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Wow its been a long time….

January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yikes I haven’t written a blog post in yonks!

First things first : a quick update 

Work : Is good. enjoying what I do but I miss writing.

Family : All good. My sister got married recently with lots of fun and fare.

Relationship : Enjoying my time with the boyfriend. In February, we will be going out for two years. If you know me, you would know this is a massive accomplishment.  I really hope things work out with him in the end of the end ;)

I have missed blogging. If you enjoy reading about issues, writing becomes a necessary output in expressing your thoughts and voicing your opinions. I read about the horrific Delhi gang rape story and hope that no one ever again would ever have to go through a similar fate.  You can’t help but be affected by this case which was barbaric. I have to admit it changed my mind and perceptions about Delhi. It saddens me though that as tens of thousands of people lined the streets to protest against this atrocity that took place in India, in South Africa, far too little gets done to protest and fight against similar women and child abuse. The similar case of the student that was gang raped in South Africa has not been given similar coverage and attention to the case by the media. It also annoys me that we still place more emphasis on what the victim should have done to prevent the crime rather then fighting and stopping the perpetrator from that behaviour.Watched the Lance Armstrong interview. To me he seemed unapologetic and offered up a mere “sorry I got caught but…” If you are sincere when apologising then there should be no but or reasoning behind your apology. It is tricky to believe someone that lied to such a degree when he now, professes to tell the truth.

Things I am looking forward to

This year I am going to be 30! Yup the big 30. Got to admit I need to celebrate. Need lots of alcohol to get me though this one! Hopefully I get my degree this year. Want to focus on my studies until that degree is mine :)


Hopefully more past bloggers will come out and return to this platform. I really miss reading the blogs on this forum, laughing and learning  from them.

So if you are reading this, I hope your 2013 turns out amazing. May it be all that you wish for and then some!


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