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The Royal Nuptials- all the details!

April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Royal Nuptials… all the details!


The Royal wedding details, who is Rihanna hooking up with now? ScarJo’s man troubles and Lindsay’s drama continues… Jenna dishes the dirt


The day has dawned… the day the world has been waiting for, well I have any way! The Royal Nuptials! Today waity Katie waits no more, she’s becoming a princess!  Kate Middleton is set to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey today to marry her Prince! Lucky lady. The streets of London are already lined with people wanting to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple on their big day! I for one cannot wait to see her choice of frock! The wedding is going to be bursting with celebs, Elton John, Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson, Posh and Becks, all the world’s royals and even Beyonce and Jay Z are said to be attending AND performing! Fab.  Keep watching for the hot gossip and inside scoop on the biggest wedding of the century… congrats!

With all the public holidays, there a need for a serious gossip catch up over the last 2 weeks! So here’s the dish!

Riri the romancer…
That Rihanna sure has game! She plays the field like a champ or like Hugh Hefner in his heyday! Riri was romancing Irish stud Colin Farrell aka having sexy times but their little ‘relationship’ sure ain’t exclusive because Rihanna hooked it up with another singer at the celeb-invested Coachella music festival! Riri and none other than Usher were romancing it up at the festival! A source spilled “they were so flirty, kissing up a storm. They left together.’’ Ooh! Very cute couple I think! Riri and Usher had a table near the DJ booth – DJ Jesse Marco was spinning with Djs Caitlin Moe and Mia Moretti – where they whispered in each other’s ears and laughed as stars like Paris Hilton and Kanye West watched. According to witnesses, Leonardo DiCaprio was also chatting up RiRi, but at the end of the night, she went home with Usher. “They’re having fun and hooking up. They have a lot of mutual friends; we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner!” dished a loose lipped pal! Sexy times.

The reality show continues…
Lindsay Lohan is headed back to the slammer! It’s becoming like her home away from home, seriously! So as you know Linds- who has been dubbed Linnocent by the American tabloids- is embroiled in jewellery theft case BUT was sentenced to a whopping 120 days in the slammer- that’s 4 months! I am sure the inmates of the Lynwood county jail cannot wait to have the most pampered prisoner princess back! So last Friday Linds ass was handed to her by the judge for violating her probation and she was hauled off to chookie!  She also got 480 of community service- in a morgue! Talk about the ‘death’ of a career! Lucky for Linds she was allowed to post bail and released within hours of getting booked into jail and is a ‘free’ lady until her appeal case on June 3rd! According to a pal Linds is angry with the sentence- no surprises there! “She is angry because she has been working so hard on turning her life around. She didn’t do what they said she did. She didn’t steal that necklace.” Linds reckons she’s invincible, apparently she was totally shocked that she got sentenced to time in the slammer!  Big mouth sources close to Lindsay dished that she was under the impression she’d be going home after the hearing … and was “blindsided” when she got sentenced. We’re told Lindsay described the situation as “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.” The dramaz NEVER ends with Loco Lohan… seriously; it would be the BEST reality show EVER!

Celeb smackdown!
I love nothing more than a celeb bitch fight- they sooooooo funny! The latest celeb to get the claws out? Legendary disco queen Cher and she’s dishing it out! And to who is she dishing it too- none other than the worst toupe in town, Donald ‘The Don’ Trump! Cher told the world how she feels about The Don on Twitter (where else?!) Cher tweeted ‘’Pls  retweet ! Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn’t find his ass with both hands & a map!Donald Trump is Pompous Asshole! Saw him in Aspen with one Dcup chick after another Everyone up there thought he was a complete idiot.’’ Lol! Cher is on a roll, and nog asking people to retweet! No word on what Donald did to piss off Cher but it must have been HUGE!

