Giving up sugar

January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve always sworn I would never give up sugar in tea and coffee.  Yes I’m the one at the coffee trolley happily pouring a heaped teaspoon into my hot beverages.  The thing is – all that sugar adds up.  I drink alot of tea during the day, no day is complete without vast amounts of tea and the odd cup of coffee.  Say I drink 6 cups of tea in a day and 1 coffee – I’m looking at 8 teaspoons of sugar.  Multiply that by 7.  Then again by 52.  That is 2912 teaspoons of sugar in just one year.  Now I am no dietician but that is alot of sugar.

The thing with giving up something you love so dearly is that it isn’t easy.  Good grief I feel like I’ve lost my best friend.  I think my body has gone into shock at the loss of warm cups of sugary tea.  I feel dreadfully tired today – the loss of sweet stuff coursing through my system is very noticeable.

I’m hoping to get used to it.  As a kid I used to put 3 teaspoons into my coffee and think it was normal.  I got it down to 2 and in tea it is only 1.  So I thought I was being extra good and yet 2912 teaspoons worth of sugar is telling me otherwise.

I just wish my tastebuds would hurry up and get accomstomed to the taste so that I can stop wincing everytime I take a sip of tea.  I have only had one cup today so far and it was rooibos tea (I think it tastes less bitter with no sugar compared to normal tea.)

I think they say it takes 21 days to kick a habit.  18 to go.  Wish me luck.


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  1. Good luck :) You’ll be used to it in no time…
    *whispers* …says she who plops 3 spoons of sugar in her tea and coffee.

  2. Good Luck Hedgie. :)

    I’ve also been cutting down on the sugar and down to one cup of tea, Rooibos, with no sugar. It certainly takes some getting used to. I’ve also made a point to drink more water. The bottle sits on my desk all day watching me.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve also found rooibos tea without suger is easier to drink. Coffee is the worst now because I used to have 2 teaspoons and it is so bitter without anything!

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