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lollipop returns

January 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

While looking through some of my fave celeb sites I came across a pic of Nicole Richie, one of my favourite dressers and couldn’t believe my eyes! Nicole gave birth 2 weeks ago to future fashionista Harlow (love the name!) and is already back to skinny self!!G-d knows how the women does it, she is tiny again! I hope she is being healthy because she is going to be a role model for her little girl and Hollywood doesn’t need anymore anno chicks!

 This I thought was VERY ironic! The queen of sunbeds,self tan and regular tanning is the face of a new campaign highlighting the dangers of the sun,sunbeds and the like!Posh is on the t-shirt designer by her Bffe Marc Jacobs.Hope she takes the campaign to heart!

I myself loooooooooooove a good tan, the sunkissed glow and all that but its not worth it these days!
My friend’s mom always says ‘Today a plum,tomorrow a prune!” so so true!
Check out these fab gradual tan cremes… it’s the best way to go… seriously!!!,,1-7-45_17484,00.html

And they are fabulous even during winter!!!

I really took a double take looking at these pics  The gorgeous Keira Knightly looks exactly like the original skinny gal (naturally!) huge 60’s model, Twiggy!!
Can you believe the comparision!! It’s unbelievable!!I think old Twigs was fab!And the 60’s was a divine time for fashion,so many cool trends and fashions!!


Bring back the red carpet

January 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Greetings fashionistas!

This weekend i got up to some serious serious retail therapy!
At 9 a clock on the dot (aka when the shops opened) I hit the Waterfront with a vengance!
as I mentioned in a previous blog, Mango is having a sale and now they have reduced their things even more.. 70 percent off!!
I went wild… like a kid in a candy store!

Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Hollywood… and it could be the only award show fashion fix for a while due to the ongoing writers strike (aaaah bring back Greys and Gossip girl!!)

There were some fabulous frocks on the red carpet… the ladies and designers sure outdid themselves

 Colour was big on the red carpet this year! Kate Beckinsale rocked a fab ultra-fem yellow dress-def a hot colour! Michelle Pheiffer also looked gorgeous, the women is almost 50 and she has the body of a women half her age… always glam and elegant!

 Also huge on the red carpet was shine,bejewelled and sparkly numbers and I loooooooooove nothing more than a bit of sparkles! Christina Applegate looked amazing in her vintage style dress and our fave gal America Ferrera aka Ugly Betty looked oh so elegant in her dark greyish number.

 Speculuation was rife that Mrs Brangie aka Angelina Jolie is preggers again and this time with twins!! Aah the joy of it all! Angie wore shades of brown, a vintage Hermes` frock,all flowing and loose sparking rumours of a baby bump! I reckon she is preggers because she is glowing,looks healthy AND her boobs are huge (well in comparision to normal!)

 Confirmed mommy-to-be, Cate Blanchett looked gorgeous as usual in her flowing dress and Glenn Close looked fantastic in her grey dress. Sandra Oh, Grey’s Christina,should stick to her scrubs because her dress for the SAG awards made her look like a giant present… whats with the giant bow- did no-one learnt anything from Charlize Theron’s hideous Oscar dress?!

So here’s hoping the strike ends soon (please!!!!!!!!!) and we get all our fab shows back because I have watched ahead and there needs to be more and also because there is nothing better than award show season for a fashion lover like myself,all the dresses and designers, aah the fab hairstyles, huge jewels and accessories!!!

I can’t wait!!


not so sparkly today

January 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Morning fellow fashionistas,
well it’s a sad day with the news that fave hottie Heath Ledger passed away yesterday. His death is a serious loss, such a talent and it’s really so sad,with so many talented young people passing away lately.What is going on. I always loved Heath for his cute charm and quirky dress sense, who can forget him in 10 things I hate about you? Always with his fun and out there hats and sunglasses.A real loss.

Yesterday while looking at some fashion sites I came across this little gem and thought i would share it! I really had a good laugh. Mrs Becks aka Posh spice is the new face of Marc Jacobs (who is uber fab) line for Spring/Summer!Posh is in a huge shopping bag, a fun concept what is up with her hair… looks flippin ridiculous, like a tellitubby or a mini fan!
 and as for this shot with her over-tanned legs popping out the bag is a real riot!!and i can’t quite work out her shoes… how weird are those heels!?well at least Posh can have a bit of a laugh and show she doesn’t take herself too seriously-and she probably got paid a fortune, hey i’d so do it for some freebies!!

This week a few other celebs were named to flog products… and get paid the big bucks
Old ‘Buffy’ aka Sarah Michelle Gellar is the new face of  plain and simple Vaseline.
Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson’s ex missus (the women must be crazy) is the new face and body of Wonderbra!well she is certainly very glam!She was also the face of MAC makeup for a while… seems burlesque is back baby!

If you flip through any mag these days, you are bound to recognise the faces in the ads, they are mostly celebs, all of them with their own perfumes or clothing lines!
it’s a crazy industry out there,you aint famous unless you have a fab career whether it be music or acting (and prob both) AND a fashion line,perfume and some lucrative deals to model something or other! It’s nuts.