Love- the Hollywood way
First comes baby- THEN comes marriage, well in La La Land anyway! Kate Hudson’s marrying her babydaddy! How ‘unconventional’! Kate’s rocker babydaddy Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy is making an honest woman out of this babymamma and popped the question last week to his love! The pair have been together for just over the year and are set to get hitched soon after she pops their celebutot out! Kate is said to be totally ecstatic about her impeding nuptials and new baby! Happily ever after for her… I hope! Mazels.

ScarJo’s drama
Things seem to be moving awfully fast for new odd couple Scarlett Johannson and her sugar daddy (well she’s also pretty rich).  The pair have ALREADY moved in together and ScarJo is rumoured to have a bun in the oven and now there’s even marriage talk! They really do moved at warped speed in Celebville. But not is all smooth sailing for the loved up pair. It seems there is dramaz between ScarJo and Sean over her ex husband super hottie Ryan Reynolds! ScarJo’s desire to “maintain a friendship” with Ryan, is really “not sitting well” with her new man. “Sean can be possessive and he doesn’t want Scarlett hanging out with Ryan, Scarlett still wants Ryan in her life, so it’s become one thing that she and Sean fight about.” Ooh the drama of it all. I still don’t get why ScarJo dished Ryan to start off with!

It’s officially over
I can’t say I am at ALL surprised by this info in light of recent events! A couple of weeks back I dished how Courtney Cox was on a romantical vacay with her co-star John Hopkins- well it seems it didn’t help her ‘marriage’! Courts and her estranged husband David Arquette have made it official and are divorcing properly.  The pair were ‘separated’ and were said to be trying to work things out but that’s over now! Courts has filed divorce papers and has started dividing up their marital assets. And another one bites the dust…

Love, take 3
It seems that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christianson cannot stay away from each other! The formerly engaged pair split after 3 years together, then got back together, then split and now they are back together again! The loved up pair were snapped on a super romantical holiday in Barbados celebrating Hayden’s 30th birthday! 3rd time a charm?

Off the field
Now that things are over between him and Slutienna Miller, Jude Law is romancing a former flame- his ex wife! Jude and his ex Sadie Frost have been spending A LOT of time together since Jude and Sienna broke off their engagement again! According to sources close to Jude, he’s done being a player and wants the stability of marriage again. Let’s see how long it lasts!

Baby boom?
We don’t hear much about him- he’s more infamous for getting it on with a hooker, but Hugh Grant is in the news again! Therenowned commitment phobic ladies’ man has had a keeping a secret girlfriend, who may finally tie down the star- with a kid, totally old school! The 50-year-old actor has been snapped with 31-year-old Tinglan Hong, who has been rocking a mystery bump sparking rumours she’s knocked up! Hugh may be excited about this because just last year he revealed he’d like to settle down! ‘I should settle down… It’s all my fault. I’ve had some lovely girlfriends. Everyone asks me all the time, particularly women, whether I’m going to have children. I think it would be a good idea. And I wish I had them already. I think it’s a part of life and I should have it. I don’t want to be 70 and alone. I want children to look after me.’ Well, your dream may come true! Will keep you posted!

Love is in the air
Renee Zellweger has a new love! Recently single Renee- who split from hottie Bradley Cooper- is hooking up with a friend’s ex fiance! Renee’s been cosying up with Andre Balazs, the totally rich hotel tycoon, who was also engaged to Uma Thurman! The pair have been quietly seeing each other ALL over NYC! Very cute couple. Good luck!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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Scarlett Johannson preggers?!

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Scarlett Johannson preggers?

