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I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…………….. but not for long

November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well Desire asked where I am, and I through that I must just pop in quickly.  What has been happening in my life…….. lots, but not worth spilling my guts about it.  Same old, same old shit.  Just a different degree.

I go back for my check up next week.  Had 4 weeks of chemo, 6 weeks ago, so this next check up is a little daubting.  Doc has explained the whole situation to me.

If the check up is clear, then I carry on with the 3 monthly check up.  If not, I am referred to an oncologist.  The oncologist will see me, and then he will do his test, after his check up and I am clear, then I continue with check ups every 3 months.  If not, they remove my bladder.  The consolation to that is, that I will be able to stand up and piss like a man then.  No more worrying about dirty toilet seats.  Can just take out the “pipe” and pee.

Bianca is doing so well at school.  She has settled in so nicely.  Boys are now a major part in her life.  Just like her mother, she likes them young.  Dad is still going strong.  He is as healthy as an ox, and will more than likely outlive me.

Started receiving maintenace, which was a lot less that I had anticipated, but it was still something to fill the huge void in my pocket.  I then got a suprise when he increased the amount to just a little less that what I asked for.  My life was now on track, and I could at least breathe.  Unfortunately that was short lived, as he lost his job.  So back to square one.  My brother and his girlfriend helped me out a little, and then out of the blue she gave my name to a someone, who out of the blue phoned me and said he was coming around to visit.  When he arrived, he came with packets and packets of food.  I have never been so humbled in my life.  This is a total stranger, who, in my opinion is the most amazing man.  He runs along the lines of Pay It Forward. If you don’t know about it, it is loosely based on the movie. (don’t ask me about it, as I cannot recall the whole story)  Basically it is about helping other, who then when they are up on their feet should do something good for someone else. You do not know how it feels to know that the food you are putting on your families plates has been donated by total strangers.  He does some amazing work, where he goes out of his way to help others.  I sometimes feel so ridiculous, when he asks me if everything is ok, and if I need something.  I literally die when I tell him no, as I know that there are so many other people, that he helps, that are in far worse situations then me.  His answer to me, is that my problems are as big to me as the others peoples problems are to them.

So you can see, not much has changed in this life of mine.

Anyway lovely people, will now try and see if I can find some of the other bloggers.  Take care, and lots of love.



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  1. So good to hear from you again.

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