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The fight for Robert Pattinson- the claws are out!

September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Kirsten and Emma battle for Rob, Becks hooker drama continues and Lindsay’s last chance, Jenna dishes the dirt…


The fight for Rob Pattinson!

Anyone you can see (or hear) can see that Twilight starlet Kirsten Stewart is a seriously sulky lady- WTF is that all about, she has Robert Pattinson under her covers and a fab career, cheer up doll, life could be worse! But now she is extra sulky because her nemesis- fellow ‘magic vibe’ Harry Potter star, Emma Watson is filming a new flick with Rob called Dark Arc- and K-Stew is not happy about it! Kirsten, who takes herself VERY seriously, isn’t fond of Emma especially after Emma recently said that Harry Potter doesn’t ‘sell sex’ like Twilight does! K-Stew is cross because she reckons that comment is insinuating that SHE is a bimbo and Emma is not (?), um, I think you reading a bit too much into it dear. So now that Rob and Emma are starring in the flick together, it’s got Kirsten convinced that Em is out to steal Rob from her! Apparently the fact that Rob and Emma are both Brits is freaking Kirsten out to no end. Oy a yoy, a tad paranoid there Miss Stewart?! How’s about you smile, that ought to keep your man!


The Lindsanity continues…

OMG- the Lindsanity continues! Hot on the heels of this week’s dramas- back in jail, bailed out of jail, the heroin snaps and countless other shenanigans- Linds HAS finally checked herself into rehab, for the 5Th time (as I reported to you all on Wednesday

!) but is claiming to anyone who will listen to her sorry tale that she is of sound mind-I think not! Well her business mind is definitely ‘sound’. So Linds was once against ordered to don the ‘stylish’ SCRAM bracelet (which sounds off if she is drugging and drinking!) and when life gives Linds lemons, she has a tequila, ok not really… but she’s using the SCRAM bracelet thing as a money maker! This past weekend Lindsay was phoning around to all the major photo agencies to get some loot, for $10,000, Linds would strike a pose with her SCRAM bracelet on- buuuut she was battling to get any takers, so was desperately pimping herself out- girlfriend is seriously BROKE! Oh and in a bid to save face and hopefully herself, it’s been discussed that Lindsay will do a ‘Britney’ and that she will relinquish all control of her life over to her fame-whoring mom, Dina Lohan- oh that will be SO much better. Not! The train wreck has majorly derailed…


What’s Ashton hiding?

Do you all remember when Tigergate began? Well I do- it seemed all so innocent, Tiger Woods involved in Fender Bender at home screamed the headlines- cue in tales of drugs, payoffs, abortions and about 120 sexcapades with trashy mistresses ALL keen to sell their tales of how they tamed the ‘Tiger’? Well after 4 serious years of celeb watching I have realised one thing (well more but it’s not the point!) there is no smoke without FIRE! So I filled you ( in on all the dramaz with hottie Ashton Kutcher and his ‘sexy texty’ situation with some young ladies- ladies who are not his Cougar queen wife of 5 years Demi Moore! Over a month ago I told you that Ashton had been spotted sucking face with some blonde hottie at an Italian restaurant (nog by the toilet)- he of course threatened to sue BUT them another gal came out of the woodworks- reminiscent of Tigergate- Brittney Jones claiming she and Ashton shared saucy sex texts AND had hot sexy times on the couch IN the home he shares with Demi! PIG! And one of Brittney’s friends dished that old Britt is a boozer and pothead! In the face of all these rumours Demi and Ashton have put on a united front, and it seems she is sticking by her man! BUT apparently this is just the beginning of the dramaz of Ashton Kutcher… the skeletons have ONLY begun to fall out of the closet. This reminds me SO much of Tigergate! Maybe fess up now Ashton, and save some face?

