as I did too! According to insider sources shiz hit the fan when Will found out that Jada was having a saucy affair with Marc and THAT is what led to the shock separation! Jada and Marc are actually co-stars in Jada’s show Hawthorne and the pair got close and started a steamy romance which was the final nail in the coffin for Marc and JLo’s marriage! All the sneaking around with Marc behind her Will’s back was discovered by Will- when he allegedly caught them doing the no pants dance at their house- and it confirmed his suspicions!  Since Will discovered the betrayal, all hell broke loose and Jada has supposedly moving some of her belongings out of the house and Will allegedly firing staffers he suspected of “covering up” for her. Dramaz! Will was shocked because he thought Jada was just being a good friend to Marc and helping him through his split from JLo but never suspected this!  Their rep is denying the whole Marc and Jada romance BUT not denying dramaz is their marriage! “Everything about Jada and Marc Anthony is false… In regard to Jada and Will, I will not comment on their personal lives.” Mmmm! Aah I seriously hope it’s all just vicious malicious rumours BUT I have learnt, where there is smoke, there is some serious fire! Will keep you posted!

The Kardashian’s reigns!
So the Royal nuptials have come and gone… yes I am talking about the American Royals. The Kardashian clan! Kim is officially Mrs Humphries (if I were her I’d soooooo stay with Kardashian!) and married to her man Kris! Details and snaps of the big day have been pretty hush hush because of Kim’s couple of million dollars deal with E! to broadcast the big day in 2, 2 hour specials- and yes I will be GLUED to my screen watching and prob crying! Anyhoo, a few details have been released on the big nuptials and the day wasn’t without some dramaz! So as you know the crème de la crème of Celebville were there to watch Kimmy say I do! Even Lindsay Lohan cracked an invite- lord knows why or how! Insider sources are saying the wedding was less fairytale and more fake! Kim’s big day is earning her over $17 millon! Wowzers. A guest dished that everything was overblown and tacky.  Another guest revealed “There were rhinestones up the wazoo! It was 100 percent Kardashian.” There were “200-plus staffers and plenty of TV cameras documenting the whole thing for an October TV special on E!.” Another guest says, “It’s so hard to take it all seriously. Everybody felt awkward, like it was all for the cameras and more like a TV show than a wedding.” And apparently the Kardashians were telling everyone, “This is our version of the royal wedding!” Well they are sorta royalty, Reality Royals!! The groom Kris Humphries family were less than impressed with all the Hollywood hoopla- according to sources they looked appalled at all the goings on and hated all the flashing cameras!! Kris’s family are from Minnesota where the lifestyle ain’t bling bling! Before the big day there was talk of them trying to convince Kris to slow things down and not rush into marriage… but that obviously didn’t happen! I had a real laugh when I heard that Kris Humphries’s teammates call him “Kate Middleton” because he “just married into royalty.”  Classic! So Kim and Kris are now honeymooning in Naples, Italy before Kim has to jet back to NYC to film season 2 of Kim and Kourtney  take New York! I really hope this is happily FOREVER after for Miss Kardashian!


Gotta love an open bar…
So loco Lindsay Lohan snagged an invite to the most coveted event of the year- yes the Kardashian nuptials! Why they would want her there is BEYOND me- did you see pics of her? She looked cracked out and so not classy! Anyhoo, in typical Linds fashion, girlfriend got waaaasted and slightly out of control at the big bash! According to sources, Linds was taking full advantage of the open bar and was ordering shot after shot after shot! After that she hit the dance floor and could barely walk- no surprises there! Girlfriend is on probation and one move away from the slammer and still she acts like a dimwit! Oh Linds, will you ever learn!


Sex tape city
I do LOVE me a sex tape scandal! It’s launched so many careers, Kim Kardashian’s to name one- her ex and co-star Ray J apparently sent her a sms on the eve of her nuptials saying you have me to thank for your fame- but that’s not the point! The latest celeb in a saucy sex tape dramaz? Rihanna! Adult film giant Hustler today admitted to being in possession of a raunchy sex tape featuring Rhianna and her tour warm-up act, rapper J-Cole! Classy. So now we wait and see if it’s released. Ah celebs (and some normal folk) never learn, NEVER make a sex tape or take sex snaps- they will come back to haunt you! Celebs (and us normal peeps too!) must be careful who they trust- especially lovers and all that jazz, because at any moment you can have the rug pulled out from under you! True story. So keep it clean celebs!


