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Puberty rites or Bragoro

September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Bragoro is perform at the onset of menarche. This prepare the young women into womanhood under the supervision of a queen mother of a village. Some years ago, the ashantis used to perform this rites before the girl enter into marriage. Though the practice has faded out in the ashanti kingdom but it’s still practice by the krobos in the eastern region of ghana. The krobos called the puberty rites dipo whiles as the akan group called it bragoro.
In those days, women who become pregnant without the initiation were treated as outcast.The girls were educated on child birth and how to maintain a home. During the ceremony the girls dressed like the above and men trouped there to have a look at vital parts.Some people believe that re-introduction of bragoro can reduce the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Some few months ago, the queen mother of Ejuso in ashanti region of Ghana called for a review of the initiation.

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  1. Love how you share:))

  2. Thanks Lydia,
    x x x x

  3. Aah! beautiful:)

  4. thank you so much.

  5. that’s tradition for you.

  6. with love and hugs to you, hope.

  7. yea but it’s no more in my kingdom.

  8. that will be fun.thank you.

  9. my weekend is not that of an exciting one.i hope it does.

  10. Similar to the Swazi Reed Dance. Just hope though that the treatment as outcasts could be stopped.

  11. the krobos should put a stop to that, they should not treat women as outcast.mos, thank you for the comment.

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