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November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have gotten a new phone and it is not a BlackBerry.  Never thought I’d utter those words but recently I’ve just gotten quite tired of it.  The actual phone was getting old and having issues and BBM was just annoying me.  So I got a new phone.  Quite frankly I would have been happy with one of those ancient brick sized phones with the antennae that stuck out.  Ok I’m joking it would never fit in my handbag. But you know what I mean.

So I let everyone know and put on a mock sad face that I would no longer be part of BBM.  Truth be told I wanted to dance for joy at the thought of deleting some of the contacts.  Obviously some I will miss but I’ll still see them.  I’m getting a new phone, not moving to the moon.

Saturday morning dawned and I found that the first thing I did was have a cup of tea and relax.  Not reach for my BB and see what everyone was up to, before moaning how tired I am of people’s bragging.  I also didn’t miss the need I’d had before to update my status to something interesting (because say what you will, some days it was a little tiring listening to the endless boasting going on).

So these are the things I don’t miss about my old phone:

– The updates from people who are so in love with themselves, they update pictures of themselves throughout the day.  Everyday.  Yes I had a couple of those.  Of course when you know people who think it is normal to include a personalised commentary in their milestone birthday presentation complete with every photo ever taken in the last three decades and a soundtrack to rival that of a two hour movie, you should know they have no low self esteem issues.

– The “I planned/hosted/attended a party” contact.  From early on the Saturday you see the countdown to said party.  Then party starts.  Party is in full swing.  Party ends and some strange drunken status is updated just before 2:00 a.m.  The next day everyone at the party must be thanked numerous times and it is necessary to moan how tired you are.  It is an optional extra to then include party pictures for the next four weeks.  Note I said optional but these contacts will view this as mandatory.

– The endless birthday wisher.  Seriously do some people literally know 365 people?  Because every day there was a birthday shout out to someone.  Family.  Friends.  Colleagues.  Someone you saw at the mall five years ago. A pet.  Even someone else’s pet.  No-one was excluded and I mean no-one.

–  The sulker.  When you don’t comment and console and show you care that the sad face emoticon has been up for 20 minutes, you mysteriously get deleted as a contact.  Then reinvited because the sulker feels bad a few days later.  You might also get an apologetic “it isn’t you, it is me” message.  Sadly I’m not joking.

–   The mysterious are they a contact or not?  You get a message saying they are getting a new phone and IT IS NOT a Blackberry and they will no longer be available on BBM.  Yes I got this message and a list of alternative ways to contact this friend.  Waited to be deleted as a contact when I saw the status wasn’t updated in a week.  Then got a chatty e-mail much later and at the bottom it read “sent via my BlackBerry…..”  Had to laugh.

Yes I know you can switch the update function off and I did occasionally but then you’d have a mutual contact ask you if you’d heard what x was up to. And then you got frowned at for saying your update function wasn’t on.  It seems like turning that function off is looked at in the same way as clipping your toenails in public – a social taboo.

So yes I’m over the drama and looking forward to my new phone.  I have had a few queries from my contacts if I’m going to use Whatsapp but that is way less intrusive than BBM.

Isn’t it?


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  1. Hi, you know your posts always have me logging in to comment!
    I’m so glad I don’t have BBM or even signed on Facebook.

    Like you I hated high school, I just didn’t fit in. They were just to childish for me hehehe. And the drama some of them made up for nothing. When my friend was here she signed in and I could have a look at allllllll her friends and she wasn’t even in my grade , it didn’t matter who it was , it was everybody from high school actually…..even my school friends…I was curious to just see how they look now, but after that I was happy I didn’t sign up, I really , from this distance ,don’t need to know what they get up to or what milestone their kids achieved with photos and detailed descriptions…

    About that work colleague friend, ditch her , and fast…..little trouble maker…she is out to get you and not look out for you…I read this saying recently ” don’t make people your priority , when you are just their option” it’s really hard finding good friends….u know I’m always going on about the same topic…..and we are getting older :( to make friends now is difficult coz everybody as their little cliques.

