Last couple of weeks in my 20’s

January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a few weeks I am turning 30.  Yes the big 30.  Feeling excited.  Feeling a bit weird about it too.  It sounds so grown up.  I know I am grown woman but 30 just sounds so grown up.  It is funny – I work fulltime, even took our an RA recently (felt so mature), know how to do a decent grocery shop, keep a tidy and organised home with my hubby and yet I cannot believe I’m turning 30.  I don’t know in what universe I thought I’d be 20 something forever but the jump from 29 to 30 feels huge.  In some ways I feel lucky because so many young people don’t get to see their 30’s.  I think of my cousin who passed away in her early 30’s and I think of all the things she still had to do before she was taken from us.  So I should be feeling grateful and I am.  I am blessed to be a few weeks from entering a new decade in my life.

It just sounds so big and mature I hope I won’t have to start being all sensible.  Wearing twinsets and pearls and saying “oh marvellous” when someone shares good news.  Or “why that sounds splendid”.  Ever noticed how older generations don’t use certain words?  I don’t think my gran has ever described anything as “awesome”.  Things are lovely and wonderful but never awesome.  I will probably have to get a perm when I get to a certain age and wear sensible flat shoes.

Then again, I think Mrs Hedgie will be the same ditzy blonde who wears high heels like a uniform and thinks milky buttons and bubblegum milkshakes are awesome.  I’ll be 100 before I give those things up :)



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  1. I feel u, im also turning 30 in a few months. And it feels like im going through something huge…

  2. Well, you’ll rock 30 Hedgie, I’m sure of it…. and apparently is not so bad… well, that’s what I’ve heard at least. :)

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