Blame the rapist, not the victim!

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Rape has been the word on everyone’s lips following the death of Anene Booysen.

It took the rape and disembowelment of a 17 year old girl to get everyone to sit up and notice what is happening around them – every 4 minutes.

The Internet is crawling with articles about rape; rape statistics, why men rape, how to prevent rape, and the list goes on.

I’m all for spreading awareness but somehow, in the year 2013, people STILL think that rape is about sex. They still think wearing short skirts, showing cleavage and staying out late are the reasons behind rape.

“She was out partying until 3 o’clock,” I heard someone say about Anene, shifting the blame from the disgusting rapists to the victim.

Apparently some people still believe rape could be avoided if the victim dressed more conservatively, behaved like a chaste little girl and went to bed at 8. Women somehow have control over the actions of would-be-rapists and it is up to us to avoid pressing the wrong buttons.

Really? Have we learnt nothing the last few years? Are we wasting our time with protest marches like Slut Walk?

Old women are raped in their houses while wearing their pyjamas. Babies are raped with nothing on but their diapers. Mentally ill girls are raped. Is that sexy? Does that turn you on? No. Rape is about power – not sex. And as Dorothy Black points out, cutting off their genitals won’t work because, in rape, the penis is used as a weapon and nothing will stop rapists from using some other phallic shaped object to assert power over their victims.

Men, please stop blaming us if we’re raped. It doesn’t matter what we were wearing or at what time we were out. Nothing and I mean NOTHING gives a person the right to touch me without my permission.

Women, stop calling each other sluts because of how we dress. We can’t expect men to stop calling us sluts if we throw the word around so easily.


This picture is doing the rounds on Facebook. Let’s be part of Black Friday to spread awareness. Rape is about power and NOT sex. Wear all black this Friday.

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