    • Hi SF, always so nice to hear from you :)
      I’m glad I’m not the only one unimpressed with Facebook. I have literally only added contacts that are family, real friends, a few of hubby’s friends and an ex colleague. I haven’t told anyone else that I’ve joined. I really love Twitter though – have chatted with some lovely people on there and it just seems much nicer to me.

      Thanks for the advice and listening to me moan about that friend who cannot be happy for me. Some days it is fine and others quite upsetting. I never know what is going on in people’s heads.

      You are so right about how difficult it is to make friends as we get older. The thing is I look at people with loads of friends and you can see some of them aren’t genuine. I don’t feel it is worthwhile to have hundreds of Facebook friends and lots of people you hang out with over weekends who aren’t true friends. I had a friend here who after the fall out at work, I missed alot. But I’d rather not have a fake friend who bad mouths me, than say I’ve got lots of friends and at the back of my mind I’m wondering how real they are. Does that make sense? I would honestly rather have a few real, true friends who like me for me and accept me as I am. I don’t need cliques and drama and childish behaviour – high school is thankfully over :)

  2. Yes whatsapp is less intrusive.
    You have your privacy And status is not important.
    I’ve read one or two from one person , omg I had to roll me eyes….and she’s changing profile pics weekly, i have to excuse that ,its her being so naive and in love with herself :) but I guess we were all full of sh&! In our early 20s. Omg what’s pissing me off is abbreviating every word, you don’t have to do that, it’s like writing a mail….and you tend to read it out loud like that lol. Are kids so busy these days the y can’t write a proper sentence. And you receive texts if somebody wants to chat to you only. So the person makes the effort and nobody is obligated to say hi.

    • What amazes me is with BBM the biggest bragging was by a couple people more than 10 years old than me! I was speechless at some of the photos and comments – no lack of self esteem there lol! And I would often comment on one person in particular’s status (SIL) to try be nice. Yet my gran had a massive op and when I put a gratitude comment as my status there was zero response. Seriously SF, I’m making such an effort with the in-laws and it is NOT easy lol!

      I think with all this technology we are getting so anti-social. No sms, whatsapp message, BBM etc can make up for a phone call or heartfelt e-mail.

      • I’m kind of off whatsapp now, only because after the initial contact and. Chatting up a storm the novelty dies off and you receive one word replies from ppl. You know they are soooo importsnt they cannot take the time to bother…but I use it with my hubby to show him what the little one is doing during the day…

        My inlaws , I limited the calls to them , I am happier :) now, you know after every single person did not like me according to my mil….I had enough of being the good guy, polite attentive dil, nodding my head and faking a smile like I was lost in translation when she was being rude(knowingly or unknowingly) I don’t deserve it, my hubby agrees. I have always respected them without them earning it!!!

        Just remember we don’t have to figure out what’s going on in any bodies head, coz they are not wasting a thought on us…re that friend you shouldn’t have good and bad days with her, clearly her mood on a given day is the way you are treated that day….

        I met another lady , omw the alarm bells we ringing softly in my head, she’s at bubs play group….my hubby told me straight out I don’t like her husband and I told him well she’s different….slowly the cracks have appeared…..we will just remain polite and say my hellos and keep my distance! Talk about the teachers pet, drama queen and bossy character all from a very quiet sweet looking person…she’s pretending to be this helpful lady making us other moms look bad…I should have known ,her stories were not tallying up….

        • How is bub doing?
          Why do some people find it so necessary to create drama when it is so unnecessary? I don’t understand it. It is like some people cannot be happy unless there is something going on to make them feel better about themselves. I tell you, I’m so sick of fake people and they are everywhere. It is exhausting :(

          I’m glad you are happier with your in-laws. I’m making such an effort with mine – not easy as SIL can’t have anyone but herself and family in the spotlight. Such a relief to have her off my BBM contact list, at least I only have to see her at family gatherings. It means alot to hubby and I’m doing this for him. In a funny way it is actually just highlighting how selfish and self absorbed BIL and SIL are. They are making zero effort their side and obviously hubby will see this. We’ve been bloody generous on the gift front (went back on our agreement to never give the cheapskates anything again) and it will be interesting to see what they can rustle up for my 30th in a few months time. I’m guessing something under R30.00 (if I’m lucky!)

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