Jen vs Cameron
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- not a week goes by without a celebrity feud! This week in catty corner- Jennifer Lopez (who is also feuding with Eva Longoria) and Cameron Diaz! JLO and Cameron are working on a flick together ‘What to Expect When You Are Expecting’ and the gals are NOT getting along! An insider on set revealed all the juicy details “Jennifer and Cameron don’t like each other. They don’t interact much, but when they do, the tension is thick.” According to set insiders the icy relationship is very obvious  because J.Lo  has bonded with… other cast members Brooklyn Decker AND has been linked to her on-screen love, Rodrigo Santoro. “Cam sees all that stuff and hoopla around J.Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony and whether she’s dating Rodrigo as a distraction from work,” says the insider. “She’s also annoyed by Jennifer’s huge entourage, which includes her mom, three assistants, makeup and hair people and her manager. She made a snide comment to the effect of, ‘How many people does it take for one woman to film a simple scene?” Meow! Cameron also tuned JLO’s acting skills  “She said Jennifer has a lot to learn and made a dig about how she’d be better off sticking to her day jobs – meaning singing and judging Idol…” but Jen doesn’t care, apparently she doesn’t talk about Cameron or ask about her. She just acts as if Cameron doesn’t exist! Ooh I love the bitchiness of it all…

Regret sucks…
Some people just don’t know what they want out of life…and Ashlee Simpson is one of them! She kicked her husband Pete Wentz to the curb earlier this year; shacked up with guys and now she wants her man back! Miss Ashlee has taken to drunk dialing Pete according to pals!  She keeps calling and “telling Pete how much she misses him and wants him back.” Too little, too late. Sorry girlfriend, but you had a good thing and now it’s gone! Boo frikken Hoo.

Shock of the week
Well slap me silly, I am surprised! The toxicology report is in! It’s been over a month since the tragic and shock death of Amy Winehouse and it’s been officially confirmed that the songstress has no traces of illegal drugs in her body at the time of her death! That truly is a shocker.  In statement released today a spokesperson for the family said: ‘Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death. The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October.’ So Wino, only had booze in her system? So could it be true that Wino died because of well wine?! Either way hope the family gets some closure on Wino’s passing.

Garfleck take 3
Garfleck is expecting… again! After months of speculation word is out! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their 3rd celebutot! Jen and Ben are already parents to two gorgeous little ladies, Violet and Seraphina and are adding to their brood! The pair confirmed the news and said they are “thrilled” to be expecting their third child! Yay! Love Garfleck

The Baby daddy files
Congrats to Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart and her baby daddy Benicio Del Toro! The pair- who aren’t in a relationship- welcomed their daughter into the world over the weekend! They named the little girl Delilah! Cute.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo


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Christina Aguilera’s secret nuptials revealed!

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Christina Aguilera getting hitched?

Is Christina tying the knot? JLO’s feud with Eva Longoria revealed and is Jen Aniston’s new guy mocking her? Jenna dishes the dirt…

Since she got the bitch treatment from enemy Kelly Osbourne, things have been VERY quiet from Miss Christina Aguilera! I am shocked she didn’t come back with some scathing comment… but girlfriend is keeping it classy. Anyhoo, it seems that Xtina has more important matters on the go- planning a wedding! Christina is rumoured to be planning to secretly marry her toyboy slash rebound lover Matt Rutler! Wowzers, is she even officially divorced yet? Christina and her estranged husband Jordan Bratman split in November and Xtina quickly shacked up with production assistant Matt! For the last few months we’ve seen her boozing and carousing (even almost landing up in the slammer) all over town with him, so not classy! So now Christina wants him to put a ring on it and is said to be planning a super hush-hush low key wedding! A friend dished “Christina is telling us that she’d love to marry Matt. She’s absolutely consumed with him and can’t stand to be apart for even a minute. She began talking about marriage within months of splitting with Jordan.”  Calm down girlfriend- seems like Xtina is having a Jennifer Aniston moment! This shall not end well…

It’s been a Jennifer Lopez filled week! She is all anyone can gossip about in Celebville! There is still plenty gos surrounding the split between Jen and Marc Anthony! Jen is hopping mad over the fact that Marc wants to do a tell-all on her and now even more furious that he’s reached out to her mortal enemy! Marc has reached out to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria for comfort! According to insider sources “In a long, tearful, anguished conversation, he told Eva about his heartache, his pain, his disappointment” before the pair announced the split! Jen is fuming because there is there’s a history of bad blood between JLO and Eva and the fact that he was confiding his deepest darkest secrets about their marriage behind Jen’s back is the ultimate betrayal in Jen’s eyes! Jen hates Eva because she was photographed sitting on Marc’s lap at a hot party in Vegas just after Jen popped out their twins in 2008. Jen has always been suspicious of their ‘friendship’ and hates Eva because of it. Um hello JLO, Eva has a hot man on her arm, Penelope Cruz’s little bro Eduardo, she sooooooo wouldn’t want your sloppy seconds!