Is ScarJo preggers? Why are Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox feuding and Kendra is lesbian drama? Jenna dishes the dirt…



A bun in the oven?
Hold onto your horses people, because the rumour mill has gone into OVERDRIVE! So the romance between Scarlett Johannson and her sugar daddy (not that she needs his moolah) Sean Penn is blossoming and so is ScarJo! Celeb watchers went loco this week when Scarlett was snapped looking like she has a little bun in the oven! Ay stranger things have happened! Rumours started swirling on Tuesday when Scarlett was snapped on a run with Sean looking noticeably ‘swollen’ around her tummy area.- could the recently divorced star be preggers with the baby of Sean Penn!? Wowzers! Plus ScarJo has moved in with Sean- playing housie housie! How sweet. Of course ScarJo’s rep has released the normal ‘she isn’t bla bla bla’ line but I’m not sure if I’m buying it… time will tell of ScarJo is sperminated with Sean’s spawn!

Feuding friends
Chicks before d*cks! That’s the old saying, and it seems bffe’s Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox need to remember that! The gals are on the outs because Jen is annoyed that Courtney has ‘stolen’ Jen’s man! Jen and Courts are feuding over Josh Hopkins, Courtney’s Cougar Town co-star and recent holiday ‘friend’! According a mutual friend of the girls things have been rocky ever since Jen saw photos of Courtney frolicking in St. Bart’s with Josh- Jen was canoodling with him not so long ago and now she’s pissed! Cox’s canoodling with Hopkins is a “blow to Jen’s ego since her relationship with him was so fresh,” reveals the source! Such drama! Jen is totally annoyed that Courtney went after her man and sees it as a total betrayal of their friendship! Such dramaz! Work it out ladies!

Mila’s man
So as you all know Justin Timberlake is single and oh so ready to mingle, and he wants to mingle with girl of the moment, Mila Kunis, well she ain’t having none of it! It seems that Mila had her eye on someone else… none other than hottie James Franco! Mila is so starry eyed over James she’s even decided to join the cast of Oz: The Great and Powerful because James is starring in it! Mila has scooped up the coveted role of Theodora the witch in Oz just so she could get closer to the hottie star! According to sources Mila is totally smitten with James! ‘’They start filming soon, and she’s really excited to see where this could lead” dished a loose lipped pal! Ooh JT must be bummed, he really liked Mila and really wanted to get into her pants, shame he even had to settle for Olivia Wilde!

Crazy Kendra…
I totally LOVE the Kendra Show on E! they are just the best so I was totally bummed when I heard that things aren’t too kosher between Kendra Wilkinson and her footballer husband Hank Baskett! According to sources their relationship is on the rocks because of another bunny! Yes a bunny, because the woman in question is Playboy bunny, just like Kendra! Awkward! Playboy Playmate Jessica Hall is the lady who is causing all the dramaz- the drama for Hank! It seems that Kendra is the one who is having a little liaison with Jessica Hall, and it has pushed her marriage to “its most vulnerable point ever.’’! A loose lipped friend spilt the beans “Kendra and Jessica really started getting crazy while partying together at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic in Las Vegas. They had a full-on, raunchy makeout session which left eyewitnesses staring!’’ Very saucy! Hank is still fuming at Kendra’s saucy sexcapades in Las Vegas and made his feelings known when he refused to support her by watching her perform on Dancing with the Stars! A source close to Hank revealed that Kendra’s little Vegas ‘show’ is all part of a bigger picture and pattern of wild behaviour that’s driving Baskett loco! “The more Hank tries to control Kendra, the more she wants to escape… that, of course, leads to more fights, as Hank tries to lay down the law.” Drama, drama, drama! Work it out guys, love your show.

