Love doesnt live here anymore

February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Where is love,what happened to love,can we ever find love again,anyone who has love,can you please send love my way,ooh and it just cant be love,it has to be real love.

We have been talking here at work about love,no one knows where love went,we are just feeling so lonely and feeling like we have lost the love,but we dont even where we lost love to.I miss a time where we all sat down as women,and talk about the wonderful man we have in our lives,how great they are at being fathers,but i dont get that anymore,everyone is looking and searching,it is heartbreaking,emotionally drainning and just sad.Do we really have more donors than we have responsible parents,do we really care more about the party life than the family life?What is going on here,oh how i wish i could hear of one real love story,which includes arguements,disagreements,break ups and finally realising you need each other,and both work hard to make it work,and stay together happily,that is realistic right?What happened to sticking around through thick and thin,why do we run off to the other side of the fence when we sense trouble?Why cant we sit down,talk to each other and come up with a solution,instead of involving a third party and having a threesome without even knowing you are having it.

I know someone,who has been through a lot,she was in an abusive relationship,there was cheating involved,the relationship was soo toxic,she finally left the guy and now has a loving,honest guy with a good job,God fearing,but she is complaining that the guy is always at home,doesnt go out,spends too much time with her,his hobby is doing the garden,i am thinking she should be happy,right?finnally he has what every woman dreams of,but no.I am also confused,because i love my space,some me time,but then again i would def get pissed off if he comes home at the wee hours of the morning,what is wrong here?Have we been so brainwashed into thinking this unhealthy relationships are good for us?Dont we thinkĀ  we deserveĀ  more love,have we been so damaged by this unhealthy relationships that when we get into a healthy loving one,it doesnt look normal?

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