Crazy eyes…
And still on the topic of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, it seems that Marc isn’t being too cordial to his soon-to-be ex! Multiple sources are saying that Marc is getting a little bit too aggressive behind the scenes and will not stop harassing his estranged wife! A source dished “He calls her nonstop, especially when he’s drinking, and they had a huge argument in early August. Marc is constantly harassing her and doesn’t think she’ll go through with the divorce.”  He sounds loco. I’ve never liked him, it’s all in the eyes, Marc has CRAZY eyes- if they crazy RUN.  

Trouble in paradise?
So last week I gave you the skinny on Jennifer Aniston’s hot romance- which includes trying to get preggers already- well she best halt her ovaries because she may not have picked the right guy for the job! A close pal of Justin Theroux’s has come forward to say Jen should tread carefully “Justin will never marry her, he’s not the marrying type – as you can see from the 14-year relationship he was in that didn’t end in marriage. He is not the kind of guy to be owned.” Friends are saying that the relationship may not last; the differences between the clean-cut actress and the bad-boy screenplay writer have already begun to show! “Jen is the complete opposite of Justin, she’s all about Malibu and shopping and trying to stay young while Justin is about being an artist.” And to add fuel to the fire, Justin even mocked Jen’s rise to fame back on the day! Justin even turned down the chance to star in Friends, the show which made Jen a millionaire and a household name, claiming that he would ‘hang himself’ if he got tied into a seven year TV contract! Oy! The fact that Justin cheated on his girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens, with Jen is a serious concern to me.  A leopard can’t change its spots…

Karma… gotta love it
Karma is a bitch. It’s a proven fact. Treat someone badly and someday, somehow you will go through the same shiz… and here’s the proof. Douche lord du jour Jesse James cheated on the fabulous Sandra Bullock with some skank ho’s THEN had the cheek to write a tell-all book AND say that Sandra drove him to cheat. He then hooks up with Kat Von D from LA Ink, flaunts his romance all over town and then gets engaged! Fast forward a few months and Kat Von D breaks off the engagement with no real reason!? Well the reason is karma! Aha! The latest dish on the tattooed pair is that Kat cheated on Jesse! And with a kinda celeb- Jackass star Bam Margera! It all started when Bam’s bffe and co-star Ryan Dunn was killed tragically and Bam went to Kat for comfort. A source dished “Bam went over to Kat’s LA home to hang out and talk, and he ended up spending the night. Jesse found out and questioned her about it, and Kat let slip something about how ‘Bam just can’t sleep alone.’ Jesse hit the roof when he heard that and accused Kat of cheating on him. They were barely hanging by a thread by then.”  The pair also lived apart, Kat in La La Land and Jesse in Austin which didn’t help Jesse’s loco jealousy. Well, that’s no surprise he was jello because he’s a slimy cheating pig because he knows how cheaters work! So now Jesse has a broken heart and everyone knows how crappy he feels just like poor Sandy did- karma, gotta love it! P.S this just in the pair are back together AGAIN and the engagement is back on! I think this has something to do with Kat’s LA Ink show being cancelled… girlfriend is trying to stay relevant!

Shack up already… come on!
While on the topic of Sandra Bullock, the Ryan Reynolds romance rumours just do not stop- NOT that they are doing anything to stop them I may add! So as you know Ryan was seeing local lass Charlize Theron but he dumped her and his ex-wife Scarlett Johannson apparently wants him back, but he’s playing the field it seems. This week Sandy and Ryan spent some quality time with each other and Sandy’s super-cute son Louis hiking in Wyoming! Super cosy! The pair are going with the ‘just friends’ line still but come on and hook up already, they sooooooo cute together!

Besties of the week
Talk about a surprise friendship! Hollywood royalty together with REAL royalty! It seems that Reese Witherspoon and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton have struck up a friendship after meeting while the Royal couple was on tour in America! The new pals met last month and “instantly bonded” and since then, the girlies have been emailing each other often and calling any chance they get! I would love to hear that conversation. Ah I just LOVE Reese!