A Glee-mance…
So who has been watching Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee and loving it? I have been, she’s oh so fabulous in the role and her and Mr Shue are steamy! Well it seems that ‘steaminess’ has transferred off screen! It all began when Gwynnie made her cameo on Glee and Matthew Morrison was smitten-he even confessed! “Dare I say I have a crush on Gwyneth Paltrow?” he admitted, calling her “the most joyous professional,” “a light,” “a blessing,” “the most lovely” and more. How sweet! And Gwyn was loving the attention! According to the cast and crew they couldn’t help but notice. On the day they filmed their famed “Singing in the Rain/Umbrella” number, a set insider dished, “The sexual tension was palpable. They were chasing each other around on the set all through the shoot, splashing water on each other and acting like a couple of teenagers in lust. It got pretty hot and steamy.” Saucy! Then Gwyn nog slipped Matthew her digits before leaving the set and have been in touch ever since! “When she heard he was in London doing publicity,” a source dished, “she was staying at her London home, so she called him to meet up.’’ I totally remember seeing snaps of them out on the town! Just this week the pair were snapped enjoying a late-night dinner at London’s Locana Locatelli restaurant and tossing back glasses of wine until 2 a.m. sans Chris Martin! An eyewitness dished “They had a great time laughing, dancing and getting cozy at their table until well into the early-morning hours, it’s clear from how touchy-feely they were that they’re really hot for each other.”  Be careful there Gwynnie!

Loving Liv?
Ever since gorgeous Liv Tyler split from her husband Roy Langdon things have been very quiet about her… and now we know why, Liv has a hot new man, a younger one! Liv’s been all loved up with a hot photographer who is ten years younger than her! Saucy! She recently revealed the “painful” divorce left her devastated and struggling to rebuild her life again well she is now! Liv’s new man is celebrity snapper Theo Wenner, the 24-year-old son of Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner! Go Liv! Welcome to Cougar Town!

It’s been a bad year for…
Shame! It hasn’t been the best few years for the Douglas/ Zeta Jones family. First Michael Douglas gets diagnosed with throat cancer- and luckily he’s on the mend, and now Catherine Zeta Jones has checked herself into a mental health facility after she got diagnosed with bi-polar disorder! Catherine is in a mental health facility dealing with her issues. Her rep confirmed the shock news. ‘’After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check into a mental health facility for a brief stay. She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films.’’ Glad she’s getting some help! Get well soon!

Is it over?

It’s been VERY quiet on the Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubrey front of late- and thank goodness for that! Things got out of control and I totally am overs Halle- the mudslinging was totally uncalled for! Anyhoo, it seems that Halle has come to her senses- and realized how bitchy she was being- and is being normal and working with Gabriel to reach a custody agreement over their little girl Nahla! Yesterday they met at the Los Angeles County Courthouse where both parties met with the judge presiding over the case separately in his chambers. Apparently, Halle’s busy acting schedule has been holding up the proceedings to settle custody! Work it out guys, for the sake of Nahla!

Knocked up news

Shocker news of the week was when it was announced that Paris Hilton’s former pal and Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart revealed she’s knocked up- with actor Benicio del Toro’s baby! Who even knew they were having sexy times, or even KNEW each other, now he’s her babydaddy! Benicio’s rep confirmed the shocker news “Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive, although they are not a couple; they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.” Geez! She sure gets around, Kimberly has a scene with both of Sluttienna’s exes- Rhys Ifans AND Jude Law! Congrats.

Funny gal spawn
30 Rock’s fabulous funny woman Tina Fey is pregnant! The funny gal revealed she is pregnant with her 2nd child and expecting her 2nd bundle of joy toward the end of the year! Mazeltov!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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A new Brangelina baby?

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Brangelina expecting!?

Are the first family of Hollywood having another baby, is the Vampire romance over and Justin Timberlake’s hot new romance revealed, Jenna dishes the dirt…



The Brangelina Brood…
 My heart skipped a beat when the gossip swirled like crazy this week that the golden couple were once again expanding their brood! The Golden Couple you ask? None other than Brangelina- who have been far too quiet of late for my liking and could this be the reason why, please say it is so! So Saint Angelina has gone to help Libyan refugees who have fled the country due to the increasing violence-love Angie- anyhoo there have been tons of snaps of Angie helping out with the refugees while on her goodwill mission but her tattoo has gotten more attention than the plight of the poor Libyans!  The said tattoo on Angie’s left arm is her infamous tattoo which has 6 lines, each of those lines represents the map coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children! But eagle eyed gossip watchers (like myself!) have noticed that Angie’s tat has a new line! A seventh! The latest addition to the tat gives the coordinates for Algeria and none of Angie’s current celebutots have any ties to Algeria… so does that mean Ang and Bradalicious have added to their rainbow brood?! It’s totally their vibe to adopt a child from a foreign country! Is there soon to be a little Algerian prince or princess joining the fold?! When are Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox meeting their new brother or sister?! Such excitement! Nothing BETTER than a new Brangelina baby in the mix!

