Eating lemons for breakfast again?

February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I often feel that bad moods are like colds and flu – unpleasant and highly contagious.  When you spend time with positive people and have a laugh, you automatically feel better.  In the company of negative and moody people who are adament to find something wrong with everything is a draining experience.  They are like energy vampires, seeing you are happy about something – anything – and in they swoop (although instead of fangs, they wear a venemous expression that makes your good morning greeting wither on your lips).

I try to leave my work at work which means I leave home at home.  I don’t bring my ironing to the office so why bring your partner/family/friend/cat drama with you?  I try to be polite and listen with an attentive look of my face and my reward for being kind?  A thunderous expression the next day when I show concern for your partner/family/friend/cat and a snotty “it is the LAST thing I’m thinking of”.  Really?  I had to listen to you bang on about it for ages in the office kitchen, ladies restroom, your desk, my desk and the tea trolley.  But it is a pleasure for asking and showing I care.  I am good enough to hear the endless boasting – again I must wear my attentive face and nod and smile accordingly – but when things go pear shaped we must all back off and patronise the sulky woman in the corner who is stressed.  I also get stressed.  I don’t rock up for work for the free coffee and to play with my highlighters.  Stressed, tired and agitated are also things I feel during the day.  I just try to keep it in perspective and I don’t take it out on my colleagues. I have never lashed out at someone when they sent an e-mail at what I felt was at an inappropriate time.  We are ALL busy.  I don’t get snappy with anyone at the office when I have deadlines and they are asking a question I have answered numerous times before. It is called patience – and it is high time more people learned it!

It is common decency to treat those around you as you would like to be treated, yet why are more and more people not doing that?  Maybe some people enjoy eating lemons for breakfast because it means they can walk around with a sour expression on their faces for the rest of the day.  I suggest they be careful though, people might actually start avoiding them.  Or they will start bringing a flask to work (saves so much time in the office kitchen).

How do you deal with people that are adament to spread their bad mood?


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  1. hi there – i agree completely. I dont mind the occasional sharing of things…but really – I do NOT want to hear about your child’s first fart or some random thing i have NO interest in. I try to always be civil to all my colleagues, but the ‘bear with a sore paw’ people I tend to ignore. One day they want to be all sunshine and love and the next day its Thunder cloud city. And when I am stressed out I put on my headphones and work that mood away. But sulking and making everything like an episode of some soapie…uhhh how about no!

    • I am giggling at the first fart bit lol!! I have noticed some serious oversharing over the years – I guess it happens everywhere. I also try to keep a bad mood to myself and hope it goes away but some people love the attention their mood swings can attract!

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