Has-been happiness
It’s been a good week for has-been Tara Reid (remember her from American Pie and shocker plastic surgery?) she’s been in the news! Tara announced via Twitter that she got hitched- just hours after she got engaged! Tara wed some unknown dude called Zack Kehayov on Saturday in Greece and shocked everyone! She tweeted “Just got married in greece I love being a wife!”  The internet was a buzz because as far as everyone knew she was still dating Danish businessman Michael Lillelund, even her own PR person thought she had married him! Lol. Congrats to Tara, hope it works out!

Baby business
The stork visited Celebville last week- Jessica Alba popped out her 2nd celebutot on Saturday! Jess and her husband  Cash Warren, welcomed baby daughter Haven Garner Warren into the world on Saturday!Jess announced the news via Facebook “She was born on Saturday, weighed 7 lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big Sister Honor couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family, thank you for all of your support during my pregnancy. It means the world to me.” Sweet! Am sure her little one will be super cute- congrats to the happy family!

Kiddie corner
Funny lady Tina Fey also had a visit from the stork last week! Tina and her husband Jeffery Richmond welcomed a 2nd daughter into the world, a little girl called Penelope Anthea! This is the 2nd little girl for the pair -Alice Zenobia is their 5 year old daughter! Mazels!

Babydaddy diaries
Kevin Federline aka K-Fed became a dad for the 5th time this week! Britters ex welcomed a daughter into the world this week, his baby mamma is his girlfriend Victoria Prince! The pair named their bundle of joy Jordan Kay and are said to be over the moon. Congrats! I wonder if Britney sent flowers…

Up the Duff…
Former teen songstress and actress Hillary Duff is set to become a mom! The actress-singer and her husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, who celebrated their first anniversary this weekend had even more to celebrate! Hillary revealed the news on her official website “I can’t believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you’re having fun! We also want to share the exciting news that… BABY MAKES THREE!!! We are extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives.” No word on when the actress is due but it’s rumoured to be early next year! Yay! Another celebutot on the way- congrats!

It’s almost here…
Just one day until Kim Kardashian becomes a MRS! Kardashian wedding fever has reached a high with the big day just around the corner! Kim has been spotted going from dress fittings to every beauty treatment under the sun! It’s been revealed that her bridesmaids aka her sisters are gonna be rocking green frocks and that Kim has asked guests to wear black or white, I reckon her Vera Wang creation will be purple or lilac!. AND 10 days after her LA nuptials, they having an NYC bash to celebrate too! So excited to see Kim say I do to her fiancé Kris Humphries! Will keep you posted on all the hot details!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Jen Aniston pregnant?!

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Jen Aniston pregnant?

Has Jen got a bun in the oven? Jennifer Lopez’s dirty secrets revealed and all the dish on George Clooney’s new romance. Jenna spills the beans…


So Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Justin Theroux is moving at the speed of light- wonder who’s pushing that shiz along, him or her? Anyhoo, the pair have been all loved up in Hawaii (nice life being a celeb) and things are getting even more serious!  Jen wasted no time in bringing him to very PUBLIC affairs or house hunting and moving in together and now there is baby talk, Jen could be preggo as we speak! It’s so secret Jen’s biological clock is ticking up a storm but they’ve only been dating for 4 months!!  When you with someone and they start talking marriage after a few weeks- RUN for your life! So either Justin or Jen start running! A insider source dished “They have talked at length about getting married and starting a family. She is anxious for the next phase of her life and feels like this is the time.”  Hold your horses Jen, you’ve only known him for 4 months and a baby with Justin is forever! Everyone wants Jen to be happy- G-D knows she deserves it after all the douchelords she’s dated, but pace yourself girlfriend!