Suprises, surprises

There are some things that have really surprised me-and the world (well celeb watchers that is), one being that Amy Winehouse is still alive, two that Mariah Carey and her toy boy husband Nick Cannon are STILL married and that Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lakers star, Lamar Odem made it to one year! Yip, as I dished (, the pair celebrated one year of wedded bliss on Tuesday! Khloe and Lamar got hitched after only one month of knowing each other, not dating, KNOWING each other! The whole Kardashian clan was taken aback with the whirlwind romance (and engagement) and the world was convinced it was a stunt to up the ratings of the hit reality show, one of Khloe’s loco jokes or that she was knocked up but we were wrong! One year old and the pair are happier that EVER! Lamar threw Khloe a surprise anniversary bash where they renewed their wedding vows! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I love Klomar! P.S Khloe has just revealed that they are trying to get pregnant but it’s alot harder than they thought- Good luck


Jenny McCarthy dishes

So as you know, Oprah is onto her last EVER season of her fabbie show- SOB- and she’s going ALL out with the celeb guests! She had funny gal Jenny McCarthy on her show this week where she finally dished on why she and funny man bf Jim Carey split (and broke all our hearts!). Jenny said, it just wasn’t fun anymore and that, that forced her to look deeper and evaluate the relationship, but when Op’s asked her about a possible reunion between Jen and Jim, Jenny didn’t rule it out- YAY!

Amy Winehouse’s new roommate!

Ever since Kate Moss wised up and cleaned up her coke-whoring ways and ditched her cracky bf, Pete Doherty, he has kinda fallen off the radar but he’s back in the news because he was arrested for possession of cocaine this week-for about the millionith time! He should get tips from Paris Hilton on how to get out of it! But in other crazy Pete news, it seems that he has a new ‘housemate’ – none other than the Queen of Crack, Amy Winehouse herself! The pair are living together- in what I am sure is a crack den- and collaborating on some new music. Oy, this I can’t wait to hear…

Becks has balls…

So you are all up to date with the David Beckham hooker drama and as I mentioned yesterday


, Becks ain’t taking it lying down- he isn’t letting his ‘accuser’ Irma Nicci get away with talking trash about him! He is suing her ass (and American tabloid In Touch, who published the claims) for $16 million smacks for libel, defamation of character and a bunch of other serious sounding stuff! Um hello, where does Becks think she has that kinda moolah!? She is trying to make it by selling her ‘story’ of steamy sexcapades with old Goldenballs! Anyhoo so Becks has announced that whatever he is awarded from the lawsuit will be given to charity via The David and Victoria Beckham Charitable Trust! Good for Becks!


No shock here…

Speidi- the biggest fame whores in the world have announced what I said AGES ago –they back together, not that they ever broke up for real anyways!!! Heidi announced that she has halted divorce proceedings and that they back together for some more fame-whoring moments! I knew it was a stunt!

Hot and heavy in Pareeeee….

Well the romance between Halle Berry and French lover Olivier Martinez is going hot and heavy! It seems Halle cannot go too long without some French loving, so she jetted off to Paris for one night so she could share some loving with her new man! I’ve been to Paris and I gotta tell you, that amazing city, the delicious pain au chocolate and Olivier would also get me to fly back for one night only!

Kardashian’s are coming…

So as I told you all (, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are hitting South Africa in December- I am soooooooooooooooo excited, I just love the glam gals! Anyhoo, the date of arrival is on the 15th of December. No word yet on where the ladies will be going or what they will be doing but I will keep you posted!


Until next week… Jenna xoxo P.S if you have any great gos tweet me @JShevel or leave a comment on my blog!


Lindsay Lohan heroin snaps revealed oh and her and Paris make out

September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lord it doesnt end with Lindsanity Lohan! she’s just gotten out of the slammer (again) on $300,000 bail(read all the details I dished here ( and today snaps of the starlet have been revealed of her shooting heroin at a hollywood bash a year or 2 ago! How very Wino of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the snaps below- SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the snaps of Linds and party princess and former fremeny Paris Hilton their kiss  on! Sam Ronson aint the only girl that Linds liked it seems!


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