Vampy love…
Twihards brace yourselves, I have some bad news! The loved up vampire lovers are over’s in real life! Robert Pattinson and his  on screen lover,  happiness personified Kristen Stewart are rumoured to have called it quits on their off screen romance. Sob! According to sources all the life has been sucked out of theTwilight lovers relationship- Lame I know, but I couldn’t resist! The pair’s romance has been on the rocks since February already- no wonder Kristen has been looking EXTRA sulky! A source on the set of their latest Twilight flick dished studio “Things have been a bit rocky for a while. They both have hectic work schedules, Rob in particular at the moment, and their phone calls were getting fewer and further between. They started to only see each other on set and began to drift apart until a general apathy developed. The excuses why they couldn’t meet up basically got weaker and weaker, and Rob figured they should officially cool things off and have some time to figure out what they each want. There have been a few tears but the pair remain friendly. Kristen is hopeful of a reconciliation once Rob has finished promotion for his latest movie. But as things stand, they’re on a break and just mates.” Whatever! That is TOTAL PR speak for they are overs but they need to stay together to promote their new Twilight movie, that’s Hollywood for you!

Trousersnake loving…
So  it’s no surprise that Justin Timberlake is a major player and he wastes NO time in finding a new girlfriend and replacing former chick Jessica Biel! After trying his damnest to get with hottie IT Girl Mila Kunis (I think he struck out!) he’s turned his advances on another Hollywood gal! Who is JT romancing now? No not Taylor Swift, but none other than House star and former Alpha Dog co-star Olivia Wilde! Olivia is also single and ready to mingle, she filed for divorce last month from her husband of eight years, Italian Prince Tao Ruspoli- nog a prince! Anyhoo, Justin and Olivia were spotted at Hollywood hotspot The Roxbury and were snuggling together in the VIP section until 1 a.m., when Timberlake, 30, requested they move to the patio so he could listen to hip hop! The duo arrived at the club together, both were wearing white T-shirts and jeans, and both drank vodka. They also left together at 3 a.m! All very cosy! The Trousersnake is back! Watch out ladies…

Lost the marbles…
So a few weeks back I dished that horny Hugh Hefner was set to wed his child bride Crystal Harris in July, well Hef has definitely lost his marbles or gone senile because he is planning on tying the knot without a prenuptial agreement! Bitches be crazy. Seriously is he nuts, um what does he think Crystal is after, his hot bod? He’s 84 and worth $43 million … she’s 24 and knows he’s worth $43 million! Gold digger! This is Hef’s 3rd trip down the aisle but he’s not doing the ‘pre nup’ thing because “actually cares” about Crystal and doesn’t want to ask her to sign one and according to her she doesn’t think Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot! Best she keeps praying he doesn’t!