Tawdry tell-all’s…
It hasn’t been Jennifer Lopez’s year- first she had all the sex tape drama with her ex-husband Ojani Noa but she managed to block that saucy little tape from coming out and now this! Hot on the heels of announcing her split from hubbie Marc Anthony comes the news, he’s penning a tell-all book about his time with the star! Ooh lord. That’s totally the Hollywood way these days- dish all the dirt on your ex for a hefty fee- how totally classy! Marc has been offered a whopping 14 million dollars to pen a tell-all about JLo! The publishers are offering plenty moolah to spill secrets about his soon-to-be ex in an explosive new book! The publishers are egging him on in saying that “rattling the skeletons in Jennifer’s closet would give him the ultimate revenge plus a huge payday’’ and he’s buying it! An insider dished that Marc is bitter over being dumped and out for blood could very well level Jennifer in print by pulling back the veil on her secret world! I wonder what secrets will come out!? As classless and lame as it is to spill on your ex, I’d still totally buy the book! Jen, however is not the kind of lady to take this sort of thing lying down… I foresee a lawsuit in the making…

George the great…
Sorry ladies, it seems that George ‘Swoony’ Clooney’s new fling is more than JUST a fling! So after he dumped Elisabetta  Canalis’s ass, George was single and ready to mingle and Hollywood’s gals were WAITING to pounce! The lucky lady to tap that is none other than former WWE wrestler and actress Stacy Keibler! The pair have known each other for ages and everyone thought, just a casual rebound fling- well think again! An insider revealed that it’s more than just a fling and that the pair get on like a house on fire! The loved up lovebirds have been camped out together in Clooney’s love nest all week! Good luck to Stacey, getting involved with Hollywood’s most confirmed bachelor is brave!

Lippy lady
Kelly Osbourne has been on a role of late! Last week she called Christina Aguilera a fat c*nt (pure class right there) and reignited a longstanding feud with the songstress and this week she’s chirping a princess! Kelly has had PLENTY to say about the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton AND on national television! While appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Kelly slammed Duchess Catherine for frequently recycling her wardrobe! Kelly said “In England they’re like, ‘Look how thrifty she’s being, showing the British public that the Royals are in a recession as well,  only in this country they call it a faux pas.” Burn! Kate wowed the American crowds when she visited there last month with William! Kelly went on and on “I’m sorry, but if I had that job I would only wear it once, if I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England I’m going to wear that dress once because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy. At least I can get a new dress every day!” What has gotten into Kelly! She is opening her mouth to everyone! And seriously, have you seen some of the fashion disasters Kelly rocks? Who the hell is SHE to comment! Kate is glamarama, old Kelly should take a page out of her book!

Writing Wino
Can you believe it’s been almost a month since the death of Amy Winehouse? It’s almost been forgotten in the UK with the horrible riots going on. Still no conclusive word on what caused Wino’s death but her dad Mitch is setting up a rehab in her name at the moment! Maybe some good to come out of her untimely death? Anyhoo, it seems her ex-husband, the charmless and classless Blake Fielder-Civil is trying to make a quick buck out of her death- no surprises there! The pair HAD a very turbulent and toxic marriage- I used to fill you in weekly about their drunken druggy binges and brawls! Well Blake is turning his ‘pain’ into cash and planning to write a tell-all book about their time together! Blake, who is in the slammer, serving a two-year prison sentence armed robbery and firearm offenses, he has enough time on his hands to get it done. I can only imagine what he’s going to put in there! I imagine it to be Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Trainspotting and like The Notebook all tied together! Never a dull moment!


Dramatic divas
What’s a week WITHOUT a celeb feud? Not a week at all! This week’s bitchy belles? Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie! Jessica and Nicole are locked in an ugly feud on the set of their new reality series, Fashion Star- please say they have caught it on camera, being reality and all! On set sources dished that the gals are constantly sparring and being bitchy to each other with catty comments. The two have a rivalry that goes back years as competing heads of their own fashion lines, the Jessica Simpson Collection and Nicole’s House of Harlow! A source spilled the beans “producers thought pairing them on screen would mean lots of fireworks to attract viewers, but their personalities don’t mesh at all. Behind the scenes, the set is a war zone, while Nicole is a laid-back sweetie, Jess is a major diva. Nicole is always ready to go, but Jess lingers in her dressing room, keeping everyone waiting and asking to do multiple run-throughs.” Dramarama divas!  And to add fuel to the fire, there is a whole weight issue!  Jess is carrying some extra kilos while Nicole is runway skinny and its driving Jess loco. “Nicole has made a few digs about Jessica ‘throwing her weight around,’ while Jessica has joked that someone would have to be on a starvation diet to wear Nicole’s designs,” a source dished. “Now they’re barely talking, which doesn’t bode well for the show’s success – and it isn’t even on the air yet!” Ooh, the drama of it all- I love it!