Let’s face it, the days of the super super super shmodel is long gone,it’s all celeb baby!


getting lippy

January 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

this weekend i was shopping with some of my friends and the one needed lipgloss, always a tiring task, and especially with some friends who take great care in choosing one.
pink or brown or clear,is it too pink,how much use will i get out it!?bla bla bla

when it comes to me and choosing makeup i don’t spend alot of time humming and haahing over the stuff unless it’s the really pricey kind like dior or something equally shmancy!

i am currently going through a huuuuuuuuge lip-ice/lip balm obsession, actually collecting them (well so i have discovered by the tons of glosses i have!). i used to also do this years ago whenever i used to go america i would come home overflowing with lipsmackers lip-ices (and for all my friends too!)

last week i got a lip-ice gift from my friend who has just been in NYC (new york) anyhow she discovered this gem of a lip-ice! it’s called Smith’s Rosebud Salve and has been around since 1892! it’s absolutely fabulous!it smells so yummy,like roses and its really soft and makes your lips nice and shiny!

another favourite lip-ice of mine is the MAC lip conditioner. it comes in tinted ones as well but i loooooooooove the plain. it’s got a SPF and shea butter and smells good enough to eat, like vanilla!
it’s quite pricey for a lip-ice, R100 but it’s worth it!!!

an ultimate classic in the lip-ice department is the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream!!wow it’s legendary and oh so good.this cream can heal anything!great for winter when everything is so dry-yuck!

also great lip-ices are the palmers cocoa-butter range and of course the body shop ones are also fab and delicious and woolies also has a nice range!and when in doubt you can always use good old vaseline, always does the trick- tyra banks is a huge fan!!

alot of the old school original lip-ices like labello and soft lips have all stepped up and have added shine and great smells and a bit of colour to their products.good move.

i am not a fan at all of the very sticky lip-ices… nothing worse in my book. dct is also a well known renowned lip-ice but i’m not a fan of it or the smell.

i read somewhere that lip-ices can become addictive… which i thought was a load of hogwash but i will go out to say that a couple of times when i have left lip-ice at home,i find myself craving the stuff!
maybe some truth in the tale as freaky as that sounds.


anyway back to my friend who needed lipgloss… well anyway while out and about shopping with her, i came across a much loved makeup/cosmetic brand at woolies!benefit!i discovered while i was in america one’s absolutlely fabulous and have fun and different favourite by far is the Benetint stain. it looks like pink nailpolish but it’s a liquid that you can put on your lips or dot on your cheeks (my chosen use) and rub it in for a rosy glow!it’s fantastic and whats ever better about the range is the packaging, fun,young and cute. with fun names like dr feelgood,powder pop and the like,it’s’s quite pricey but worth it in my book.

well done to woolies for bringing in all their new fab ranges!stella macartney has her Care range there’s worldclass stuff.

in the makeup and cosmetics game,s.a ladies (and some men) are on the playing field.we have all the big names… MAC,Bobby Brown,Benefit… all we need now is the huge cosmetic and makeup mecca’s heaven on earth.


i heart fashion

January 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

i absolutely love love love fashion!
all things fashion-trends,celeb fashion,quirky,couture,vintage, you name it,i love it!!
i wouldn’t say i am a slave to fashion because not all trends suit everyone- especially those skinny white jeans that are huge right now!!

my favourite t.v show is sex and the city and i love the clothes in it.stylist patricia field is a true fashion visionary!!not everyone can pull of those looks,because honestly some of them are seriously out there but they are original and quirky and that is what made the show such fun to watch!

 i CANNOT wait for the movie to come out-from what i have seen the clothes are going to be even better. Fendi’s, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada galore!!cosmo’s for everyone!!

us s.a girls are pretty out of the loop compared to the world with regards to low cost high fashion’s quite unfair.overseas the ladies have H&M (which have awesome low cost designer ranges) the london ladies also along with H&M,get topshop (with kate moss’s range) and primarkthe clothes are awesome,uber-stylish and flippen cheap-and the most pricey thing in the place is 15 pounds!!the American girls get Target which have low cost ranges by Isaac Mizrachi.

 Primark’s new range!!

mango has recently arrived in s.a… overseas it’s a reasonably priced fashionable shop but local lasses were slightly bleak to see the mango prices! Jimmy Choo is soon to be opening at the Waterfront, next month in fact. I think it’s unfair to open it and tease the local fashionistas with unbelievably fabulous shoes at seriously expensive prices.

actually alot of the shops at the WF on the ‘Millionaires Mile’ are too much of a tease for the local south african shopper! the Louis Vuitton shop is like mental a minefield for a fashion lover despite the fact that the sales assistants recreate that famous scene in Pretty Women with old Jules Roberts when she still was dressed like a hooker.

but a shout out to all the fashionistas out there (well in Cape Town or JHB)-Mango is having a sale at the moment!!!

happy shopping!!

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