Rocky romancing

So the hot romance between Scarlett Johannson and her  older man, Sean Penn is already hitting the skids! Dramarama! Insiders are dishing ScarJo is over Sean’s bossy behaviour! Sean has been acting like a control freak on the set of Scarlett’s latest flick,  We Bought a Zoo, insiders revealed, and Scarlett is getting fed up with diva like bossy ways! A set insider dished “Sean’s been coming to the set daily and watching Scar’s every move,  he scowls at any guy who talks to Scar or even looks at her unless it’s work-related, and he demands that people bend over backwards to accommodate her. If Scar’s hungry, Sean orders a set assistant to get exactly what she wants from a local restaurant. If he notices a smudge on her skin or a problem with her wardrobe, he orders the makeup and costume people to fix it. It’s bizarre that he’s gotten involved in such tiny details.” Um hello is someone totally overprotective of his lady love? Hello control freak! The romance is showing major signs of strain and according to a source, “Sean and Scar argue over everything from where to sit to what kind of drinks to order. They argued over wine versus champagne, and Scarlett rolled her eyes through the entire meal. Scarlett is a free spirit and she was attracted to Sean for his bad boy reputation. She thought he’s  be a fun rebound after her failed marriage, and she respects him as an actor and activist. But she wants superstar Sean, not someone who acts like her dad.” I can’t say I blame the gal, no-one wants a bossy Betty on their hands, especially from their boyfriend!

The Winehouse nuptials
 Yes, she’s alive! After a few months of good behaviour (well sorta) Amy Winehouse is once again in the news and this time for something non-drug related! Go Wino! Amy is set to walk aka stumble down the aisle yet again! Wino and her boyfriend Reg Traviss are rumoured to be tying the knot soon! The potential groom dished “Amy and I have been talking about getting married. We are looking to book something very soon. I am thinking of getting something sorted in the next six weeks for the end of the year. I love Amy very much, she’s a wonderful, talented, lovely girl.” How sweet! Anything is better than her former husband Blake Fielder-Civil, an absolute walking disaster- think he’s still in the slammer thank goodness! This Reg oke seems so much more with it, just what Wino needs, good luck and congrats to the happy and hopefully drug-free pair!

Local loving!
Well Charlize Theron’s hot budding romance with Sean Penn got nipped in the bud when ScarJo came on the scene and got her claws into Mr Penn, but don’t cry too much for our local lass, she’s taken up with an oh so fabulous guy and they are set to go public soon! The pair starred together in Sweet November a few years back and have been firm friends but things took a romantic turn and are hotting up! The pair has managed to keep their budding romance out of the spotlight and kept things low key but they are planning to go public when they both relocate to Britain in the coming weeks so she can shoot the drama Prometheus while he films 47 Ronin! Good luck to the happy pair!

Moving on up… or down
Jake Gyllenhaal is getting his sexy on! Jake ain’t crying over his ex Reese’s recent nuptials, he’s moving on! Jake has been spotted on a few dates with 90210’s Jessica Lowndes – you know, the chick who’s stuck playing the insufferable Adrianna! Lucky lady having Jake Gyllenhaal on her arm. Am jellie about it!

Teeny-bobber love triangle
I totally do not get the Justin Bieber appeal- I’ve send it before and I will keep saying it. I just don’t get it! Anyhoo, as you all know Biebs is all loved up with Selena Gomez but it seems she has dumped his skinny ass! It all began when Biebs was accused of smooching it up with Jasmine Villegas, the star of his “Baby” music video! Talk about a teeny-bopper love triangle! So now Selena has dumped Bieber because of his reported two-timing. Oh cry me a river people! An pal dished  “Selena was heartbroken. She confronted Justin, and at first he denied it but then came clean. She told him their romance was over, but she was willing to stay friends.” Oh  the drama of it all!

Baby boom…
In baby boom news, 30 Rock’s Tina Fey is preggers with her 2nd celebutot! So exciting! Mazels!
So you know Elton John and his man David Furnish have a little boy Zac? Well guess who his godmother is- no not Posh Becks, none other than Lady Gaga! Elton dished on his choice “She’s all about inclusiveness and tolerance. She believes that you can be whoever you want to be and that we don’t have to live in a world of conformity and that we can all [benefit] from individuality. That’s the best message in the world. The freedom to be who you are, do what you want and love who you want to love.”  Bless! Lucky little Zac! Love Lady Gagaloo!

Until next week… Jenna xoxo

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