Learning Linds?
Lindsay Lohan is in trouble- again! Despite being sternly warned by the judge handling her probation… to buckle down and complete her community service… the 25-year-old is thumbing her nose at her responsibilities and even wants to travel to Europe to party with friends and ditch her community service!  Linds wants to ditch her responsibilities and flit off to Europe with her newly reinstated besties, Paris and Nicky Hilton, who are razzling it up all over Europe! Linds was also in some coke scandal when she was spotted trying to buy a bag of ‘powdery white stuff’- oh Linds, don’t you EVER learn!?


Royal wedding… of America
With just over a week until Kim Kardashian’s big day, more details are coming out! The wedding, which is set to take place next Saturday is going to be attended by some big names in Celebville! Besides the whole glam Kardashian/Jenner clan and the who’s who in the sports world but stars like Kayne West, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber (sadly he is considered a big star) will be in attendance! Momager Kris Jenner has revealed there will be plenty fab surprises at Kim’s big day- totally can’t wait!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Beyonce’s marriage on the rocks!?

August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Is Beyonce being betrayed?

What’s happening in Beyonce’s  marriage? Was Wino engaged and who called Christina the ‘c’ word!? Jenna dishes the dirt

Jay-Z cheating?
Every couple of months there are rumours of Jay-Z’s wondering eye… and they back again! Jay-Z was spotted out clubbing with gorgeous supermodel Selita Ebanks at a hotspot in NYC with his glam wife Beyonce nowhere in sight! An eyewitness dished  “He and Selita were hugging and giggling. Jay-Z walked in around 1 a.m. and was looking very cosy with the gorgeous model. He bought a ton of bottles and Jay was very flirty – dancing up a storm.” Mmm! Wonder what Miss Beyonce would have to say about this!

A secret engagement?
It’s been almost 2 weeks since the shock and untimely passing of Amy Winehouse and the rumours are swirling big time! The shrine to Wino is still going strong outside her Camden home and her pops Mitch has revealed he has plans to open up a rehab in Wino’s memory (ironic!) but the rumours surrounding Wino and the days before her death are at full tilt! According to sources Wino was secretly engaged!!! Yip, Amy was secretly engaged to her boyfriend Reg Traviss! The pair got engaged just weeks before her death. A source dished ”Reg asked Amy and of course she said ‘Yes’. She loved him. She wanted nothing more than to be his wife and to start a family with him. They planned to marry next year.”

Shame! Apparently Amy spent a week in rehab in June and was determined to quit booze for her man! Sadly she never got the chance too. Reg has been absolutely devastated by the loss of Wino,or as he called her ‘his dear love’
So far he’s keeping shtum on whether or not he popped the question to Wino… we may never know.

Rebuttal… Playboy style!
So last week I dished on the dramaz and trash talking from Hugh Hefner’s runaway child bride Crystal Harris! For those of you who don’t know here’s the quick update- Crystal went on the Howard Stern show and dished on her crappy sex life with Hef- not cool! Anyhoo, everyone has been coming to Hef’s defense, Playboy bunnies,former gal pals and the latest being former Girl Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson!

I just love Kendra- she just tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back! This is what she had to say “She just totally made herself look like crap. She looks like trash. I mean, it’s disgusting. She needs to keep her mouth shut, and be a bigger person. Walk away. People don’t like that. People don’t like a hypocrite. She’s a hypocrite. It’s not classy. Hef’s been Hef for how many years now?! With all the drama he’s had for 86 years, what’s this one girl going to do? She just needs to keep her mouth shut.”

Totally agreed! It’s the epitome of shocker to talk about such private details with others! Not that I’m surprised, Crystal looked like a white trash gold digger from day one! Miss Crystal knows she’s in the major shiz because she issued a lame apology to Hef via Twitter. Honestly, after all that she and Hef shared, she apologies via social media? Shocker.

Feud of the week!
Another week, another celeb bitch fight! Love it. This week it’s reality star Kelly Osbourne and her frenemy songstress Christina Aguilera! Kelly has never been a fan of Xtina but she took it too a whole new level of bitchy this week- on national T.V! Burn. So as you know Kelly works on E!’s Fashion Police with super-bitchy gran Joan Rivers! So after Joan said Aguilera looked “stuffed into” a Givenchy LBD at an event- and likened her to “Snooki’s Scandinavian cousin”- Kelly got het bitch on and put in her 2 cents! Kelly chirped “Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a c**t to me. And she bought my house!” Oooh the drama! Then Kelly went on to say “She called me fat for so many f***ing years, so you know what? F**k you! You’re fat too.”Wowzers! I can’t WAIT for Xtina’s rebuttle…

Back in the game…
The Jennifer Lopez single saga continues! Girlfriend is hot property right now and she’s loving it. Good for her, power to the lady. So Jennifer sat down for her first tell-all interview since her split from creepy Marc Anthony in Vanity Fair (totally THE place do the first interview!) and she had some stuff to say! Jen dished what we’ve all known and been hearing- that Marc was bad for her. Jen revealed “Sometimes we don’t realise that we are compromising ourselves. To understand that a person is not good for you, or that that person is not treating you in the right way, or that he is not doing the right thing for himself – if I stay, then I am not doing the right thing for me. I love myself enough to walk away from that now. Sometimes it doesn’t work – and that’s sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love.” That’s big of her; it’s hard to believe in love after you’ve been burnt! Love JLO. Girlfriend is positive about the future, her career is hot to trot and she’s looking gorgeous and gotten rid of the crazy man! Jen ended her interview with these words “I am positive, determined to move forward with my life, bring up my babies, and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer, and person. I now look forward to new challenges. I feel strong.”  Seem’s Marc is realising he’s messed up because he wants her back! Marc is putting up a fight to keep their marriage together. But his ever-changing attitude is making it hard for Jen to take him seriously. An insider dished “His mood shifts from blaming her to begging her to take him back to telling her she is destroying his life … He’s being difficult on every little point…He wants to prolong things so she reconsiders.” Watch out world, JLo is back!

‘I do’ Kardashian style
With just over 2 weeks to go until Kim Kardashian ties the knot with Kris Humphries, Kardashian fever is at an all-time high! Kim has revealed that family friend Vera Wang is designing her frock but all these exciting details will be revealed in an exciting Channel E! special! Kim’s big day isn’t just going to be an E! special; It’s going to be a two-part special! Wowzers! Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event will air Sunday, Oct. 9 and Monday, Oct. 10 on E!SO excited!
The show will show all the details from the planning to the parties and the actual wedding itself! I loooooooove the Kardashians!

Party pals…
A leopard never changes its spots! You’d think Lindsay Lohan would have learnt her lesson, after I don’t know, a million stints in rehab, jail, house arrest and too many lawsuits to mention- but no she hasn’t! And she’s got an old partner in crime by her side. None other than former party pal Paris Hilton! Linds has been out on the razzle for 3 nights in a row in Malibu with old Paz, who is also newly single and absolutely desperate for some publicity- good OR bad! The pair have been out on the jol together, all night long, looking VERY worse for wear. Ah just like the good old times. Linds knows she’s being watched like a hawk so she’s taking great pains to try not be snapped partying with Paris! I feel this could end badly… again!

The Slammer brigade
Lindsay Lohan’s former lady lover is in big trouble! Sam Ronson has been arrested! Sam was pulled over while driving home from Las Vegas at 10:30AM for speeding BUT she was also drunk off her ass! Sam was given a sobriety test which she failed big time. She refused to submit to a breathalyzer and was arrested on the scene! Classy.  She was hauled off to the slammer and where it was confirmed she was WAY over the legal limit! Lovely. Drinking and driving is a HUGE no, no- why do people still do it!?

To tour or not to tour?
I hate to say this, as I have tickets to the concert, but I really do not think Kings of Leon is going to show face in South Africa come October! The band have already postponed once, back in March, and I reckon they gonna do it again! There has been plenty of talk in America about it, because the band just cancelled the rest of their US tour! The official word was that lead singer Caleb Followill was “suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion,” but sources are saying there is more dramaz behind the scenes! It all began last week when the band cut short a concert in Dallas when Caleb told fans “I’m gonna go backstage and I’m gonna vomit, I’m gonna drink a beer,” and then he left! According to sources Caleb has a major drinking problem- no shocker there. An insider spilt the beans “They are trying to get Caleb to go to rehab. It is mostly for alcohol, that’s why they ended up canceling the whole tour… he drinks like a fish.  It’s true. Caleb’s drinking is out of control and they are trying to get him into rehab. It’s a dark demon he has been fighting for a while.” Shame! The official line from the band’s PR team is that Caleb needs vocal rest… heard that before! A tweet from Caleb’s brother and bandmate Jared hinted that all is not what it seems “There are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed, we know you guys aren’t stupid. I can’t lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade.” Such a rock star life.

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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